The Rod of Discipline

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The Rod of Discipline, the Love of a Father, Disobedience & Rebellion

March 22, 2008 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This is what The Lord your God says, concerning all beloved sheep who have gone astray, having wandered far from The Lord and His graces, even to the embracing of the world and all its deceptions and false witnessing, against God and His Anointed and the salvation He brings.

Parents of such children, who do continually forsake The Lord for their own way, running eagerly after all diverse lusts of this world, running along a wide path, heavy-laden, paying no attention to all these stumbling blocks laid at their feet - mine-fields - of which satan has laid to bring about severe injury and death and pain to all involved, bringing forth a multitude of evil fruit… Hopelessness, fear, darkness, licentiousness, lusts, pharmacopoeia, disobedience, lying, scheming, vanities, the love of money, vexation of spirit, a hardening of hearts, lack of affection… Even to blasphemies and the misuse of My name and The Christ’s, because of faithlessness…

Having that seed sown, choked and taken away… Never really receiving, but rather, taking that which was given, and grasping it only lightly, holding it before them for all to see, where it is quickly blown away by deceptive winds, never having been sown in their hearts, nor clinging to it with all the heart, nor with all the mind, nor all the strength…

Forsaking their neighbor for the love of self and foolish desires, which only brings upon them more of the same. This only serves to widen the gap, increasing the darkness inside them, where they then seek to fill this darkness and emptiness with those things of the same…

Bitter sorrows and deceptive pleasures, the many poisons of this world, thick chains and mire holding them fast, sinking into sorrows. Yet when brought to light, that darkness in them recoils and then strikes in rebellion.

Therefore, Timothy, what shall you do, when faced with all these things brought forth of the tempter, which grow rapidly in this world? And how shall you teach your beloved wisdom and knowledge, even of the deep riches in Christ, when she remains consumed, lost in confusion and vexation of spirit? Timothy, shall you blame yourself? What of her mother?… The world?

I tell you the truth, what is done is done, and can not be undone, save The Lord chooses to move His hand. I have not, and will not yet move, until the Day comes and is at hand, that I shall bring My hand against this nation, for all its forsaking of Me. And so, at present, My hand is removed and your nation is given up… My face is turned against it. And what it shall suffer is of itself and according to all its enemies, from which I will no longer protect it.

Yet remember this, beloved… By no means shall I lose even one who I see of Myself in them, nor one who comes to call on My name.

Therefore, Timothy, do you love Me? Do you trust in your God and do you abide in My Right Hand?… You are in Him and He in you. Hear My words, and do them... When such an one, of whom you love, and I also, come of age by sin and continue therein, despite the word of their parents, even despite the Word of The Lord Most High, they must be punished and disciplined according to - and in accordance with - their sin. For to spare the rod is to hate your child. And to not respond with correction is to encourage further disobedience and sin.

The rod, of which I speak, is of discipline and correction, and not of physical punishment. O vain and ignorant peoples of this world, stop perverting My Word! And gain knowledge. All children’s disobedience comes from ignorance and from the troubles of the heart and spirit. How, then, shall a beating correct the heart?! And how shall the striking with a rod bring about a new spirit? DO NOT exacerbate the problem with your children, by bringing them into subjection by abuse! Let the children first learn and show piety at home, and requite their parents, for this is good and acceptable before God.

Timothy, all that you and your wife have spoken, do. Yet I tell you the truth of these things, even all of this shall be played out once again, at which time you shall reveal to her both this Word and My Word spoken to her of not returning home, and by what means she shall come to live with you, fulfilling all I had spoken through you concerning her.

Know you not the love of a father is displayed in tenderness and kindness? And is it not also shown through discipline and correction, especially for those he loves?

And what of your Father in Heaven? Have I not done all of these things, even to the displaying of My hot displeasure toward My enemies, who have hurt My beloved?… Vengeance is Mine, says The Lord, I shall repay.

Here is wisdom… The Father and The Son are one, and yet two, and that third part, the Spirit, which comes into the world, manifesting His will. Therefore, that which you have received of Me must in turn be made into actions, bringing forth obedience in those children who remain destitute of that which I bring.

For how can one walk in Me, if one will not walk in the ways of their earthly father, nor obey his commands? How much more, then, shall it be impossible for one such as this to obey My Commandments? Therefore, this work must be done by you, according to what you have received of Me, also forever being an example until the Day comes… And it will surely come, it will not tarry…

And when it comes, I shall come to live in them… Whereby, through many tears, they shall truly call upon My name, inviting Me in, grasping desperately at My robes… Wherein I shall rush in, healing them swiftly, wiping away all these tears of anguish… Even before they have finished calling . Then shall their tears be renewed, even as a torrent of a new kind, even in great joy and thanksgiving… All burdens lifted… My glory revealed…

Where, then, The Father will come to say... 'Behold, the sons and daughters of God… I see of Myself in them... Come up here!'