The Witnesses shall prepare the Way for His Coming

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The Lord says… My 144,000 Witnesses shall prepare the Way for My Coming

August 8, 2006 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

To the servants and prophets at My right hand… Hear and have understanding of The Lord’s purpose. As I have done, even shall I do again. As I have spoken it to the prophets, so shall it be trumpeted again.

Do I call out My prophets only to have them heard in secret or in a corner? Shall they whisper My words only to the purified in heart? Shall I place My candlesticks under the bed or put them in a closet? Shall I hide them away in the Day of The Lord’s wrath?… Surely not!

Behold My prophets, the candlesticks… I have placed the flame of My own spirit within them. Lo, I have called them. Behold, they shall surely come out and be placed upon the rooftops, set upon the hills, standing upon the mountains…

Flaming torches, beacons in this dark night which has consumed this world. They shall surely burn brighter, and brighter shall they become, the flame of which can not be exhausted or put out. Their words shall be like fire! Their proclamation, a mighty and strong wind toppling all trees, pulling them up by their roots, causing all houses to come crashing down upon their cracked foundations.

Behold, the words of the Most High are sent out and shall proliferate through the multitude… Yea, My mighty lampstands shall be placed even in the midst of all peoples. The Lord’s army shall push at them… My anointed ones shall turn the world on its side. There shall be great wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Lord’s Day comes quickly and shall not be moved… The world is condemned.

The prized of The Lord must be gathered and removed… Yea, My precious little ones must be taken out of the way and held in safety. They shall be cradled in My love… In the arms of their Shepherd shall they be carried away. For the Shepherd does love His lambs, and He shall gather His sheep. He has laid down His life for them, He shall surely come for them. He shall not tarry, He shall come very quickly… In a twinkling of an eye, He shall steal them away.

So to the peoples of this evil world, who have neither seen, nor heard – what is your answer? Who shall I send to you in your time of need? Who shall guide the brokenhearted? Who will bind up your wounds when you call on My name? Lo, The Lamb of God shall heal your heart during this time of great trouble, and My witnesses shall lead you and give you shelter.

Yea, even Moses and Elijah shall come. Many of you shall die… Let your hearts not be troubled, these things must be… But you shall not sleep. You shall surely pass from the shadow of death into the light of life. In those days, you shall know God’s sanctuary… You shall worship in His tabernacle, clothed in white robes.

To the prophets, My witnesses, 144,000, to you it has been purposed, and it shall be done. You shall not be of the world, though you remain in it. All stumbling blocks shall be removed from your path and all chains loosed from your body. You shall be at The Lord’s beck and call. Indeed, I shall send you here and there according to the good pleasure of My will.

I will provide even all things you will need. Nothing shall keep you from My purpose or halt your steps. Even all I shall give to you, you shall keep, and those of your own body shall be taken. And in that self-same hour, you shall lose everything and lose nothing… You shall gain the world, and the world shall become your enemy.

At this present time, your first enemy is yourself, only second to the devil, for he will try to turn you against yourself.

Even endeavoring to turn even all those you love into your enemies. Be not troubled in this… You shall become strong. And by My own word, you shall become great, great in word and deed.

For The Lord, Himself, shall teach you, and you shall overcome. And when the Thief comes and spoils the strong man’s house, you shall be fully established, following after Me to take yet more from him who has cursed My name and corrupted My vessels.

I shall purge them by fire, even seven times, and you shall carry them. And when I command you, you shall mount up on the wings of eagles, and I shall carry you with them to a place I will show you, and there shall you abide for a time, times, and the dividing of time.

Then The Lord shall come in great glory on His mount of white, with clouds roiling. Yea, there shall be great lightnings and thunderings proceeding the great and awesome coming of The Son of Man in His glory… Even the sun, the moon and the stars shall not give their light.

My glory shall permeate the breadth of the whole earth… Every crack, every crevice. No shadow shall escape My glory. The heavens shall be scorched and rolled up as a scroll! Behold the glory from on high, wrought in the same glory of God’s only Son… The very same as God!

[The Angels] Bow before The Holy One of God, the King of nations, The Carpenter of all these worlds… Bow! Every knee, bow before your Lord and your God… Even all of darkness and light, earth and Heaven. Blessings, power and dominion to our great God, and to The Lamb, forever and ever… Forever and ever… forever and ever… Amen… amen… and amen… It is accomplished.