Timothy’s Vision of Jesus standing upon the World and its Interpretation

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June 22, 2005 - Timothy’s Vision of Jesus Standing Upon the World

I saw great suffering of men, women and children, in several countries I did not recognize. I also saw many horrible things done to Christians in those lands. Then I saw a giant sandaled foot, with its heel on Africa, about to step down on these very tall figures underneath. The other sandaled foot was over Israel, but not touching it or stepping down on it. I know the sandaled feet belonged to Jesus, because I could also see the rest of Him. His height went all the way into the heavens, and He was wearing a white robe.

Interpretation… The Christ has come to place His Heel upon the Necks of the Wicked, and to remove theirs from the Backs of His People

June 22, 2005 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Interpretation of the Vision Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Timothy, indeed the images you beheld in your mind were a vision, a vision from The Most High, says The Lord.

In your vision you beheld The Son of Man, and the feet of Him who shall tread upon the grapes in the winepress of the wrath of His fury… The One who is and was and is to come, The Rock which shall become The Mountain filling the entire earth. Behold, His image reaches from the earth to Heaven, and the placement of His feet is sure… One upon the evils and those perpetrating great evil in the land of Africa, and the other over Israel.

Listen now and have understanding of the meaning of the vision: Shortly shall The Son of Man destroy the countries and kingdoms of these evil men, who would stand so tall and lofty. For who can escape the wrath of God when it comes?! For I have put all My enemies beneath My feet; indeed the whole world is My footstool! For all evil men in authority dwell in the shadow of death already, and shall soon be crushed beneath the feet of The Holy One of Israel!… He who is, and has always been, King over all the earth.

Yet His foot over Israel is not a crushing step, as His foot over Africa. (For He shall surely drive in His heel and bring His foot down hard upon them, the full weight of His anger crushing them, until every face is pressed to the ground). Rather His foot was placed atop Israel, showing her oppression to come and the destruction which many nations will attempt to bring upon her.

Thus The Christ, yes, The Mashiach of My people, has placed His foot over Israel, not to crush it, but to protect it from all its enemies round about. Behold, even the power of My right hand shall lay them waste when they come out to fight against her, when her enemies band together to lay her waste… For who can move the foot of The Holy One of God, once it has been placed and purposed?! Who has the power to fight against Me?! Who can overcome The Holy One of Israel?! WHO?! For all live under the shadow of The Lord, whether in judgment or under the shadow of His healing wings. Therefore, let every high man be bowed down and every oppressor be broken in pieces!

Let all who stand so tall, with hearts firm and unyielding, Be crushed beneath the feet of The Holy One of Israel, Until only dust and ashes remain, says The Lord…

Yet let the penitent receive their reward, Let them abide at the feet of The Lord, Until that which is written is done And that which was prophesied comes to pass…

I am The Lord.