The day of the Rapture... The Day the Bombs fall - Part 8

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March 12th, 2015 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare Spoken by Jackie

Lord, I just don’t understand how I can accomplish everything You’ve said I would do before the Rapture. Either I heard from a demon before… or the Rapture is far off.

“Can we talk about it?”

Yes, that would help me immensely.

“I never told you the time frame in which you would get this done. I just told you that you would complete everything I’d given you to do (to date). But I didn’t say when.” Lord, You inferred before the Rapture. And also, You’ve told me that You had thrown up obstacles to give Your Bride more time. Now I am very, very confused.“

“Let me clear the clutter. First of all, I did promise that all would be accomplished. I know you thought it would be before the Rapture, but I didn’t give you any time frame.”

Oh… Help me Lord, you can see I’m falling into a trap.

“Steady as she goes, My Love. Hold on. You must be patient. There’s going to come a time when everything you have wanted to do which I have put in your heart, is going to be completed. After the Rapture.”


“Yes, after.”

But You said you were giving Your Bride more time?

“I just did give her more time.”

But, I sensed or felt you meant years – like a couple of years or three years.

“Well, I never clarified that for you because I am still waiting for My Father’s word. There is timing involved, acute timing involved.”

I’m stumped.

“There goes that unbelief again.”

Yep, guilty as charged, Oh help me Jesus!

At this point I needed to make a fire and heat dinner up for Ezekiel, and it was a welcomed break. I knew that if I went to him he would help me out of my confusion. Am I being toyed with or is this truly Jesus?

I’m back, it is Jesus.

“Well, are you satisfied and at peace?”

Yes, Lord.

“You asked Me to help you. He is My mouth piece and protection for you, Sweet Bride.”

Oh, Jesus – how can you call me sweet when I question You so?

“I’m not offended. Your irascibility only gives Me the opportunity to display My meekness and humility for My children. In other words, if I can be meek and humble with Clare, surely you can be meek and humble with one another.“

“You see, I make good use of your stubbornness.”

You truly are gentle and forgiving Jesus. Thank you for being so patient with me.

“It wasn’t difficult. I love you and I understand your struggles, which by the way are universal to all men. But now that we’ve settled that, I need to fill you in.”

I’m here, Lord. He kissed my forehead.

“Well, because the time is short, I have you both on the fast track to wrap up these messages and prepare yourselves for that day. Only in prayer and steadfastness will you weather the terrific storm that is about to hit America and the world.“ “Each day, I want the two of you to make sure you are solid and prepared at any moment.”

How will we know that we are prepared?

“You’re going to feel a deep peace. It’s been edging up on both of you, just continue to keep your focus and understand there’s no time to waste. Please, buckle down and work hard to organize your messages and leave behind what I have given you.“

“Clare are you listening?”

I’m foggy.

“It’s the sugar.”


“Just bear with Me.“

“There is going to be a limited nuclear exchange, enough to throw the world into a panic and set the stage for Obama to take the reins of peace and be declared as the hero.“

“Your country will be in pandemonium and communications will be knocked out temporarily. But in order to enforce Martial Law, communication will be necessary. After all, how can the victor enjoy his victory without broadcasting it all over the world? Your country will recover from this devastation more quickly than anyone would expect, because everything is in place with full knowledge of what is coming.“

“Your country will no longer be a world power. She will have massive issues of reconstruction and contamination to deal with. Make no mistake, those underground cities will contain the important people while everyone else struggles on the surface. Law and order will be out of control, criminals will take full advantage to rape and pillage, life will be a mess.“

“That’s when I’m coming for you. Lift up your heads and watch the sky, I am coming for you that same day.“

“Let Me repeat Myself, lift up your heads, I am coming for you that very day.”

“Do not fall into despair, do not panic. I have warned you over and over again, your redemption draws nigh. This is the moment of eternity you’ve been waiting for.” Lord, I’m speechless.“

“Well, it’s coming. As surely as I AM, it is coming.“

“Do not give in to fear. Stand your ground, raise your eyes to the Heavens, I’m coming.” Lord, help us.

“I’ve already placed my angels to help you, you will not stumble or fall, all is in place.”

Oh. Thank you Lord.

“You see, I have wanted to confirm this to you but I had to wait until you were secure in our communications.”

Jesus, I am numb.

“I know, I know. It’s a lot to take in. But I have prepared you well, you’ll pass in flying colors.”

Is that all?

“For now, yes.”