The King of Glory

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The Lord explains… The King of Glory & The Meaning of Life LOVE IS The Only Way

August 19, 2009 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord, to all who dwell upon the earth… Behold the power and glory of The Lord God Almighty, wrought in His Mighty and Strong One! Tell Me, who is the face of God?! Who, My people?! Tell Me if you know!…

YahuShua HaMashiach is The King of Glory, He who is called Christ and Jesus! Yes, He is The King of Peace, The King of Righteousness, The Everlasting God!… Your Father, your Carpenter, your Shepherd, your most beloved Friend.

Behold, He is risen, He who died is risen! And because of Him you live also! For by Him were you formed, in His image were you created! By His breath have you received life, and by His Word you have come into being! And by Him alone do you now stand, being made righteous by the same righteousness He owns!… HE IS YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS! Even as He shall be called, and is called already by those who truly know Him, speaking it aloud, yea shouting it before the multitude… ‚THE LORD, OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS!‘

O My children, O My people, come! Come to Me! Rush forward and embrace your God; embrace Me in your Savior! For He alone is the face of God!… My image, My own perfect reflection shown in the eyes of all who receive of Him and partake of His body and His blood, predestined and set apart for His glory, My glory; even as those in Him and in whom He dwells shall also come into glory… For I tell you the truth, many shall see the angels of God ascending and descending upon The Son of Man in that day!

O Earth, O heavens, all living creatures, Both seen and unseen, come forth and give Him glory!… Behold The King, The King of Glory, The King of Life, The King of Peace, The King of Righteousness!… The Word!… The Source of Life!

O King of Ages, gather! Reap! Reap, I say! REAP! Take up your treasure, gather them up, and refine those who are left, those appointed to be taken through! Refine them, purge them and make them white, so they also may be uplifted!… Take your spoil!

Yea, all the earth is before you, O God, O Immanu El! The earth shall wane, yea it shall tremble at Your coming and shake in Your presence! It shall bow down! Behold, the tall mountains shall give way, and every high place shall be brought low! All hills made flat! All rough places made smooth!… Let all in the earth bow before The King!

Creation, shout His name! Let the multitudes break forth into singing! Sing praises to The Lord, O Israel! Sing praises to The God of Heaven, all nations! Let all peoples offer up thanksgiving to The Lord Most High!… Amen! Amen! AND AMEN!

My people, come and lay yourselves upon the altar! Come and be broken, and find peace atop this Stone! Rest upon it, and it shall uphold you forever! For He, even He called Christ and Jesus, is that Stone!… YAHUSHUA IS THE ROCK OF AGES!… From the beginning HE IS The First; behold, He is also The Last!

Therefore come now, My children! Rush forward and embrace The Salvation of God!… For by Him do all things consist; in Him do all receive and have life! In Him, alone, will you find rest from all that wearies you! In Him, alone, will you find peace and all you seek!…

The Meaning of Life!… LOVE!… The Only WAY! The Only TRUTH! The Only LIFE!… Never-ending joy in The Beloved… By whose blood you are accepted before The Father, forever seated at My right hand in My Kingdom which I have given to My Son…

The only Begotten of The Father, who IS The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory, forever and ever! Amen.