The Lord gives…Behold, The Lord also takes away

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The Lord says… I give & I take away… Nature shall rise up & become your Enemy

May 14, 2010 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God… I have spoken to you many times, O peoples of the earth; behold, I have sent out My messengers before My face, rising up early and sending them. They have gone out in the name of The Mighty One of Israel, your Redeemer, trumpeting My Word in all manner of speaking and devices; and according to that which I have given them they have spoken, for I do not change, says The Lord.

Yet you, O vile generation, have turned to Me the back, hiding your face, refusing to be healed! For in secret you commit adultery against The Lord, and in open you practice abomination, that you might arouse Me to anger!

Indeed you profane My name, and do not cease from polluting it, a most rebellious people who tread upon My Commandments and will not be turned aside from iniquity! Behold, righteousness has fled away and holiness is forgotten, as My own people desecrate My Word for evil gain!… Unruly children who forsake My Law in My own name! Multitudes of ill-favored sheep!

Therefore, behold the generation of My wrath… A people not desired, a whole generation of evil workers who destroy the garden and leave the land desolate! Their appetites are insatiable, their lusts unabated, a people without conscience, consumed by greed!… PEOPLES OF THE EARTH, YOU ARE NO CARETAKERS! Says The Lord. The husbandmen have all gone astray, every servant to his own way! The caretakers sleep in the dust, only dry roots remain! Therefore The Lord God shall lay every vineyard waste, and render every pleasant field useless!

For there are none who cleave to Me, not one truly knows Me, no one holds a listening ear. For who has longed to know My way, that they may walk in it? Who cries out in sincerity, saying… ‚Here I am. Send me?‘

Why do My people rend their clothes while their hearts remain hard and unyielding, growing cold? My people, rend your hearts and not your garments! Bare yourselves before Me and be broken!… For I tell you the truth, you are fallen, from a great height have you been cast down… Behold, from you My Spirit is far removed.

And still you stand proud, saying… ‚Are we not wise in our own eyes and highly exalted? Do we not stand firm upon our own false foundations, for the sake of pride and vanity? Are we not a lavishly-adorned bride, who wears the poor for ornaments and the destitute for clothes?‘

Therefore, because you are haughty and your works pretentious, walking always in covetousness like a pair of shoes, I tell you plainly, you are not My bride! Says The Lord. For none seek My righteousness as it truly is, none prepare My way before Me!

Behold, there is only darkness at noon-day, bitter waters flowing from every spring as the people lie down in death, for they have found no favor with God!…

A plague, a disease, a people mortally ill, a loathsome sore which remains uncovered; a horrible spot upon every sacred garment, a rent which grows ever wider; a multitude of dry branches ready to be broken off and thrown into the fire!… Thus is the generation of My wrath! Says The Lord.

Behold, the peoples of the earth have become a swarm of devouring locusts consuming every green thing, a forest of fallen trees broken and dying, a desolate valley where the rains have ceased and the grass is tread down! Yet there is no seed left in you; how then shall you rise?… You have destroyed yourselves, you have taken your own lives! Even now you are gasping for your last breath; your strength is all but gone from you as your life flees away!… Behold, death is at the door and about to come in!

For by the works of your own hands, O foolish generation, are you held captive; prisoners of sin, workers of great iniquity who embrace every perverse way, as they build up high walls blocking their only escape… Behold the final generation, the last of the kingdoms of men; a most arrogant and wicked generation, a people who exalt themselves over their Creator and cast off My gifts, destroying that which I created for them; an abominable people who destroy life while still in the womb!

This is MY Earth, of which you have polluted! These are MY precious lambs, which you have slaughtered! And these are MY people, which you have struck down with a continual stroke! Therefore, because you have made yourselves enemies of God, and speak as though you were God… THUS SAYS THE LORD: I am come to cut down the generation of My wrath, to strike the nations in My hot displeasure! Behold, I shall cause nature to rise up and fight against you, and the earth shall become your enemy, from which there shall be no defense or hiding place!

Behold perplexity and great fear shall overtake you, and you shall be unable to move, astonished at those things coming to pass upon the earth and in the heavens! For My anger is kindled against you, and shall come forth like fire! For The Lord God of Hosts has purposed destruction upon the earth and upon all the cities of men!…

Behold, wrath overflows My cup and shall proceed like a flood, and you shall all bow down to the slaughter! For from the beginning My plans were written and made known, yet when I called to you, you would not answer! And when I spoke to you, you refused to hear, but continued to do evil in My sight, choosing always those things which I hate, casting your lot with the deceiver, holding your heads high as you join the ranks of the rebellious!… EVIL WORKERS! REPROBATE CHILDREN!

Thus says The Lord God of Hosts… WOE TO THE PEOPLES OF THE EARTH! For The Almighty is come out of His place, with great anger and in the fierceness of His wrath, to deliver His people and to pour out judgment upon the inhabitants of the earth!

Therefore hear the word of The Lord, all you sons of perdition, kings, rulers and chief princes… LET MY PEOPLE GO! For this is MY field and this is MY harvest, MY Earth and MY people! For The Lord shall command the earth, and My people shall be brought forth; even Sheol shall give them up! Behold the command shall go forth, the trumpet shall sound, and it shall be done! Lo, it shall surely be accomplished, even in the sight of all nations!

Behold night has fallen, and great wrath is about to ensue… Yet all you churches of men have failed to hear, neither have you stopped to listen… Nor will you give heed to these words, which I have spoken in all these Letters… Nor have you considered the number of these Volumes, which I have placed before you.

Therefore thus says The Lord, to the churches of men… The day is indeed coming of which you are unaware, and the hour for which you are unprepared approaches quickly, for you are no watchmen. For I shall surely leave you desolate, in darkness and bitter weeping; I shall devastate all your lavish houses, until every harlot is made to sit upon the ground…

Behold, the light of this world shall be taken! For The Son of Man shall be sent down, He shall return and enter the house, making a careful search for His treasure. Yes, The Shepherd shall go forth into the field and gather them together, until the number is complete; and when He departs He shall take His sheep with Him, and every lamb.

For thus says The Lord… In six it was brought forth, and on the seventh was rest. In six shall it be poured out, and on the seventh shall it be brought to its end; the harvest separated, the first election chosen and made ready. For in six have I sent forth My Word, and on the seventh there shall be escape, on the third of ten they shall fly away. Behold, on the third day they shall enter in and have rest, even as it shall be on the seventh. For The Lord gives, and The Lord takes away; behold, the gift poured out is withdrawn and returned to its place. For after seven it was given, and after seven it must be taken away… Those who have ears to hear, let them hear!

Do not the early and latter rains cease after their season? And at the setting of the sun, does not the day end? Therefore I tell you plainly, night has fallen and thick darkness is about to come in, wherein the lukewarm shall be spit out and the blind shall be left all alone.

The deaf will be made to dwell in darkness and the forgetful hearer shall be confounded, and the widow shall wail upon her bed; for I shall surely leave them desolate, says The Lord…

For I had called to them, yet no pleasant answer was heard, only scorn; I had written to them, yet My letters remained unopened and were cast upon the ground; for they have hated Me and want no part with Me as I truly am.

Oh My lamps, My beloved lamps, your light has faded, your flame has gone out, for you have no oil in you and can in no wise be lit… My sons and daughters, I can not behold your faces, for the darkness of this night covers you… Therefore depart from Me, for I do not know you.

Behold, the wedding is about to begin, everything is prepared, every place set… It is time to enter in.