Thus says The Lord against the United States…

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The Lord says… I have seen your Whoredoms, Vanities, Licentiousness, Greed & Murders

May 21, 2008 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God, THE GOD, The God of Israel, The God of all… I am coming down in My anger, and wrath shall blaze before Me! I shall fulfill My judgment, for it has come! It shall no more tarry, for the time has come!… Behold! I shall consume and destroy, tear down and make an end!

Woe to you, O mighty and perverse nation, for you stand united and proud!… UNITED IN TRANSGRESSION!… Woe to you! WOE TO YOU! Says The Lord God… The Lord of hosts is My name, The Everlasting.

Behold, your travail has come, O proud and perverse nation! You are undone! For I, even I, shall divide you, and bring you very low! Says The Lord in His anger. For I have called to you, yet you have not answered! I have spoken to you, even arising early and sending My servants, the prophets, yet you turn to Me a deaf ear!… Behold, your Savior does continually speak to you, yet you want no part with Him!

Sorrows, bitter sorrows, many tears… I take no pleasure at all in your dismemberment, says The Lord. For you have not answered, neither have you repented of all these abominations, neither have you turned aside. Yet you run, yes you run, running headlong toward your destruction while shaking your fists toward Heaven.

Therefore, listen and understand… I, MYSELF, HAVE SEEN IT! It is not covered, neither is it hidden!… A parading of your whoredoms, vanities, greed and licentiousness!… AND MURDER! Even to the destroying of the innocent, without remorse!…

Man with man, woman to woman, to the polluting of marriage, of which I had sanctified in My own name!… The defiling of flesh, even of this temple I have given you!… ABOMINATION! Therefore, this says The Lord your Maker, yes I, The Creator of all things!…

Thus says The Lord God… You have hastened the Day, O perverse and arrogant generation! Even you have hastened the Day! It shall no more tarry! Judgment has come, it is here! My arm is out-stretched! You are fallen!… Undone, says The Lord.

For I have indeed called to you, and in return what do I hear?!… BLASPHEMIES of such a kind!… Of which your forefathers would have never accepted! For I tell you, if they were able to behold it, if they had lived to see the day, their hearts would have waxed cold, with their faces paling, their eyes gathering blackness… And yet you neigh, being led from here to there, as though you had no mind or spirit at all!

Therefore, thus says The Lord… You are all rotting corpses! And the stench of your flesh shall be for a testament against you, even for all those who are afar off, who take to themselves My name and then in turn pollute it!…

Did you think you had received, being blessed in this land, of yourselves?! Behold, it was I, even I, who had done it!… Even according to the desire of your forefathers, who came seeking to build a nation of freedom, building it upon My Word and My foundations written in The Scriptures of Truth, resting solidly upon My Law, the bedrock by which all shall govern themselves… Yet you turned, and desecrated and corrupted My name for your own glory, taking that which is Mine and calling it your own.

Sons of men, of this nation once called of itself, ‚One nation under God’… I DO NOT KNOW YOU!… Neither do any of these churches, built up and named of men, seek My face, nor do they walk in My ways… Even to the utter forsaking of MY Law!

Pastors and teachers, you have not received of Me, neither do you know Me or My will! Stop blaspheming and teaching your flocks, in MY name! You teach heresies and lies, in your own names, by which you have appointed yourselves! I have not sent you, neither have I appointed you, yet there you are, teaching and preaching in My name, taking tithes from the people.

Churches of men, stop speaking! Shut your mouths! Be silent before your God! AND REPENT! Give back all which you have stolen from Me, and tear down these walls; sell all you have, and give it to the poor!… Before calamity comes.

Thus says The Lord… Churches of men, you were to be My examples. You were to uphold My Moral Law, even by Jesus Christ who you say lives in you… I DO NOT SEE HIM! Therefore, I say, repent! Wail, and bring forth many tears, even for all those innocent slain before your eyes, in where you have not taken a stand.

Churches of men, My face is set hard against you! Your stench rises to Heaven! Even all your musings and soft words have entered into My ears, a perversion among many faces… Preach My Word IN TRUTH! Be instant, in and out of season, never ceasing from testifying to the hope that I have given you in Christ. Stop tickling the ears of all these hearers. For you have all become like the soothsayers, like smooth-talkers who lull My people to sleep, saying… ‚Peace, peace and safety, riches will come. Trust in The Lord’… Am I a God afar off?! Or am I a God close at hand?!

Therefore, because you have spoken in this manner, ignoring My correction, refusing to harken to My words; neither have you sought after true wisdom, choosing rather to rest upon human power, even upon all these perverse doctrines, the doctrines of men…

Thus says The Lord… You, even you, O churches of men, shall fall also. Behold, you are fallen already. For nothing, within your nation’s borders, shall escape My judgment… All shall be thrown down!

Thus have I spoken against you, O peoples of these United States, and so shall it be done. For I, The Lord your God have proclaimed it, and behold I, even I, shall bring it to pass, for all your forsaking of Me and My Law. For I had written it upon your hearts, yet you have scraped off the writing, leaving your hearts broken and scarred, desolate and void of The Spirit. For whosoever comes speaking against My Word, or against My prophets, shall be left utterly desolate… Even from those who cast stones at them, in open and in secret, have I removed My hand already.

My children, oh My beloved, you have turned from Me and have cast yourselves into the pit, and from My glory are you far removed… Oh My sleeping children, awaken from this darkness and open your eyes!…

For there is but One Way before you, and only One Escape from all these things wrought in My fury… Only One Highway to travel, only One Path to tread, only One Ladder to Heaven. Even from the foundation of the world, there has been but One… One Way, One Truth and One Life… CALL ON HIS NAME!

Do not wait, for now is the time! Today is the Day of Salvation!… CALL OUT! And come back to Me by way of My Son, The Holy One, the only name under Heaven by which you must be saved. For He is called: Jesus Christ The Lord, Yeshua The Messiah…

His name… YahuShua HaMashiach, My Son in whom I am well pleased… The Only Begotten of The Father, The Salvation of God whose name is one with The Father… O Immanu El!

Behold, The Day has come, even ten days of sorrow, of great wailing and gnashing of teeth… Bitter tears… THE DAY OF THE LORD.