The last Trump

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The Lord warns… THE LAST TRUMP before Judgment, Recompense & Refinement comes

February 10, 2006 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord… I AM COME! Therefore arise and give answer, O peoples of the earth!…

Who is the face and image of The Invisible God?! Who?! Behold, it is He I have sent, The One who is and was and is to come! He shall wait no longer, for the Day of The Lord is at hand and the time appointed draws near! For The Son of Man shall enter in and gather them together, He shall surely pass through and prepare the harvest; He shall reap!

My people, there is but one God and one Savior, and I AM HE! There is no other, there is none like Me, save He who is of Me and I of Him; The Father and The Son are One!… YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH, Immanu El! Yes, He who is called Christ is The Gift, The Lamb, The Lion, The Only Lord of Hosts, your King!

Therefore hear the word of The Lord, for thus says The Lord… My spirit is poured out on all nations. My messengers are called and sent; they prepare My way before Me. And if you are willing to receive them, they are Elijah and John; first baptizing with My Word and fire, then many marvelous works done through men, My witnesses, 144,000… Who else shall I send?! Who will go for Me?! Who will noise in the four corners and shout from the rooftops?! Who will go forth in the name of The Lord?!

WATCHMEN, stand up and blow the trumpet! For the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord draws near!… PEOPLES OF THE EARTH, repent and be spared! For The Thief is about to enter the house and take His spoil! Behold, He has entered the hearts of the penitent already, He has but to call out, and they shall be snatched away!…

CHURCHES OF MEN, let My people go! For The Master comes to cleanse the house of all its fornications and adulteries committed against its Creator; He comes to uplift and cast down, to uproot and destroy!… Do not wait, beloved ones! COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM! For the Day of Judgment is upon you!

Behold, My anger is kindled, and will soon be set ablaze in the heat of My indignation! Judgment shall rain down from Heaven upon the whole multitude; upon every tribe, tongue and people!… RECOMPENSE FOR ALL NATIONS! Behold, calamity shall overtake the land, disaster shall reach into every corner, even to the ends of the earth!

For who can hide from the face of God revealed in His hot displeasure, burning in the fierceness of His wrath?! Who is able to drink from the cup of His indignation, and live?! For it is written, unless those days were shortened no flesh would be saved. For the heavens shall be set on fire above, and the earth shall become a desolation beneath!… Yet whosoever calls upon the name of The Lord, in sincerity and in truth, shall be delivered, says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord, to the generation of His wrath… I have trumpeted to you, yet you cover your ears. I shall show great signs and wonders, the likes of which have never been seen, indeed many signs are made plain already, yet you cover your eyes. Indeed you refuse to repent, neither will you bow down, for your hearts are hard, your countenances unyielding, a vile people who despise The Truth…

Therefore judgment is come, judgment shall fall! It shall fall hard upon your backs and be very heavy; breaking the backs of the wicked, abasing the proud and humbling the haughty, casting down the high-minded and bringing swift death upon the oppressor! Behold, on the whole multitude, upon every inhabitant of the earth, it shall fall! ALL shall be broken!… Some broken and lifted up, and many more broken and condemned.

Yet I shall not make a total end of this generation. For the sake of the elect I shall leave a remnant, and the redeemed of The Lord shall be delivered. Behold, before the sixth seal is broken, I shall deal to the hard-hearted a glancing blow…

One shall be taken, and the other left. For the innocent shall be taken, and the upright in heart shall be hidden, as many as receive My words and also do them. Even all in whom I see of Myself shall be snatched away. Even those who have fallen asleep shall come forth, and they too shall be gone from this place, for I know My own…

Behold, the earth shall starve, all light gathered and taken… Darkness, thick clouds and darkness, the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord.

Therefore, again I say to you, hear the word of The Lord, for thus declares The Lord… Behold, travesty, great travesty is coming and is already here! Even the abomination which causes desolation shall be revealed! Atrocities and war shall increase; injustice upon injustice shall be perpetrated in every land, to the rending of the hearts of all people; and perversions of every kind shall reach unto new heights in wickedness!

Therefore, I have declared the Day and set the hour… JUDGMENT for those who deny The Power and The Glory! RECOMPENSE for those who reject The Son and persecute those sent to them! REFINEMENT for those who refuse to embrace Me as I truly am!… GLORY for those who glory in Him who gave His life as a ransom. DELIVERANCE for those who obey The Son, striving always to walk in His ways.

Therefore, love The Lord your God with your whole heart, and find sanctuary in The One through whom you were made… Embrace The Son as He truly is, for He alone is The Loving Mercy of God, The Way, The Truth… The Life.