The great Gospel of John Volume 9

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Autobiographical account of the actions, lessons and signs of Jesus Christ during His three years of teaching in the Holy Land, greatly extending the Gospel of John.

Table of Content

Chapter Description
GGJ09-1 The Lord meets a group of poor pilgrims.
GGJ09-2 The miracle in the house of the innkeeper.
GGJ09-3 The healing of the sick Helena.
GGJ09-4 The Lord bears witness of Himself.
GGJ09-5 The arrival before Jericho.
GGJ09-6 Meeting Kado again.
GGJ09-7 The Lord and the sick businessman from Sidon.
GGJ09-8 A harp player sings for the Lord.
GGJ09-9 The reward of the singer.
GGJ09-10 The Greek asks the Lord a question about the history of creation.
GGJ09-11 The Lord heals the Greek with the sick stomach.
GGJ09-12 The Lord speaks admonishing words to the Greek.
GGJ09-13 The shameless acrobats and their rightful removal.
GGJ09-14 What the Greeks thought about the disappearance of the acrobats.
GGJ09-15 A trial session in the inn.
GGJ09-16 The life's story of the robbers.
GGJ09-17 The anger and good intentions of the innkeeper.
GGJ09-18 The religion of the 3 robbers.
GGJ09-19 About the guidance of men.
GGJ09-20 Nojed asks about true religion.
GGJ09-21 The circumstances of the family of Hiponias, the father of the 3 thieves.
GGJ09-22 About the destiny of men.
GGJ09-23 About the necessity and purpose of temptations.
GGJ09-24 The objections of Nojed about the divinity of the Lord.
GGJ09-25 Natural man and man who is permeated with the Spirit of God.
GGJ09-26 The Lord leaves Jericho. Zacchaeus in the mulberry tree.
GGJ09-27 The parable of the entrusted pounds.
GGJ09-28 The Lord heals the son of Zacchaeus.
GGJ09-29 Why the possession of the son was permitted.
GGJ09-30 About the measure of good and evil.
GGJ09-31 The pagan village with the temple of Mercury.
GGJ09-32 The healing of the blind girl Achaia.
GGJ09-33 The resurrection of the dead young man in Nahim.
GGJ09-34 The difference of opinion about the personality of the Lord.
GGJ09-35 Why need and sickness are permitted.
GGJ09-36 Why the Lord visits the widow.
GGJ09-37 The condition for a personal revelation of God.
GGJ09-38 The concern of the young man.
GGJ09-39 James asks for the spiritual meaning of the awakening of the dead young man.
GGJ09-40 About the spiritual circumstances of our time.
GGJ09-41 The question of the disciples about the darkening of the pure teaching of Christ.
GGJ09-42 The testimony of the widow and her arisen son before the people.
GGJ09-43 The signs of the spiritual presence of the Lord.
GGJ09-44 The right way to worship the Lord.
GGJ09-45 The caravan of the robbers.
GGJ09-46 The confession of the robbers.
GGJ09-47 The transformation of the desert.
GGJ09-48 The Lord blesses the desert.
GGJ09-49 Taking the fertile colony into possession.
GGJ09-50 The Lord with His followers in an inn in Samaria.
GGJ09-51 The innkeeper asks for the Lord.
GGJ09-52 The miracle with the noble fishes.
GGJ09-53 The innkeeper recognizes the Lord.
GGJ09-54 The spiritual meaning of the events in the inn.
GGJ09-55 The splendor on the table during the morning meal.
GGJ09-56 The prophet school.
GGJ09-57 The true prophets.
GGJ09-58 Following the Lord.
GGJ09-59 The fruitful blessing in a small village in Samaria.
GGJ09-60 The reason why the inhabitants are blessed.
GGJ09-61 The complete healing of the possessed person.
GGJ09-62 The promise and the blessing of the Lord for the inhabitants of the mountain village.
GGJ09-63 The Lord with His followers in an ancient forest.
GGJ09-64 In the inn of the countryside.
GGJ09-65 The Lord makes Himself known to the innkeeper.
GGJ09-66 The healing of the 10 lepers.
GGJ09-67 Some Pharisees and scribes tempt the Lord.
GGJ09-68 The Lord heals the sick helper of the innkeeper.
GGJ09-69 The value of the temple rules.
GGJ09-70 The 2nd coming of the Lord.
GGJ09-71 The end time before the 2nd coming of the Lord.
GGJ09-72 The Kingdom Of God.
GGJ09-73 Explanation of the Lord about 'eating His flesh and drinking His blood'
GGJ09-74 The meaning of acting according to God's Word.
GGJ09-75 The nightly storm.
GGJ09-76 The youngest Pharisee recognizes the Lord.
GGJ09-77 In the damaged synagogue.
GGJ09-78 The spiritual darkness of the scribe.
GGJ09-79 The dream of the scribe.
GGJ09-80 The Pharisee explains the dream.
GGJ09-81 The 2 temple servants search for the Lord.
GGJ09-82 The wine miracle and its results.
GGJ09-83 About the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.
GGJ09-84 'Adam, where are you?' - an important question.
GGJ09-85 The Lord speaks about His incarnation.
GGJ09-86 The true fear of God.
GGJ09-87 Practicing faith and trust.
GGJ09-88 The result of unceasing praying. The parable of the oppressed widow and the hard judge.
GGJ09-89 The condition of faith in the future.
GGJ09-90 The new time.
GGJ09-91 The gradual cleansing of sciences and technologies.
GGJ09-92 The wisdom of Moses and Joshua.
GGJ09-93 The science of correspondences.
GGJ09-94 The return of the Lord.
GGJ09-95 The midday meal.
GGJ09-96 The departure to Kana.
GGJ09-97 In the inn at Kana.
GGJ09-98 The innkeeper and Judas Iscariot.
GGJ09-99 The Lord about Judas Iscariot.
GGJ09-100 Taking the right way to the right goal. The wrong and correct way of the development of the reason.
GGJ09-101 The cause of the need on Earth.
GGJ09-102 The task of the human soul on Earth.
GGJ09-103 The way mankind has to go to reach the goal.
GGJ09-104 The travelers before the inn.
GGJ09-105 The Indo-Jews report about the goal of their trip.
GGJ09-106 The dream of the little girl.
GGJ09-107 The girl recognizes the Lord.
GGJ09-108 The power of the spirit.
GGJ09-109 The true sanctification of the Sabbath.
GGJ09-110 The group from Persia in the inn.
GGJ09-111 The Lord heals the sick trade leader of the businessmen.
GGJ09-112 The Lord's assignment to the Persians.
GGJ09-113 The Lord leaves Kana.
GGJ09-114 The Lord meets Philopold.
GGJ09-115 The country of the Indo-Jews.
GGJ09-116 The joyful meal with Kisjona.
GGJ09-117 Temple servants from Jerusalem in search of the Lord.
GGJ09-118 Conversation between the temple servants and the Lord.
GGJ09-119 The Lord calls the 3 archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.
GGJ09-120 The opinion of the temple servants about the 3 archangels.
GGJ09-121 The Lord explains the 13th chapter of Ezekiel.
GGJ09-122 The temple servants receive Greek clothing.
GGJ09-123 Samaritans seek the Lord.
GGJ09-124 How difficult it is to instruct the people.
GGJ09-125 The importance of possessing the right knowledge about the nature.
GGJ09-126 The Samaritans admire the appearance of the Lord.
GGJ09-127 About eating different kinds of flesh and fruits.
GGJ09-128 The meal with Kisjona.
GGJ09-129 To fear and to love God.
GGJ09-130 Gabriel's testimony about Mary.
GGJ09-131 The rich fishing.
GGJ09-132 The Lord indicates how His teaching should be proclaimed.
GGJ09-133 The Lord let the Indo-Jews return to their own country.
GGJ09-134 The Lord relates about His temptation in the desert.
GGJ09-135 The departure from Kis to Jesaira.
GGJ09-136 The Lord and the poor fisherman.
GGJ09-137 Contemplation in the evening.
GGJ09-138 Contacting good spirits.
GGJ09-139 Explanation of the Lord about the planet Mars.
GGJ09-140 The courageous skipper.
GGJ09-141 The nature of the beyond.
GGJ09-142 The activity of the soul.
GGJ09-143 The activity of the spirits.
GGJ09-144 The meaning of the predictions of the Lord.
GGJ09-145 The humility of the workers in the vineyard of the Lord.
GGJ09-146 The Lord visits the poor fishermen of the bay.
GGJ09-147 The fishermen greet the Lord.
GGJ09-148 Love, meekness and patience are better than justified zeal.
GGJ09-149 The Lord predicts the end of His time on Earth.
GGJ09-150 The trip from Kis to Marcus at Caesarea Philippi.
GGJ09-151 Marcus gives news about the successful healings in his bath resort.
GGJ09-152 The disciples ask the Lord about the reason of His joy over the nature.
GGJ09-153 The Lord and the 2 Greeks.
GGJ09-154 The spiritual search of the Greeks.
GGJ09-155 The Greeks have questions about the omniscience of the Lord.
GGJ09-156 The opinion of the Greeks about the only true God.
GGJ09-157 The teaching of the Lord about the one, only true God.
GGJ09-158 The Greeks recognize the Lord. Purpose and causes of sicknesses.
GGJ09-159 The practise of neighborly love.
GGJ09-160 The experiences of the Greek doctor and his testimony about the Lord.
GGJ09-161 The confession of the doctor.
GGJ09-162 The discussion between the Roman supreme judge and the Greek doctor.
GGJ09-163 The doubts of the judge.
GGJ09-164 The healing by faith of the repented judge.
GGJ09-165 The healed ones come to the Lord.
GGJ09-166 The Lord gives rules of conduct for the faithful.
GGJ09-167 The heavyheartedness of the Roman at the beautiful view.
GGJ09-168 The wish of the Roman.
GGJ09-169 The Roman speaks with his deceased father.
GGJ09-170 The Lord explains about the situation in the beyond.
GGJ09-171 The guidance of the human souls unto completion.
GGJ09-172 The Lord calls Raphael to explain the existence of the Kingdom of God.
GGJ09-173 The nature of the Kingdom of God.
GGJ09-174 The nature of Raphael.
GGJ09-175 The doctor finds no explanation for the nature of Raphael.
GGJ09-176 Existence and non-existence.
GGJ09-177 The counter-questions of the doctor.
GGJ09-178 The necessity to veil the memory.
GGJ09-179 The wisdom of the Lord.
GGJ09-180 The doctor and the disciples are grateful for the teaching.
GGJ09-181 The greatest obstacle for spiritual growth.
GGJ09-182 How to safe materialistic souls.
GGJ09-183 Raphael's teaching.
GGJ09-184 Accepting the teaching of the Lord.
GGJ09-185 False and true prophets.
GGJ09-186 The healing of the sick men from Joppe.
GGJ09-187 The amazement of the Greeks about the healthy meal.
GGJ09-188 The healed ones and their skippers.
GGJ09-189 The healed skipper proves the divinity of the Lord.
GGJ09-190 The doctor asks for the manna in the desert.
GGJ09-191 Raphael's teaching about the feeding of Israel in the desert.
GGJ09-192 The phenomenon of the mirage.
GGJ09-193 The reasons for the spiritual superiority of the gentiles.
GGJ09-194 How the Jews accept the revelations.
GGJ09-195 The fishermen from Joppe are invited by the Lord for the meal.
GGJ09-196 The Storm and its corresponding meaning.
GGJ09-197 The presence of the angels with men.
GGJ09-198 The fall of Herod's agents.
GGJ09-199 The rescue of the chief.
GGJ09-200 The chief's plans.
GGJ09-201 The Lord is ahead of the wish of the Herodians.
GGJ09-202 The conversation between the captain and the chief.
GGJ09-203 The wish of the captain and its fulfillment.
GGJ09-204 Captain Leander before the Lord.
GGJ09-205 The good insight and intention of the chief.
GGJ09-206 The deliberation of the Herodians.
GGJ09-207 The beautiful morning at the lake.
GGJ09-208 A conversation about the migratory birds.
GGJ09-209 The dangers of ceremonial religion and ceremonial prayer.
GGJ09-210 The trial of the heartless in the beyond.
GGJ09-211 Raphael with the Herodians.
GGJ09-212 Raphael repairs the damaged ship.
GGJ09-213 The Lord with the Herodians.
GGJ09-214 The guests leave to their homes.