The great Gospel of John Volume 1

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Autobiographical account of the actions, lessons and signs of Jesus Christ during His three years of teaching in the Holy Land, greatly extending the Gospel of John.

Table of Content

Chapter Description
GGJ01-1 Spiritual interpretation of the biblical Gospel of John revealed by the Lord Jesus
GGJ01-2 John the Baptist bears witness of the Lord
GGJ01-3 Toward spiritual rebirth. First and second grace
GGJ01-4 About the law, judgment, grace and salvation
GGJ01-5 John the Baptist’s testimony of himself and the Lord
GGJ01-6 John baptizes the Lord
GGJ01-7 Examples and explanations concerning the style of the evangelists
GGJ01-8 The Lord’s first disciples: Andrew and Simon Peter
GGJ01-9 Further callings: Philip and Nathanael
GGJ01-10 New disciples: James, John and Thomas
GGJ01-11 The wine miracle: symbol of the rebirth
GGJ01-12 Call to the sons of Zebedee: James and John. Beginning of the Lord’s ministry
GGJ01-13 The cleansing of the temple by the Lord
GGJ01-14 The destruction and rebuilding of the temple
GGJ01-15 The Lord sees through the malice and deceitfulness of the Jews
GGJ01-16 The spiritual meaning of the cleansing of the temple
GGJ01-17 Healing miracles and late guests at the inn
GGJ01-18 The Lord’s discussion with Nicodemus. Purification of the soul through humility
GGJ01-19 Nicodemus and the Kingdom of God on Earth
GGJ01-20 The plague of laziness
GGJ01-21 About the mission of the Messiah. Judgment and punishment.
GGJ01-22 There is no truth in man, except only love
GGJ01-23 Baptism with water and with the Spirit
GGJ01-24 The Baptist’s last and greatest witness to the Lord: “He must increase, but I must decrease.”
GGJ01-25 Furious persecution by the temple servants
GGJ01-26 The Lord and the woman at Jacob’s well
GGJ01-27 About true worship of God in spirit and in truth
GGJ01-28 The Lord makes Himself known as the Messiah
GGJ01-29 Continuation of the scene: Healing of the woman and her testimony for the found Messiah
GGJ01-30 The true Sabbath
GGJ01-31 The true badge of honor: love of the Lord
GGJ01-32 The Lord sees only the heart. As one sown, so will one reap
GGJ01-33 The doctor and the Samaritan Mosaists
GGJ01-34 The heavenly arrangement of the house
GGJ01-35 The disciples see the Heavens open
GGJ01-36 Joram and Irhael joined conjugally
GGJ01-37 With Irhael. The nature of dreams
GGJ01-38 Not the hearing but the doing brings salvation
GGJ01-39 Sermon on the Mount
GGJ01-40 The priests criticize the Sermon on the Mount
GGJ01-41 Lack of understanding of the image of the Sermon on the Mount
GGJ01-42 The Sermon on the Mount clearly explained by Nathanael
GGJ01-43 Further explanation of Nathanael
GGJ01-44 Symbolic eyes, arms and feet
GGJ01-45 Not everyone can follow the Lord physically
GGJ01-46 Return to Sychar. Healing of a leper
GGJ01-47 The Lord’s celestial servants
GGJ01-48 Glorious promise for true followers
GGJ01-49 Every day is the Lord’s day
GGJ01-50 The honoring of the Sabbath
GGJ01-51 The Gospel of Sychar
GGJ01-52 The slandering of the daughters of Jonael
GGJ01-53 The punishment of the liar and slanderer
GGJ01-54 The Lord with Jonael. The disciples criticize the Lord
GGJ01-55 Esau’s castle. The clever merchant
GGJ01-56 The result of lies and truth
GGJ01-57 How the merchant expected the Messiah
GGJ01-58 He who worries about the Earth and the flesh is a fool
GGJ01-59 God is to be loved more than feared
GGJ01-60 With God the right will is already accepted as the deed itself
GGJ01-61 A miracle does not free the spirit
GGJ01-62 The Lord opens the way to Heaven for all
GGJ01-63 The good effect of the heavenly love wine
GGJ01-64 The will of the Lord is the power of the angels
GGJ01-65 Accused and declared innocent
GGJ01-66 Healing of the palsied near the village
GGJ01-67 The new law of love
GGJ01-68 The Roman commander and living according to the teaching
GGJ01-69 The insignificance of the gods. The mystery of love
GGJ01-70 If love is lacking, there is no truth
GGJ01-71 The Lord witnesses of the Father
GGJ01-72 The end of the world and the judgment
GGJ01-73 John, the healed and Jonael
GGJ01-74 Do not return evil with evil
GGJ01-75 Dealing with criminals
GGJ01-76 Man knows what is good but does what is evil
GGJ01-77 The Lord known the right measure
GGJ01-78 Gentleness and patience more effective than anger
GGJ01-79 The treatment of the soul-sick
GGJ01-80 Avoid self-esteem
GGJ01-81 The Lord is the bridge to the spiritual world
GGJ01-82 Farewell to Irhael and Joram
GGJ01-83 The power of the Word. Departure from Sychar
GGJ01-84 An eclipse
GGJ01-85 The new everlasting Kingdom. Further journey to Cana in Galilee.
GGJ01-86 The Lord back in Cana of Galilee. Satan’s trick
GGJ01-87 The Jewish skeptics
GGJ01-88 The chief commander Cornelius. The lord’s cleansing of the temple
GGJ01-89 Two days of rest in Cana
GGJ01-90 Healing of the son of a royal nobleman
GGJ01-91 2,000 years of Gospel
GGJ01-92 God’s omniscience and His guidance
GGJ01-93 The Lord forces no one
GGJ01-94 The curse and the dangers of money
GGJ01-95 The nature of Judas
GGJ01-96 The Lord’s hints about Judas
GGJ01-97 The sick servant of the centurion
GGJ01-98 The people challenge the priests
GGJ01-99 The temple servants’ anger Peter’s daughter-in-law
GGJ01-100 The miraculous catch
GGJ01-101 The unusual wine-miracle for Judas
GGJ01-102 The healing of all sick people in Capernaum
GGJ01-103 Jesus and the storm
GGJ01-104 The healing of the possessed
GGJ01-105 Disbelief prevents miracles
GGJ01-106 Life, deeds and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth
GGJ01-107 The comedy of the world is a tragedyto God’s children
GGJ01-108 Mary, the mother of the Lord
GGJ01-109 You are a winnowing fan in the Father’s hand
GGJ01-110 The Lord and the three Pharisees
GGJ01-111 The healing of the Greek woman
GGJ01-112 The daughter of Jairus
GGJ01-113 Details regarding the different nature of the biblical Gospels of Matthew and John
GGJ01-114 A lesson for Judas
GGJ01-115 The people’s intention to proclaim Jesus king
GGJ01-116 Healing of the man with gout
GGJ01-117 Speech of the young Roman
GGJ01-118 Revelations about the temple
GGJ01-119 The example of the road to Roma
GGJ01-120 Matthew the tax-collector
GGJ01-121 Conversation about Joseph, Mary and Jesus
GGJ01-122 The doubt of John the Baptist
GGJ01-123 The testimony of John the Baptist
GGJ01-124 Parable of the new and old garment and the new wine in old skins
GGJ01-125 The trust of Matthew the tax-collector
GGJ01-126 God does not change
GGJ01-127 The death of Cornelius’ daughter in Capernaum
GGJ01-128 Resurrection of Cornelius’ daughter
GGJ01-129 The experiences in the hereafter
GGJ01-130 The 2 blind beggars
GGJ01-131 Healing of the possessed deaf and dumb
GGJ01-132 The greed and hardness of the tributary king Herod
GGJ01-133 A food and clothes miracle
GGJ01-134 Calling of the 12 apostles
GGJ01-135 Instructions to the apostles
GGJ01-136 The objections of Judas
GGJ01-137 The apostles comforted
GGJ01-138 The question of Simon of Cana
GGJ01-139 A promise to the faithful
GGJ01-140 The divine secret in man
GGJ01-141 The first sending out of the apostles
GGJ01-142 The first missionary work of the apostles
GGJ01-143 At the sea. The Lord’s answer
GGJ01-144 The Lord’s testimony of John
GGJ01-145 John the Baptist’s spirit and soul
GGJ01-146 Conversion of Kisjonah, the tax-collector
GGJ01-147 The parable of the children in the market-place
GGJ01-148 The Lord’s pronouncement over Chorazim, Bethsaida and Capernaum
GGJ01-149 The awakening to eternal life
GGJ01-150 The Lord exposes and deals with the Pharisees’ maliciousness
GGJ01-151 The mountain’s quaking answer and its effect
GGJ01-152 The spirit world
GGJ01-153 Three lunar spirits speak about the lunar world
GGJ01-154 The return of the 12 apostles
GGJ01-155 The difference between science and faith
GGJ01-156 Moses’ account of the creation
GGJ01-157 The first day of creation
GGJ01-158 The second day of creation
GGJ01-159 The third day of creation
GGJ01-160 The fourth day of creation
GGJ01-161 Continuation of the fourth day of creation
GGJ01-162 The fifth and sixth day of creation
GGJ01-163 The end of Jerusalem
GGJ01-164 Judas Iscariot reports on his journey through the air
GGJ01-165 Why must men be born?
GGJ01-166 The fall of woman and its bad effect on man
GGJ01-167 Beware of tempting women
GGJ01-168 The holy Word, the world and mankind
GGJ01-169 A Gospel on laughter
GGJ01-170 The healing of the half-blind Tobias
GGJ01-171 Rhiba invents a story about the Nazarene
GGJ01-172 The curse of a Pharisee
GGJ01-173 The Pharisees want to stone Tobias
GGJ01-174 Conduct for judges and law-givers
GGJ01-175 The Pharisaical Sabbath
GGJ01-176 The Gleaning of the wheat on a Sabbath
GGJ01-177 The fulfilling of the prophecy
GGJ01-178 Healing of the possessed, dumb and blind
GGJ01-179 The old host’s humility
GGJ01-180 The plan of the young Pharisee
GGJ01-181 The young Pharisee’s artfulness with his colleagues
GGJ01-182 Ahab called by Jesus
GGJ01-183 Ahab the Templer with his colleagues
GGJ01-184 The people against the Pharisees
GGJ01-185 The Lord calms down the people
GGJ01-186 The different types of possession
GGJ01-187 Jew or Greek
GGJ01-188 ‘Who is My mother, who are My brothers?’
GGJ01-189 Ahab warns against the Temple’s revenge
GGJ01-190 Sermon on the Kingdom of Heaven
GGJ01-191 The parable of the sower
GGJ01-192 The parables of the tares among the wheat, and the mustard seed
GGJ01-193 The Lord stills the sea
GGJ01-194 Man’s spiritual house
GGJ01-195 Reunion with Jairuth and Jonael
GGJ01-196 The power of the angel
GGJ01-197 Explanation of the parable of the tares
GGJ01-198 Not keeping a promise is most reprehensible
GGJ01-199 Parable of the great pearl and the net
GGJ01-200 Why does God not always help immediately?
GGJ01-201 Twofold nature of tolerance
GGJ01-202 The true church and Sabbath
GGJ01-203 Jonael’s song of praise to the Lord
GGJ01-204 Parable of the mother with her two sons
GGJ01-205 The nature of love
GGJ01-206 Human nutrition
GGJ01-207 The right kind of fasting
GGJ01-208 Earthquake, sea and thunderstorm
GGJ01-209 The purpose of this storm
GGJ01-210 Excursion to Cana in the valley
GGJ01-211 Great healing miracle in Cana of the Valley
GGJ01-212 The hardened stoic
GGJ01-213 About reincarnation
GGJ01-214 Relationship between body, soul and spirit
GGJ01-215 Archiel speaks about the Lord’s incarnation
GGJ01-216 The last will be the first
GGJ01-217 Warning against Satan’s traps
GGJ01-218 A great healing miracle
GGJ01-219 Parable of the fattening bull
GGJ01-220 A late-riser will soon age
GGJ01-221 Rest and activity
GGJ01-222 The 5 Pharisees washing the Lord’s feet
GGJ01-223 Hints on teaching
GGJ01-224 mportance of introspection
GGJ01-225 The Leviathan
GGJ01-226 The way to rebirth
GGJ01-227 A voyage at sea
GGJ01-228 The doctor of Nazareth
GGJ01-229 Jairus’ cowardly and timid answer
GGJ01-230 Death of Joseph and his testimony on Jesus
GGJ01-231 Kisjonah’s people capture a band of Temple robbers and smugglers
GGJ01-232 Preparation for the trial
GGJ01-233 Intensive interrogation of the 12 Pharisees
GGJ01-224 A good catch
GGJ01-235 The chief judge Faustus and the Lord
GGJ01-236 Marital hints
GGJ01-237 The trial of the Temple robbers continues
GGJ01-238 Public confession of the 30 accomplices
GGJ01-239 The Temple treasures
GGJ01-240 About the true honoring of the Sabbath
GGJ01-241 A word for our time
GGJ01-242 Our daily food