The Image toppled & destroyed…All is uprooted, the Sanctuary cleansed

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The Lord says… The Stone in My Hand is Judgment… With it I shall destroy the Nations! (Original Title => The Image toppled & destroyed)

The Image toppled and destroyed, all uprooted… The Sanctuary cleansed… Behold the Seventh Day, One Thousand Years, a Holy Convocation, The Sabbath

August 20, 2007 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for all Those who have Ears to Hear

Regarding Timothy’s wife’s dream of great sorrow, where YahuShua entered the house holding a large stone, while people were profaning the Sabbath

Thus says The Lord… Beloved, search your heart and have understanding. Trust in this knowledge I have given you, for it comes from The Lord and is brought forth of the same, even by My own Spirit which you have received, according to your faith and that love which you have for Me.

Beloved, of your dream you have indeed seen well, for your eyes are open. And of your understanding, it has grown according to your knowledge of The Holy One. Therefore understand this also and gain wisdom, and go deeper still. For I had sent My angel to deliver the message, and by the power of My Spirit have I caused you to see, that you may also discern, for the time draws near.

Thus as you have seen into the heart of your aunt, so also have I revealed to you that part of Myself which is in The Father, even of that part which many have glimpsed yet few truly know, nor do they understand… The grief of The One True God, which is fulfilled in Me, The Man of Sorrows.

For I had come to fulfill The Father’s mercies, to restore and heal the nations… And behold, I am come again and will yet come in all My glory…

Yet the nations have brought forth hard children, who do always turn aside after satan, who heed not the call of their Father in Heaven, which I am.

Yet I have not ceased from calling out to them, even to the outpouring of My Spirit on all flesh. Sorrow fills My heart, Beloved, grief overflows; tears as a river, mixed with blood… They will not return to Me and refuse Me still. Thus all these nations are given up and shall come to nothing, consumed from off the land, burned and broken in pieces, until only dust and ashes remain.

Beloved, I had come to seek and save the lost, The Stone which the builders rejected; and now I am coming again, The Rock sent down to smash and destroy the feet of the great image… The image which even now is being built up ever higher, reaching unto new heights of wickedness, with every brick laid by the pride and arrogance of men, held fast by the sin of this world…

The foundations of which I shall break, bringing about the collapse of the whole… The seeds of satan, which have sprung up and grown tall, of which I shall soon topple, pull up by the roots and cast into the fire.

Behold, The Stone is the head of the corner! And The Rock is cast forth from the seat of The Father and shall strike the earth! The heavens shall be on fire and rolled back like a scroll! The elements shall melt with fervent heat! And it shall be finished! It shall be done!

Behold, The Rock shall become The Mountain filling the entire earth!… And all who are left, even all those who were hidden, shall flow to it; And I shall be their God and they shall be My people, forever and ever… Says The Lord of Hosts.

And of these who do continually profane My Sabbaths, even they too shall come to see, for they shall be shown, for the Sabbath is the Seventh Day. And the rest I shall bring is of the same, even as one day in The Lord. And this, My children, is why you shall remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, even as I am holy. For your Father in Heaven had blessed and sanctified the seventh day, as the day of rest, from the beginning. Therefore, you shall bless it also, and rest in The Lord on the seventh day of each week, to sanctify it, even as The Lord your God shall bless you, sanctifying all who keep the Sabbath according to His Commandment… Of which I am coming quickly to fulfill and manifest, so you may also enter into His rest.

Beloved, hear Me! For I have opened the door and I have also come in; I no longer stand outside knocking – Behold! The stone I hold in My hand is judgment! And with it I shall destroy the nations!… For I had come, The Son who was completely blameless, to bear the guilt of all The Father’s children; The Just for the unjust, The Innocent for the guilty, The Son of Man for the sons of men. I am now here, having never departed, My Spirit remaining with the faithful.

And though this world was made through Me, it wants no part with Me; and though all people are alive because of Me, they reject My life and refuse to be healed. And so I am coming to destroy and to cleanse, to save and to condemn, to grant mercy and to impart judgment.

These commands I have received from My Father. For I am not alone in this, for He is with Me; He in Me and I in Him… The Father and The Son are One! And as one it shall be accomplished, it shall surely be done! For in one day and in one hour, total destruction shall come upon the beast and his army, and upon his throne and that great city!… And it shall be finished!

Behold the new day, the seventh, even one thousand years!… A holy convocation… The Sabbath.