The Servants of God are sent out to blow the Trumpet

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The Lord’s Answer to… Should I still associate with Those, who reject You & Your Word?

The Servants of God have been sent out to blow the Trumpet to All Nations… Hear Them, for The Spirit of God dwells within Them

June 26, 2005 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy… Lord, should I still associate with my sisters who reject You and Your Word?

[The Lord answered] Timothy, listen and hear My words, for they are truth and shall guide you through the fire unscathed.

I know your heart is broken, and you are tormented by that which you have no power to dissuade. Yet know this, My beloved son, you shall be given power. Behold, I shall give to you, and many like you, the power which none have seen for over two thousand years.

For in your mouth I shall place a sharp sword, with two edges, with which you shall cut to the heart of those who would come out to fight against you, those who cast stones at you in open and in secret, in word and by deed.

For I shall come upon you, and you shall dwell in My presence, and I shall fill you with My spirit and with power. My fullness you shall come to know in that day, and My authority shall flow through you like a flood, causing all to stand up and give heed. For then they will know, I am The Lord, and My words carry the full weight of My spirit no matter the vessel by which it comes.

Behold, in your left hand shall be placed a cup of indignation, and a curse for the truly wicked of heart…

And in your right hand a cup of life, filled with the power of healing and miracles. Patient endurance until I return and gather, Timothy; patient endurance, My chosen vessel and beloved son.

And as for those whom you love and now also hate, because of the pain they have caused you… Be careful, I say to you – control your anger, take every thought captive… Let go and forgive.

For Anger can be justified, but more often than not it is used for evil and for one’s own agenda. Therefore, hate that which is against God, yet do not hate those who were created by God, for God is rich in mercy and is quick to forgive. And remember… ‚Vengeance is Mine, says The Lord. I will repay.‘

Therefore, tread no longer in the pastures of the wicked, be separate from those who reject My Words, for they fight against Me. And keep not the company of those who would commit murder, for they have already placed the dagger deep within their own chest. Remain separate. For the Time of your battle has not yet come. You shall go to them at the time appointed.

Focus rather on the sheep who are lost, those who yet search for their Shepherd; to these are you sent and to these shall you go. Guide them to My pasture, so I may also gather them into My barn before the storm is fully overhead. Endurance and strong faith is required of all My servants…

Yet judgment and wrath belong solely to The Father and shall be made manifest by The Son… I shall pronounce it and bring it to pass, for I am The Lord, even as The Father… We are one.