The Spiritual Sun

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Messages of Jesus Christ on the spiritual life in the Beyond - given thru the inner word to Jakob Lorber.

(Unfortunately, only the smallest part is translated even after 160 years.)


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(PDF-Download (Chapters 106-117 out of Vol. 2))


Chapter Description
SSUN2-103 Room 12, Brotherly Love
SSUN2-104 Wherein consists the actual true brotherly love?
SSUN2-106 Consequences of lewdness
SSUN2-107 In the second Hell
SSUN2-108 Nothing is destructible in the whole of creation
SSUN2-109 Images from the first and the second Hell
SSUN2-110 Every person carries Heaven and Hell in himself according to his personality
SSUN2-111 Body, spirit, principle of life
SSUN2-112 Earthly images of the lowest Hell
SSUN2-113 Another image of the lowest Hell
SSUN2-114 Lust for power and vanity – the seeds of Hell
SSUN2-115 Fruits that ripe for Hell
SSUN2-116 In the spiritual condition all secrets come to light
SSUN2-117 Heaven and Hell – Polarities in man