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[https://jesus-comes.com/index.php/category/english/jakob-lorber-pdfs/ PDF Overview of the Lorber scriptures on jesus-comes.com]
[https://jesus-comes.com/index.php/category/english/jakob-lorber-pdfs/ PDF Overview of the Lorber scriptures on jesus-comes.com]
[https://jesus-comes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/The-Spiritual-Sun-Volume-1-Jakob-Lorber.pdf The Spiritual Sun – Volume 1]
[https://jesus-comes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/The-Spiritual-Sun-Volume-1-Jakob-Lorber.pdf PDF The Spiritual Sun – Volume 1]
[https://jesus-comes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/The-Spiritual-Sun-Volume-2-Jakob-Lorber.pdf The Spiritual Sun – Volume 2]
[https://jesus-comes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/The-Spiritual-Sun-Volume-2-Jakob-Lorber.pdf PDF The Spiritual Sun – Volume 2]
=== Content Volume 1===
=== Content Volume 1===

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Main Page The Spiritual Sun Chapter

Messages of Jesus Christ on the spiritual life in the Beyond - given thru the inner word to Jakob Lorber.


PDF Overview of the Lorber scriptures on jesus-comes.com

PDF The Spiritual Sun – Volume 1

PDF The Spiritual Sun – Volume 2

Content Volume 1

Chapter Description
SSUN1-0 The Kingdom of God
SSUN1-1 The Spiritual sun, a Spark of Grace of God
SSUN1-2 The whole of nature a Gospel of God's order
SSUN1-3 The clock, an agreeable image of the sun
SSUN1-4 The natural and the spiritual sun, their different appearance
SSUN1-5 About the Kingdom of God and man
SSUN1-6 The spiritual cosmic diorama. The sphere of the first spirit
SSUN1-7 The sphere of the second spirit. The foundation of life is the love of the Father.
SSUN1-8 The sphere of the third spirit. An image of infinity
SSUN1-9 The sphere of the fourth spirit. The mystery of the Son of man.
SSUN1-10 The sphere of the fifth. The greatest wonder, the heart of man.
SSUN1-11 The sphere of the sixth spirit. Peter the rock.
SSUN1-12 The sphere of the seventh spirit. Enigmatic images of spiritual conditions.
SSUN1-13 The swing at her corresponding image. Ceremonial religion cult and the worldly life.
SSUN1-14 The ring wall in its corresponding image. Forms of the different Christian churches.
SSUN1-15 The bowl with the laying scoop. The prophetic sphere of Daniel.
SSUN1-16 The sphere of the eighth spirit. The world clock and the “last time”. The “New Jerusalem” from the sphere of Swedenborg.
SSUN1-17 The sphere of the ninth spirit (Gospel of Mark). Guidance in the true spirit world. How the evil of physical love is seen in the hereafter.
SSUN1-18 How usury takes on form in the hereafter
SSUN1-19 How lust for power is expressed in the hereafter
SSUN1-20 Hallway to hell
SSUN1-21 Visit to the region of the evening
SSUN1-22 The pre-order of the Children's Kingdom
SSUN1-23 Who sows sparsely, will have a meager harvest
SSUN1-24 Place and circumstances of stoics in the hereafter
SSUN1-25 A Conversion of a better stoic
SSUN1-26 Sequel to the visit to the Stoics
SSUN1-27 The victory and redemption of a wise stoic
SSUN1-28 The valleys of the rich, the learned, the handy and the intellectual people
SSUN1-29 Kingdom of darkness and unbelief
SSUN1-30 A spiritual philosopher and a fanatic
SSUN1-31 Resort of darkness. There is wailing and gnashing of teeth
SSUN1-32 Birth out of the darkness. In the first grade of light of life
SSUN1-33 About spiritual appearances
SSUN1-34 Mutual influence of married couples upon each other
SSUN1-35 A married couple in the hereafter
SSUN1-36 The couple and the lying spirit
SSUN1-37 Weakness of the husband. The wife going to hell.
SSUN1-38 In the first degree of hell
SSUN1-39 Where are heaven and hell located!
SSUN1-40 Where do the heathen find themselves in the hereafter!
SSUN1-41 Visit to the Midday. The working of true faith and active love.
SSUN1-42 The difference between journeys in the hereafter
SSUN1-43 Peculiar environment and dwelling of blessed spirits
SSUN1-44 Beauty and splendor of the midday. Teaching about the nature of love and wisdom
SSUN1-45 The corresponding meaning of eating and drinking of the heavenly spirits. The heavenly marriage
SSUN1-46 In the hill country of the eternal morning. A little love-test. How do you depict the Master for yourselves!
SSUN1-47 The “Roman Catholic” heaven. In the most distant midday.
SSUN1-48 Procession of the so-called ascension.
SSUN1-49 Seated at Abraham’s table in the view of the holy trinity
SSUN1-50 Untenability of this material apparition of heaven
SSUN1-51 The true trinity. The sin against the Holy Spirit.
SSUN1-52 The true poverty of the spirit. Danger of blind doubting.
SSUN1-53 Surprises in the apparent heaven
SSUN1-54 Rescue from the apparent heaven
SSUN1-55 First solid dwelling after the apparent heaven. Incomprehensible tri-unity. The Christ of the Gospel.
SSUN1-56 En route to Christ
SSUN1-57 The residential palace of the company. The seed of the heavenly kingdom. God’s Word.
SSUN1-58 Intense longing for the Lord. A test for love. The holy purpose.
SSUN1-59 Arrival in the eternal morning. God’s power is limited by the education of the human mind.
SSUN1-60 The Primordial God sun. Explanation about the personal, substantial omnipresence of the Master.
SSUN1-61 The meal at the Father’s table. Lamb, bread, and wine.
SSUN1-62 Visit to the Carmelites
SSUN1-63 The confessing nun and the true confessing father
SSUN1-64 Rescue of the poor captives. Judgement and the youngest day.
SSUN1-65 A monks’ monastery. The Augustinian faith.
SSUN1-66 Explanation of the organization of the Augustinian monastery
SSUN1-67 Have Peter founded the Roman church!
SSUN1-68 Dispute with an Augustine. Peter and Paul.
SSUN1-69 The Augustinian monk in counsel
SSUN1-70 The Paradise Augustinians
SSUN1-71 In apparent captivity of the paradisiacal Augustinians. Their doubts about the correctness of their conduct.
SSUN1-72 Prickly question, honest answer
SSUN1-73 A question to the prior of the Augustinian monastery
SSUN1-74 Enquiry after the love unto Christ
SSUN1-75 A walk through the monastic heaven
SSUN1-76 Inflation of the deceptive heaven
SSUN1-77 Comedy play in the monastic heaven. The gigantic table and the eating of worlds.
SSUN1-78 Second act of the heavenly comedy
SSUN1-79 A glance at the true way to the true heaven
SSUN1-80 Further exposition of the fallacious comedy. The spiritual life is guided along infinitely many ways.
SSUN1-81 Third act on the tragically comical podium
SSUN1-82 Arrival of the newly converted souls in the 'paradise garden'. Their acknowledgment of guilt.
SSUN1-83 The Eternal Word as the Judgement Seat of Christ
SSUN1-84 About sin against the Holy Spirit
SSUN1-85 The Word of the Lord! The actual judge.
SSUN1-86 The Master’s pure love is also in hell
SSUN1-87 The difference between correct and wrongful use of the confession
SSUN1-88 The prior’s trouble at the crevice. The true bridge of salvation. From death to life.
SSUN1-89 The living prayer of the prior and its effect
SSUN1-90 The simple man. Voluntary recognition of the prior.
SSUN1-91 Prerequisite unto salvation. Crossing of the bridge.
SSUN1-92 Three trials to test love’s willingness to serve
SSUN1-93 The ability to appear in different places simultaneously. Exposition.
SSUN1-94 Be discreet as the snakes and meek as the doves
SSUN1-95 Even more testing. The beginning of reward.
SSUN1-96 Everything must be exposed before the judgment seat of Christ. The prior finally recognizes the Lord.
SSUN1-97 The testimony of a preacher
SSUN1-98 The secret of true progress
SSUN1-99 Another heavy test
SSUN1-100 The heavenly destination
SSUN1-101 Meaning of lead, pull and carry in the spiritual kingdom

Content Volume 2

Chapter Description
SSUN2-1 Jesus on the wonderful paths of His love
SSUN2-2 The great being of a child of God on the earth.
SSUN2-3 Continuous growth of salvation through activity
SSUN2-4 The three heavens - their structure
SSUN2-5 The essence of love. Love unto the neighbor out of love for God and love for God out of love for the neighbor.
SSUN2-6 Personal details of the apostles depicted by distinguishing insignia.
SSUN2-7 Communion with lamb, bread and wine
SSUN2-8 The significant meaning of the supper, especially for the earth. We leave Markus’ sphere
SSUN2-9 Diversity of the sphere of every blessed spirit for the sake of mutual indispensability.
SSUN2-10 Difference between the light of faith and the light of love. The spirit of man.
SSUN2-11 The whole universe and heaven are in you
SSUN2-12 Correct building- development of what is in you
SSUN2-13 Jesus, the name of all names and effects of this name. Mystery of the Incarnation of God in Jesus.
SSUN2-14 Love as the great means to knowledge
SSUN2-15 Beings of the Three Wise Men from the Morningland (East). The great importance of our earth.
SSUN2-16 Two kinds of people - creatures and children. Prerequisites to achieve childhood of God
SSUN2-17 Love for God as the center of conditions
SSUN2-18 The will-power of the Spirit works miracles together with Jesus' power
SSUN2-19 A new place - splendid building on a hill
SSUN2-20 Description of the unimagined splendor. Parable of winter splendor and spring heat
SSUN2-21 Love kindles the wood on the altar
SSUN2-22 Conditions for the attainment of the childhood of God
SSUN2-23 Speech of the sun-elder to his people
SSUN2-24 Prayers of the mind and the heart
SSUN2-25 Difference between children of the sun and children of God
SSUN2-26 Example of the rich youth
SSUN2-27 Why there are almost no animals on the central sun. Explanation of the example of the rich youth.
SSUN2-28 Love as the foundation of faith and hope, and at the same time, its fruit
SSUN2-29 Continuation of the journey - straightforward, with unchanging will, to the goal
SSUN2-30 Continuation of the sun journey - lack of knowledge and love of the world as hindrances to prayer
SSUN2-31 Continuation of the sun journey - passing over from material to spiritual life in corresponding images
SSUN2-32 Continuation of the sun journey - palace complex corresponds to the conditions of the human being
SSUN2-33 Revelation of the overwhelmingly radiant beauty of the Sun-palace
SSUN2-34 First floor - details of the Palace of the Sun and its correspondence
SSUN2-35 Second floor - palace arrangement represents spiritual progress
SSUN2-36 Third floor - Forms and colors correspond to the formation of the mind
SSUN2-37 Fourth Floor - The ordinary man and the divine-spiritual man
SSUN2-38 Fifth floor - advanced level of development of the human spirit
SSUN2-39 Sixth Floor - Man shows his weaknesses In the state of fear
SSUN2-40 Ascent from love into wisdom
SSUN2-41 Relationship, order and harmony between love and wisdom
SSUN2-42 Seventh floor - Absolute wisdom appears transparent and impenetrable like diamond
SSUN2-43 Absolute wisdom is not useful for a bound spirit
SSUN2-44 Eighth Floor - About entering the being of the spirit
SSUN2-45 Godly spiritual wisdom is foolishness to the world
SSUN2-46 Convergence of eternity and time
SSUN2-47 Ninth floor - About entering into the essence of the spirit
SSUN2-48 The twelve supports of life
SSUN2-49 The main key to spiritual mysteries
SSUN2-50 About love and the love of Jesus
SSUN2-51 Reason for all things and phenomena
SSUN2-52 Tenth floor - the essence of question and answer
SSUN2-53 Eleventh floor - love for God (Jesus) and out of that for the neighbor leads to the perfection of life
SSUN2-54 Twelfth floor - Higher development of the spirit
SSUN2-55 Description of the highest level
SSUN2-56 Why is one so alone in the midst of all this splendor?
SSUN2-57 Every world has its order and laws of existence
SSUN2-58 Encounter with the inhabitants of this central sun
SSUN2-59 Conditions for becoming a child of God
SSUN2-60 About the Incarnation of God in Jesus
SSUN2-61 Humility and childhood of God
SSUN2-62 True humility, love, and the childhood of God
SSUN2-63 The essence of the childhood of God
SSUN2-64 Inhabitants of the sun on the way of the childhood of God
SSUN2-65 Different appearance of the 'spiritual sun' outside the sphere of Jesus
SSUN2-66 A communal spirit and also a special spirit. Why do heavenly communities have the human form?
SSUN2-67 Practical guidance on self-development of children in children's homes
SSUN2-68 Visual instruction in graduated departments in the children's kingdom
SSUN2-69 Heavenly schoolhouse for geography and world history in the kingdom of children
SSUN2-70 Instruction on the nature and origin of the earth in the kingdom of children
SSUN2-71 About the school of life in the kingdom of the children
SSUN2-72 Classroom of the creational history of men in the kingdom of children
SSUN2-73 The first commandment in the first classroom - explanation
SSUN2-74 How should one seek God?
SSUN2-75 Longing for God as an important testimony to His existence
SSUN2-76 Instructions on the second and third commandments in the second and third halls
SSUN2-77 The fourth commandment in the fourth room (in the spiritual sense)
SSUN2-78 The fifth commandment in the fifth hall - spiritually explained
SSUN2-79 The sixth commandment in the sixth room - What is unchastity?
SSUN2-80 About two kinds of love
SSUN2-81 What is fornication?
SSUN2-82 The seventh commandment in the seventh classroom of the children's kingdom
SSUN2-83 What does 'steal' mean?
SSUN2-84 Comments on social issues
SSUN2-85 The Eighth commandment in the eighth hall - The material shell as a means to lie
SSUN2-86 What is false testimony?
SSUN2-87 Ninth hall - ninth commandment
SSUN2-88 Reflections on the ninth commandment
SSUN2-89 The inner sense of the ninth commandment
SSUN2-90 Blessings of wise limitation
SSUN2-91 Sin against the Divine order of the ninth commandment
SSUN2-92 Usury, the most damnable before God
SSUN2-93 The tenth commandment in the tenth hall in the kingdom of the children
SSUN2-94 Who is the 'you' in the tenth commandment?
SSUN2-95 Examples of wrong views of the tenth commandment
SSUN2-96 Reason for concealment of the actual meaning of the tenth commandment
SSUN2-97 The inner, self-evident meaning of the tenth commandment
SSUN2-98 The Eleventh Commandment in the Eleventh Hall - The Love unto God
SSUN2-99 Love of God as the primordial material of all creatures
SSUN2-100 What does it mean to love God above all else?
SSUN2-101 What is the love unto God?
SSUN2-102 How to love God above all else
SSUN2-103 The Twelfth commandment in the twelfth hall - Love unto the neighbor
SSUN2-104 What is true love unto the neighbor?
SSUN2-105 Practical instruction about charity of the students in the hereafter
SSUN2-106 Essence and consequences of vice
SSUN2-107 In the second hell
SSUN2-108 Nothing is destructible in the whole of creation
SSUN2-109 Images from the first and the second Hell
SSUN2-110 Every person carries Heaven and Hell in himself according to his personality
SSUN2-111 Body, spirit, principle of life
SSUN2-112 Earthly images of the lowest Hell
SSUN2-113 Another image of the lowest Hell
SSUN2-114 Lust for power and vanity – the seeds of Hell
SSUN2-115 Fruits ripe for Hell
SSUN2-116 In the spiritual condition all secrets come to light
SSUN2-117 Heaven and Hell – Polarities in man
SSUN2-118 Heavenly and hellish principles
SSUN2-119 The spirit as the creator of his own world
SSUN2-120 Further development of the students in the beyond. The Middle Kingdom (Hades)
SSUN2-121 Every life has certain ways determined by Jesus
SSUN2-122 Continued education of the students through the planets and the seven spheres of the sun, to their heavenly destination
SSUN2-123 Review of the ten viewed spirit spheres
SSUN2-124 Every human being carries a different grain-seed for the development of the spiritual world
SSUN2-125 The kingdom of heaven is like the present time
SSUN2-126 A tree as an example of the nature of the spirit kingdom
SSUN2-127 A son of man as a picture of the kingdom of heaven and the universe

Main Page The Spiritual Sun Chapter