The Kingdom of God is coming… Awake

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The Lord says…AWAKE! The Kingdom of God will be established on the Flames of Judgment

June 15, 2006 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for all Those who have Ears to Hear

[God] My children of the earth, bless the name of The Lord… Bless His name for the sake of mercy. My people, hear the Word of The Lord.

Thus says The Lord your God, the God of Israel, the God of creation… Run to the Light, embrace the Shepherd, for He does call His sheep, and goes about the earth to gather them. One Shepherd… One Lord… One flock gathered and prepared for their journey, their short journey to the bosom of The Father, for I, even I, am their Father. And He, who calls to them, He is also their Father, having given them life.

Thus says The Lord, who is full of mercy… The time has come, the time of redemption is here… I must gather My flock. They must become one fold, and be hidden in the shadow of The Lord, where there is no shadow… Only salvation and the light of understanding, which comes from His Grace, who died to save them, and comes to foster them under His wings, high and lifted up to the house of The Lord where The Father dwells… So they might become the Bride of the Bridegroom, together in the house of their Father and their God, for one week.

Thus says the Shepherd, who shall smite the flock of slaughter and scatter the spotted sheep, the ill and unfavored of the flock… I am come, though you do not behold My face, nor hear My words… I am here nonetheless. I shall gather all those who cup their ears, and all those with kinked necks, whose eyes do gaze up continually in the anticipation of My coming, for these do know My name, and I see of Myself in them. Blessed, oh how blessed are they who believe and embrace Me, though they have not seen, for they shall surely see and embrace Me, though their feet no longer touch the ground.

So then, My beloved and lost, who hate My coming and the sound of My name, who trample on My commandments, oh you wicked of heart, how shall I save you? How hard it is for you to obey My commands. You know not love, though it has been given you. I have commanded you to love one another and forgive those who have hurt you, as I have done for you. You choose hate… You choose hate, and do continually beat upon your breasts and afflict the poor.

Once beloved, you are forsaken and poor. You have broken the covenant and spit upon the face of The Holy One of Israel. Oh what great sorrow, what bitter anguish… My children do rise up against Me and blaspheme the name of their Maker, Creator of heaven and earth.

Thus says The Holy One, the Lion of Judah… Your day is done… All your work shall be undone and found no more in remembrance. I had reached out My hand to you, and yet you still drive the nails of abomination and hate into them. Therefore, you have chosen. You have made your covenant with death, and with hell (the grave) are you in agreement, cut off from the land of the living… The walking dead on the path to destruction.

Thus says The Lord, the Redeemer… I know you… I see deep into the hearts of men. I see among you a wild flock and a new flock, a lost flock, who, by great travail, shall escape the storm, though they be in the midst of it.

So listen and hear, and take heed… I have chosen. I have prepared My army, the watchmen. These shall be left behind, and to them shall the lost harken. They shall guide you to the Kingdom. All cities shall fall, a great evil shall consume the land, but these I have left shall not fail. Though many fall and die on every side, these shall not fail. They shall march, they shall not stumble, for I uphold them. And by the power of My arm shall they carry you, even through the eye of the storm shall they go… Behold My witnesses, 144,000, who shout My name and trumpet salvation in the face of adversity.

The winds shall blow, the earth shall quake, the cities shall burn, the towers shall fall. Lo, through the smoke of wickedness and the breadth of the beast, they shall march free, undaunted, across the whole breath of the whole earth, to the place I will show them… Yea! They shall mount up on the wings of eagles, with the power of God before them, and they shall hide the child who had no name, whose name shall be given, the remnant.

Even for a time, times and the dividing of time, they shall abide in the wilderness; and The Lord, Himself, shall take them through the fire. They shall be refined and tried unto a pure white gemstone. And The Lord, Himself, shall feed them and give them drink in the sanctuary of His mercy, until the end. Then shall they run. They shall run swiftly in the presence of The Holy One, the Prince. They shall not tire; neither shall their shoes, nor any of their apparel, wear out.

Woe, woe, woe to those, who will not turn, says The Lord of Hosts. They shall stumble, they shall fall, and they shall not be found. Neither shall any of the works of men be found… Neither shall anything, before, be ever again.

The Lord has come… He is calling. The Lord shall return… He shall gather. The Lord shall destroy… He shall shine from the east unto the west, and cast all darkness and wickedness into the fire. His Kingdom shall be established on the flames of judgment, on the shoulders of retribution, and stand forever by the strength of His hand and the righteousness of His vesture.

It shall endure forever because of His mercies… Because of His love for His children, who have become His bride in the family of God, forever and ever… Amen.