To the Church who bears My Name…

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The Lord speaks… To the CHURCH who bears My Name, who neither knows My Church nor remains in My Body

June 5, 2006 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for all Those who have Ears to Hear

Hear what The Lord says to the churches of men, who bear the name, Jehovah… You have gone out of The Way, not knowing where you stand. None know where they are going, all have gone their own way, and are lost without understanding.

Dear men, who speak without understanding… Embrace The Rod, and learn of the mysteries of God.

Hear what The Lord says, lest I leave you upon this earth during The Lord’s Day that comes quickly, wherein your backs shall be left to the smiters. You know not the will of God, nor have you kissed The Son. All foundations, built upon the vain understanding of men, shall be brought to nothing before the power of The Holy One of Israel, wrought in the judgments He shall cast upon the entire earth. So then, you remain in your ignorance, listening to lies and knowledge brought forth by men of vanity, seeking after human praise, saying within themselves… ‚We alone are righteous. We understand God, and we will fulfill His Word.‘

Oh churches, you know nothing yet as you ought to know, nor have you any wisdom at all. Oh you blind Pharisees, of this modern day of men, how shall I save you?… Hypocrites!… You are entrapped, having been caught up in your own snares, you, yourselves, have placed in the Way, to keep you from the Truth of the Word.

Oh blind and deaf Pharisees, stop speaking, and become dumb so you may hear and see. You have not understanding, because you have denied Him who I sent to you, having segregated the Word of God for your own measure, you call the truth of God in your own name. Woe, I say to you, oh arrogant generation… Shall you speak for The Most High, and declare His name, though I have not spoken to you?!

Know this, you have blasphemed the name of The Lord, by your corrupt musings brought forth from your own hearts, having not truly believed in The One I sent to you. Dear little ones, you are not even on the path to salvation. You tread upon the stony ground where thorns have sprung up.

Little children, forsake your forefathers, and come to Me, your true Father. And to become My children, you must forsake the world and all doctrines of men, and receive of My Spirit, which is in Christ Jesus, your Lord…

He is the Way to The Father… By Him, only, shall you know Me… To know Him is to know Me.

He, alone, did I speak of, saying… ‚Your throne, oh God, is forever and ever‘, calling Him by His name to be called among men, Immanu El. So then, you bear falsely for My name, having brought My Son low, having taken His glory, the glory I gave Him, which is also My glory… The Son and I are One!

Have understanding… To understand My words, you must know and accept the Word who became flesh, who gave up His glory, so again He might be glorified for My glory, which is Our glory. You have not understanding of God, nor who He is. Nor can any approach Me, save Him, who alone is as The Father.

And since you do not know Him, I sent to you, neither then do you know Me. You remain in the wilderness, separated from God, left alone without understanding. For understanding comes from the Holy Spirit, which teaches you all things, and will cause you to remember that which I have given you. And this same Spirit is of God, and is received through Christ, who is, and was, and is to come… Jesus.

Listen to The Spirit, He is The Christ, and you will begin to know Me… Fully embrace and love Him… And oh yes, children, worship Him, even as do the angels in Heaven… And assuredly, I say to you, I shall forget your iniquities and gather you up.

Continue to resist My Word, and accept not My correction, through much tribulation shall you come into the Truth, which is absolute… Neither is there any shadow of turning, whatsoever, in the Word of God. By Him, who is the Word and The Christ, were all things made… Even all these worlds. By Him are all things established. And by Him, only, shall all, that is written and decreed by Me, come to pass and be fulfilled. For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among you… Immanu El.

Church of Jehovah, which you call yourself, of yourself, for yourself, listen to what God says… Keep My commandments exactly as they are written, and accept My Son as He really is and follow His teachings, and I may yet pour out My Spirit upon you. Tear down these walls of false witness you have erected; stop breaking My commandments. Do you not know My commandments stand forever, and by the name of My Son shall you also stand?

Listen to those I have sent to you. Timothy speaks not of His own authority; neither does he know anything but that which I have given him. For this reason have I chosen him, for this reason does he receive understanding… He was virgin in spirit, having no doctrine, whatsoever, in his heart, of the churches of men. He was the fool who became the wise man, knowing in himself he was lowly before The Lord and was in need of a savior. He have I called, he have I given understanding.

And with Him shall there be a great multitude, who shall speak and so do as I have given them, which is according to the very same Spirit and understanding I have given to Timothy, who loves Me unconditionally by putting his full faith and love in My Son, who now has come to dwell in him and all those who love the name of The Lord and wait anxiously for His coming.

Wise men, become the fool, so you may be truly wise… Stand proud for your own glory, and you remain the fool of a wicked heart… To this man punishment is reserved, and I shall not spare the rod or the whip… The haughty and high-minded shall be brought very low, so they may be exalted… By no other means shall these be saved.

The humble, penitent man shall know God and His dwelling place, by calling on the name of The Lord… He is The Christ and Jesus… His name, YahuShua HaMashiach!