The Signs before the Coming of the Son of Man

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The Lord explains… The Signs before My Coming The Earth will quake and tremble & The Seas roar

December 29, 2004 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for Timothy, and for All Those who have Ears to Hear – (Regarding the Tsunami 3 days ago on December 26, 2004)

Thus says The Lord to His servant… The signs of the end of this age are upon you, My son. Thus I commanded you to watch. And indeed you have seen, yet only dimly. For your trust in Me is strong, your love for The Holy One of Israel without question, yet your flesh is weak, causing you to stumble into doubt, stealing from your trust which is not yet mature. Thus you resist the wisdom of The Spirit, for you are not yet able to fully receive, nor do you understand. And so I have opened your ears, that you may hear My voice, that you may understand.

My son, your faith is at present like that of a young child learning to walk, for you have yet to walk in My ways. You remain unsteady and have little knowledge. Yet I Myself shall teach you, and soon you shall run with sure footing, even upon crooked ground. Behold, I shall make it possible for you to walk through the camp of the enemy undaunted. For I am The Lord, and you are My prophet, and you shall go wheresoever I send you and speak whatsoever I command you, and none shall prevent you by any means.

My son, three great signs have been given to this generation, one to your brethren and two to the world, yet all have went greatly ignored by the multitude…

Yet those who are Mine have clearly seen… For those who truly know Me, rejoice in The Truth and embrace My correction, and strive always to walk in My ways, glorifying My name without ceasing… For they shine like the sun at noonday, even in the height of summer.

Yet understand this… These signs are but the first of many. And like the rising of the sun, they shall continue until the sun reaches its zenith… Then shall The Son of Man appear, clothed in the brightness of His glory, a brilliance which has no equal!

Behold, even the sun, the moon, and the stars shall not give their light! For the radiance of the sun is but a glimmer, a twinkle in a man’s eye, compared with the glory and majesty of The Lord! Even those without sight shall behold His splendor and bow down before Him, for He is Lord and God!… King of kings! Lord of lords! Immanu El!

Behold, four times did I call to the sea, saying… ‚Rise up! Churn, and bring forth a terrible wind! Go ashore, increase in height and make a great noise! Blow like the voice of The Almighty and release a great deluge upon men! Move all things from their places, break apart and destroy! Cause this people to flee in fear, that they may now call upon My name!‘ And still those who dwelt near the shore did not call upon My name in sincerity or in truth, nor did they repent of their evil deeds.

Behold, three more times did I call the sea to rise up and come ashore, causing that which had lessened to regain strength and return once again. And still the people did not awake, their eyes remained shut. For the multitudes refuse to give Me glory, and oh how quickly they do always return to their sin, as they seek to fortify their rebellion against God…

Therefore, the seas shall become angry, the earth shall rumble and quake, and the waves shall continue to crash before the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord! Behold, even the powers of heaven shall be shaken, and men’s hearts shall fail them for fear! And the world shall seek to become one, as it is written. Many hearts will break, and many shall be broken, and many shall return to Me in that day.

Therefore, I ask you, of all these things which I have done in the earth and in the sea, and will yet do, which is greatest? For all creation obeys My voice… From the deepest depths to the highest peaks, to the rocks which lay upon the ground; from the multitudes of insects to the animals of the field and those which fly above; from the waters of the sea to every living creature which dwells within them, both great and small; from the winds of heaven to the stars above, all creation obeys the voice of The Lord God Almighty.

Yet with man it is not so, for the heart of man remains unyielding, and oh how he sets his ways in stone. For in his arrogance he refuses to listen to the Word of God, nor will he accept My correction; and because of his pride he remains unwilling to heed the call of The Most High…

Yet I tell you the truth, that which is made of stone shall be broken! All which remains hard and unyielding shall be crushed beneath the weight of The Cornerstone! Yet that which is laid atop it shall be broken and refashioned, made new, likened unto precious gemstones.

Thus a heart made new in The Lord is the greatest sign of all!…

For the whole earth is set under My authority, obeying My will without question… Whether upon the land or in the sea, or in the heavens above, all things obey the voice of The Living God, save man, for to him alone did I give the will to choose… And what is life without love? And what is love without the free will to choose love?… I tell you the truth, a gift commanded is no gift at all, yet a gift accepted is where you shall find life, love and salvation.

Behold, The Lord your God shall move Heaven and Earth, and stir up the seas! Behold, all shall be moved from their places, that the eyes of the prideful might be opened and the ears of the arrogant unstopped, that all might repent and return to Me!

Therefore, My beloved, I call you to watch!

For the time has come for the will of God to be made manifest, for the power of God to be revealed from Heaven, for the earth to tremble and quake, to spew its fervent heat!

Now is the time for signs in the heavens above and in the earth beneath, for the judgments of God to be poured out, for the wrath of God to fall from Heaven!…

Therefore come now, and take refuge in Me! For I am your only shelter, your only sanctuary from the storm, says The Holy One of Israel.