The Wedding Supper

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The Lord says… My Bride, come out! The Wedding Supper is about to begin

April 27, 2010 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to a Brother in Christ and Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Hear the word of The Lord, listen to the voice of your Redeemer, for thus says The Lord… Behold, the time has come! And the day is very near, when the door must be shut; behold, even now it is closing… Even so, amen.

For behold, My beloved bride has been given Me of The Father; she is chosen and faithful. Her lamp is filled with oil and burns brightly, her face is filled with beauty; her vesture, humble. She is clothed in fine linens of white and makes ready for her Bridegroom, says He who is faithful, He who is true, and is coming quickly to gather His own…

Lo, The Father has given Me her hand in marriage, and truly I say to you, O sons and daughters of men, I shall take her and draw her very near! Behold, I shall call her by name, and she shall fly away! Yes I shall marry her, and she shall remain with Me for one week in The Lord, set apart in The Father’s house!

Oh My beloved, My faithful and chosen saints of the end of this age, come close and feel My embrace! Says The Lord… Oh elect of My heart, come out that you may enter in!… For I AM HE!… The Alpha and Omega, The First and The Last, The Beloved One of men’s hearts, The Desire of Ages!

Thus says The Lord to the churches of men, and to all those roundabout, even to all those scattered across the land… The time has come, the wedding supper is about to begin, and My bride shall surely be taken up!

And behold, the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord shall rush in, for I have indeed spoken it and shall not repent; it shall surely be! Behold, do you not stand in the midst of many sorrows already, even ten days and seven which are about to come in? Yet you refuse to see, standing still with your hearts hardened, your minds dulled, numb and without feeling.

Lo, even by the mouths of My servants, the prophets, have I spoken to you, yet you would not hear. For I had commanded them, saying… ‚Go out, and invite My friends to the wedding‘, yet you turned away. Indeed, the invitation was set before you, it was even placed in your hands, yet you refused it!

Thus I commanded My servants to pour your invitation upon the ground, as a testament against you, yet you remained unmoved; and with great arrogance you sought to cast off My words, and in your pride you struck Me upon the mouth! Lo, they brought you gifts from The King, yet you rejected them, wanting no part with Me as I truly am!

And still to this day, you rebel against Me, with a stiff arm and a stretched-out neck! Behold, you wag your heads, as you slander and spit upon those I send to you, seeking always to strike them down in word and by deed! And in secret you hiss at them, with lying words and a froward mouth!…


Therefore, My face is turned from you for a time and a season, My invitation withdrawn, until you learn to no longer blaspheme, until you cast yourselves upon the ground and truly repent of all your forsaking of Me.

Thus I am sending My servants to the lowly and humble, to the poor of the land, to the spiritually broken, and among those who truly hunger and thirst for righteousness, that I may fill their cups and satisfy their need…

For indeed the invitation has gone out, the call resounds in all the earth! And those who were able received, and have come running! Lo, thanksgiving is upon their lips and hope fills their hearts, as they look always to the day our joy is made complete!

Behold, their lamps are full and their faithfulness burns bright; they have heeded the call, and have come out to meet Me!… Thus as it is written, so it comes to pass: The first have become the last; and those who were accounted as last have become first partakers of The Glory.

Therefore, this is what The Lord your Redeemer says… Come forth, all you faithful! Bring your invitation, for I have written it upon your hearts! Enter into the joy of The Lord! Come and sing praises, dance for joy, and partake of this feast I have prepared for you!

Hear Me, beloved, gather around, for it is I, your First Love!… Yes, He who has been with you always, and with Whom you shall remain, even to the end of time. For no one can separate you from My love, nor can any pluck you from My hand!…

Therefore sing for Me, rejoice and be exceedingly glad! For you are Mine, and have always been, predestined in The Beloved!… Says The Lord.