Timothy’s Calling

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Timothy’s Calling… You must devour My Word Day & Night

May 12, 2004 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for Timothy, and for all Those who have Ears to hear

[The Lord] Timothy, listen as I speak. The time draws near when you must speak to those around you My word, the Word of God. You shall bring many to Messiah, who is called Christ. Many will also come against you and stone you with the words of their mouths.

[Timothy] How do I speak what I don’t know?

[The Lord] On that day I will give you the words, for your mouth is not your own, but My mouth; and your mind, not your mind, but what I have given you.

[Timothy] What should I do?

[The Lord] Until then, you must devour My Word day and night, as a starving man devours bread.

[Timothy] When is this day?

[The Lord] This you can not know, until this day has come upon you.

[Timothy] I’m scared; I fear speaking in front of people.

[The Lord] Were you not scared before the races of your youth? Did you not prepare day and night, for many nights? Was not your race won, and your fears unfounded? Was not your race worth your time and energy? Is not the task I have set before you many times more important, many times more rewarding? You have said yourself, you want everyone to have what you have.

[Timothy] What if people try to hurt me?

[The Lord] Do not fret, for The Lord’s hands are upon you and no harm can come to you, for I am The Power and The Glory.

[Timothy] Are there others like me?

[The Lord] Many have I called as I have called you, more than you can number, to do the same as I have asked of you. Do not share these words with others until the time appointed, but write them down and share them with your wife only. For she has been your strength in your time of need, and she will aid you in making your path straight. For I have laid it before you, but you must take it, and I will provide The Way.