Thus says The Lord to the United States and to all the Churches

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The Lord says… Return to Me!… You, America & All you Churches of Men Stand up or bow down! Call out, cry & wail

November 28, 2007 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Son of men, prophesy; prophesy and speak against your nation all My words… Timothy, lift up your voice and prophesy! Give unto them My word, even to all the churches of men contained within its borders; speak My words against them, even in all manner of speaking and devices, says The Lord.

Hear the Word of The Lord!… Thus says The Lord… O nation, once called of itself ‚under God‘, you have raised yourselves above Me… You shall be brought VERY low! And because you have said within yourselves, even aloud, saying, “We are not under God, nor do we serve any god. Right is wrong, and wrong is right and the right of the individual.” Therefore, because you have spoken in such a manner, you shall surely come to know God!

You shall come to know Me in My anger!… I shall show you what is right, and I, even I, shall cause you to discern!… And you shall choose! Says The Lord.

Behold! The Sword has come! And under God shall you be placed, once again! Yet not as at the first when you blessed My name, no, not as at the first… But in subjection, in recompense, under God in punishment, in retribution, in correction, in discipline, under the shadow of My judgment!… Under God, My footstool!… Then shall you know and remember, I AM THE LORD!

O mighty nation, cease from your adulteries and return to Me… For I had blessed you, I had bestowed upon you great abundance… Yet now you have gone out to pervert your way and desecrate all I have given you…

Hardening your hearts, forsaking the poor, turning your faces away from the afflicted. You have become a harlot, an adulterous woman, perverting her way among many lovers… Return! Says The Lord… Return to Me. Churches and servants, hear the Word of The Lord!… Thus says The Lord God, The Holy One of Israel… Arise and speak! Servants, stand up and blow the trumpet! Raise an alarm!…

O mighty nation, your time has come! It is here, it has come! Judgment shall reign!… It is here, it has come!… Oh how the mighty have fallen, oh how the stout-hearted are undone! Sons of men, look on what you have done! Look on all you have wrought in My name! Even My own beloved have turned from Me and pervert their way among all these witnesses, dividing My Word to their own gain, uplifting and exalting themselves by the power of MY Word!… Segregation! A great perversion of speech among all these called of themselves by The Christ’s name, polluting the name of My Son, The Holy One, whose name is one with The Father!

Churches of men, built up and named among yourselves, by yourselves, to your own glory… You are undone and cast off as an abominable seed, sprouting and growing where I, Myself, have not planted you! Growing and spreading, shooting forth all kinds of branches, of which I have not pruned nor watered!… Neither do you grow from The Vine.

Behold, even now you continue to grow, becoming as the vine of the earth, spreading forth all your abominations throughout the land, making them desolate, putting down roots wheresoever you list, consuming all water and rich soil… Degradation!

O abominable vine, you grow in the sand… The shifting sands of religion!… A dry root, with many broken and entangled branches, choked by all these doctrines… The perverse doctrines of men!

You are left desolate, undone and estranged, receiving neither the early nor latter rains, living in the midst of a land who has forsaken Me! For they have turned their backs on Me and run greedily into their own destruction!… And you, O churches of men, have failed to blow the trumpet! For you are divided, continually dividing yourselves amongst yourselves! The upholding of pride, the putting on of all filthy robes of arrogance!… Darkness of faces.

Churches of men, your land and nation stinks; a foul stench has come up into My nostrils. Yet there you sit upon all your thrones, saying… ‚We alone are righteous. We alone serve God and shall be sheltered in the Day of The Lord’…

WOE TO YOU, O CHURCHES OF MEN! Hypocrites! As you have divided yourselves, so shall I, even I, divide you in judgment! As sheep from the goats, so shall you be divided! Churches of men, I shall sift you and you shall be shaken!…

Until all your walls have crumbled, and all your tall towers have fallen down, with a great crash!

No partition shall be left standing! All this enmity shall be stripped away!… And I shall again make you one, says The Lord. No more shall your diviners sing to you of peace and tranquility. No more shall you come before Me, arrayed in purple and scarlet robes, touting your expensive garments, tinkling as you go with all your shining ornaments… Your visage is detestable to Me!

Your shepherds teach lies, your diviners of peace and prosperity, divinations from their own imaginations, brought forth from their own hearts, led astray by seducing spirits!… And oh how your flocks love to have it so… Shall I not recompense you for all these things?! Shall I not correct and discipline you for all these things?!

Churches of men, why do you sit still, growing fat, consuming all these doctrines made by human hands?!… Stand up or bow down! Shout to your nation or bow down! Fall on your faces! Says The Lord. Rent your clothes, howl and wail! Put on sackcloth, cover your heads with dust and ashes!… REPENT! Take up a lamentation! Sound the trumpet to your kindred and countrymen! Stop hiding in your houses you call by My name! I DO NOT DWELL THERE!… COME OUT! COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM! You were to be an example preparing My way before Me, a beacon on a hill, watchmen blowing the trumpet.

Yet what do I hear, O sons and daughters of men within the churches?… Faint murmuring, gossiping, backbiting, accusations, lies, corruptions, envies, strifes, laughing, babbling, seditions, vanities… Vexation of spirit! Churches of men, My face is turned against you! For you are neither cold nor hot!… Oh how I wish you were one or the other!…

Therefore, because you have become as lukewarm water, even now becoming stagnant and rank, behold I shall spit you from My mouth and bring upon your land a dark storm! For your land has done great evil in My sight!… And you, O churches of men, have held fast to the veil, pulling it down over your faces!

Yet from among you I have already taken many, even a multitude who stand without. And these I have anointed and set in their places. They have received of Me and grow vigorously from The Vine, having been pruned and watered by My own hand. These shall be as fire, for they burn from within, having My own fire within them. I shall stoke them and cause them to burn bright, and they shall go for Me… Lo, they shall blow the trumpet! They shall sound the alarm! They shall serve to you all My fierce rebukes! Behold! They shall serve it to you hot, and you shall be burned!

Churches of men, I shall tear you down, even all you have built! I shall sift you and stir you up! Says The Lord. For if I do not serve to you correction and discipline, assuredly, I say to you, you shall never enter into My rest. You say you know Me and have received of My Son, Jesus The Christ, Yeshua The Gift and Messiah, even saying that you yourselves are anointed… Woe, I say to you! Lie not to yourselves! For you carry lamps with no oil; neither do you have any love for God in your hearts! For if you really knew Me, and lived in My Son, you would do what He did.

Beloved, awake! Awake out of your sleep! Be shaken out of your slumber! Arise and serve your God!… Repent and receive of Me, even of The Holy One, whom you call Christ. Stop stifling My Spirit! Stop persecuting all those I send to you in My own name!… Ears open, My people! The time has come! Lo, it is here!

Look! Your nation destroys the innocent on every side! Fornications and abominations fill the streets! These things are not hidden!… My people, what has happened to your hearts?! You are all as dead corpses!… AWAKE AND LIVE! Says The Lord of Hosts.

Cast off all these riches and sell everything you have built up with MY money, and give it to the poor and the needy. Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked. Embrace the fatherless and the widow, shelter the stranger and the homeless, tend to the sick and visit those in prison… Execute true judgment! Stop judging amongst yourselves, of yourselves, according to your own corrupt knowledge!… Perceive rightly and be stirred up!

Churches of men, why has anger not come up into your faces?! Where is your outrage?! Can you not see?!… Look! They are murdering My innocent! They destroy and tear My most precious gifts to men and women, without ceasing!… Where are your tears?! I hear no wailing at all!… CALAMITY! TRAGEDY!… Abominations swell! Sodom and Gomorrah are revived and thrive before your faces! Beloved, sin and violence spread forth in every direction, overflowing your nation as a flood!

Sons and daughters of men within the churches, what has happened to you?! Do you even know My name?! You have forgotten Me and hide your faces! You stop your ears from hearing!… I no longer know you! For whatsoever you do or do not, to the least of these, most assuredly I say to you, YOU HAVE DONE IT TO ME! Says The Lord, your Redeemer. Therefore, stand up and pay attention, lest I destroy you as I destroyed Sodom and overthrew Gomorrah!…

Behold! The riches of men shall be taken from them in a day, and recompense in full shall be dealt to your nation! And not one of your temples shall stand!… All shall be torn down! All shall be brought down!…

And though you had set it on a tall mountain, in the midst of high walls, thick walls built of strong and tempered mortar, it shall be shaken to dust, it shall be thrown down!… Left utterly desolate. You shall surely be left naked, stripped of all your clothes… Then I shall remember you…

And you shall establish your trust in The Beloved, once again; and you shall keep your life, for Love has saved you… And you shall escape, but as one escaping through the flames. I am The Lord.