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For all those who have dedicated themselves to Me by means of The Truth, Those who have recognized My words and also do them… Those who came to Me empty that I might fill them up, that they might be truly dedicated to Me… Even as I had dedicated Myself to them also, that we may become one… Set apart in My glory, for My glory, to the joy of their Father in Heaven, Says The Lord YahuShua


Behold, My words shall never pass away, for as I am so also is My Word. For it proceeds from Me, being manifest by He who is true, also being called The Word… Living…

Always feeding His flock the Word which is written for their nourishment, which is to be received through that part of Himself which is also in Me… says The Lord God.

‘It is written… Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ Matthew 4:4


The love of God is His crowning glory… And that love is revealed in the glory of The Son, By which His beloved are also crowned.


This question was asked of The Lord, regarding Luke 15:11-32… Lord, have I become hard like the older son? Have I put my hand to tasks, and forgotten to build up compassion for those who have gone astray? Is this story meant to convict me, Lord?

[The Lord answered] If your heart is convicted, then has it not also given answer to your prayer already, Revealing The Spirit which dwells within you, of what sort it is?… For only The Spirit of Truth will bring forth Conviction unto righteousness, Bearing much fruit in The Beloved… Says The Lord.


The first stitch, to mend any rent, are the words ‘I am sorry’… Says The Lord.


The Old Testament is The Father revealing Himself, while pointing to The Son. The New Testament is The Son revealing Himself while pointing to The Father, also fulfilling the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament in Himself. The Letters are The Father and The Son revealing themselves as One, even as the Word of God is one, with The Letters being the culmination of the whole… Not separate, but one. Therefore, to reject any part of The Lord’s Word is to reject the whole… The three books are one… One on-going testament to God’s glory


Thus says The Lord… Those who receive of Me, begin to see with eyes wide open, with the deafness of their ears healing quickly. Yet those who have not received rely upon the spirit of men to discern, and stumble greatly… Rejecting My Word spoken to this generation, while at the same time polluting My Word from aforetime…

Firmly securing the veil which remains atop their heads, covering their faces in an attempt to hide their shame. Therefore, I have spoken it and shall say it again before this perverse And most wicked generation, though they can in no wise bear to hear it…

I AM COME! THE TIME IS HERE!… And behold I, The Lord your God, will do nothing until I have revealed My plans to My servants, the prophets… And this I have done.


By serving others in love, putting their needs before your own, and by sacrificing yourself, your desires, your wants, your will, your body, even your very life… will you learn what it truly means to wash each other’s feet… Says The Lord.


Please pray for me, that pride won’t become an issue, because I just wanna walk with YahuShua only.

[The Lord answered] In your request is wisdom. For those of a sincere heart, whose prayer is to flee from pride, have received of their request already in the asking… Whereby they have also begun to build up a hedge about themselves, because of their intent, says The Lord.


The hard of heart have no knowledge, even all revelation is hidden from their eyes… Yet one who shares in My cup, weeping heavily upon My chest, has touched the heart of God… For sincere tears open the door to My fullness, Yet a hard heart is a locked door… Says The Lord.


The wailing of the penitent brings forth healing, yet the words of the wicked cause only pain… Love flows outward from the hearts of the righteous. Yet the love of the wicked grows cold, as hate enters in.


Giving thanks to God, in My name, is pure worship, yet the wicked man demands honor for himself. The heart of a child is pure, yet the heart of the mature is corrupt… Says The Lord YahuShua.


The spirit of unity is in Me, walking in My footsteps… Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Remembering that all you do to others, whether good or bad, you have done also to Me.

Have I not spoken to this already, in the Gospel of My servant, John? For I said to love one another, and to wash each other’s feet, and that you can do nothing apart from Me.

Therefore be one in Me, even as I long to be one with you, even as The Father and I are One… That our love may be made perfect in One… You in Me, I in you, to the joy of The Father… Says The Lord YahuShua.


One who endeavors to teach My flock, using the word of My own mouth, must grow very wise in the hearing and must be wide awake in The Spirit… Discerning, says The Lord.


This question was asked… What is the definition of a true Jew?

[The Lord answered] The definition of a true Jew is this… ‘YahuShua’ Therefore, all those in whom I dwell are Jews indeed. For they are true, even as I am true… Let none therefore, bring even one railing accusation against MY olive tree! Says The Lord.


It is the man who endures through the pain, and perseveres through every obstacle, who finishes the race… Yet the man who surrenders all to The Lord will fly with eagle’s wings, says The Lord.


Let those who do wickedly, walk in the way they have chosen, until their foot becomes ensnared…

And let those who are Mine seek Righteousness apart from the wicked, until they are lifted up, high upon healing wings… Says The Lord.


Can any man lead, while wielding a whip?… Yet The Lord is above all.


Behold, The Lord raises His voice within the hearts of the elect!… Yet His silence bears witness against those who refuse to hear. Pride is a veil held fast over the heads of the arrogant. It shall cover them in the day of darkness.

Yet the way of the elect is a crown of glory, and grace covers them.


Those who are Mine receive of Me. For I know My own, and they seek Me; My bride is chosen. Yet those who reject Me and My Word have not known Me, nor will they receive; My spirit is far removed. Those who set themselves apart from Me, whether by word or deed or by pretense, their hearts are revealed; these shall be left to walk through very dry places.

Yet those who seek Me in truth shall be drawn in quickly, whether they are near or far, for I know My own, and those who are married unto Me shall surely enter in. Therefore, judge no more by human standards, discern by right standards, according to My love and the knowledge you have received in Me.

For I AM THE LORD, whose will is set and can in no wise be turned back, even from the beginning, it was decided and accomplished… For I AM… And My bride has always been predestined in The Beloved… Says The Lord.


A man’s strength is revealed in confronting his greatest weakness. Yet a man’s greatest strength becomes his enemy, when pride enters in. Yet My strength is made perfect in My servant’s weakness… Says The Lord.


(Regarding Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the like)

No lie is of the Truth. Yet the little ones are of The Truth, and remain with Me and in Me. Even now I call to them, for My lambs know My voice. And that which came from Me must soon return to Me…

Therefore, be separate from the ways of this world, and order your conduct according to The Word of Truth, and no more speak lies to your children, for this is sin. Rather feed them with The Bread which came down from Heaven, The Bread which I am, The Way, The Truth, The Life.

For this alone is pleasing to God… Anything to the contrary is of the world and the evil one, no matter its disguise… Says The Lord YahuShua.


For in knowing Me you possess all things… Says The Lord.


That which is revealed to one may not yet be revealed to another. And those who have seen, have seen, yet most have only understood dimly. Therefore trust is required, and comes before understanding, for understanding can only come from Me…

For I am The Only Fountain, The Only Knowledge in which is life. Beloved, when one loses sight of Me or turns away, understanding darkens. Yet one who keeps Me in front of them, coming to Me at all times and in every season, in them understanding brightens and they will have peace. For they abide in Me, and rest in the knowing that all things are held within My understanding, and are given and received according to the good pleasure of My will…

And indeed, this is sufficient for them… For they had first sought after The Kingdom of God and His righteousness… By which much revelation was added to them according to The Spirit which I have poured out for them… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Blessed are those who answer, ‘Yes, Lord’, for their faith is revealed… Blessed are those who pray, ‘Your will be done, Lord’, for they have great trust…

Blessed are those who say, ‘Amen, Lord’, At all times and in every season, for they have understood… Blessed are those who know, I AM WHO I AM… They shall have peace… Says The Lord.


By My name is your heart sealed. For in My name is The Spirit given, The Spirit which also testifies of My name…

By My name are you established in life, as a bride prepared for her husband… Therefore, everyone who refuses to take My name shall not see life. For there is but One Way into life…

I am The Way… Says The Lord YahuShua.


On the Sabbath… Let no unclean thing come from your mouth… Let only praise and beauty come forth… Let My grace be your covering… Let gentleness and humility be your companion… And soon you will wear a crown of glory Atop your head, says The Lord YahuShua.


Can one wear two robes without constraint? Or can one place one robe over another, and it not tear? Is it wise to put on one robe, while wearing another already? And shall one attempt to wear a robe of white, to conceal a soiled one beneath? Will they not both become unclean? Therefore, take off the one which is soiled and cast it away! That the other may be worn properly and without constraint… Lest it tear, revealing your shame… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Faith is believing I AM WHO I AM, and that I am able to perform it. Faith can by no means be attained, nor can one grab hold of it by human means. For there are works done without faith, which are dead, and a faith which has works, which is also dead. Yet your faith came by My works, which enabled you to believe I AM WHO I AM. And all good works, which come forth from you, are My works also.

Therefore, if one is to be healed in accordance with My will, that same one must surrender to Me and My will, making no effort to increase their faith by human power, as a means to a desired end. Rather they acquiesce… Knowing that all things will be done in their proper time and season, according to the love of their Father in Heaven… Doubting nothing… Says The Lord.


While praying about those who have discounted The Lord’s words in The Volumes of Truth, those who think they have attained such great knowledge, The Lord spoke and said…

‘The knowledge they possess is earthly, but I am Heavenly!… What they have received is from below, but I am from above!… All they know is passing away, yet I abide forever!

They dwell in the darkness, even now, and remain void of understanding. Yet I AM HE who dwells in the unapproachable light!’ Says The Lord YahuShua.


Unrighteous jealousy is the companion of fools… For those who envy also grab hold of jealousy, Walking hand in hand with covetousness.


Blessed are those who run to Me, For they shall be blessed in My presence… Even more blessed are those who run to Me, then obey My word, for their blessing is complete… And they are at peace… Deliverance they shall surely know… Says The Lord.


Trust with abandonment, Obey without expectation, And love without condition… For in this shall you truly know Me, with your faith progressing quickly toward perfection… Says The Lord.


Who you are at home, reveals the person you remain… Therefore, do not be as the hypocrite who has two faces, for I see all your doings, I know your heart… For by a man’s actions is his heart revealed, And by his mouth is he defined before others… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Here is wisdom… Who you choose, not what you choose, is the answer… For who you choose – defines – what you do… And whosoever chooses another, and not Me in truth, has chosen himself, and has done according to their own will… Says The Lord YahuShua.


The Holy Days are the stepping stones to Heaven… In understanding their meaning shall you progress quickly along the path I have laid… And when I have fulfilled them to the last, shall the journey be complete for those who have accepted and received… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Notoriety is a stumbling block at the feet of the prideful, and fame puffs up. Pride goes before a fall, and fame is short-lived… Lo, a famous man is honored more in his death than in his life… Yet what does it profit? For the meek shall inherit the earth.


If the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, then pride is the tree and notoriety its branches. Death shall be the reward of all those who eat from it… Yea darkness is reserved for all those who take shelter in its shade.


If wisdom is justified by her children, then the folly of fools is evident and the way of the wicked is death… Yet the humility of the meek shall hide them in the Day of The Lord’s Anger.


The wise are quiet and know when to speak, and the humble are barely noticed… Yet the prideful announce themselves as with a trumpet, And the plight of the slothful is made plain by their complaint.


Rejoice in the wisdom of The Lord, and find joy in His correction… For only those who have received of The Spirit of Truth are able to see… And only those who love The Truth are able to hear… Yet only those who embrace The Messiah fully, who also write His words upon their hearts, will do them… And peace, the kind of which only The Lord can give, shall be their companion.


Very narrow is the way!… Yet look how easily a little child passes through. Men and women of this world, you stand too tall, your girth is too wide. Lose this height therefore and bow down, for you are puffed up… As fatted cattle you have become meet for the slaughter.

Therefore, refuse all this rotten food fed to the masses, and eat no more from the filthy plates, served in the churches of men. Rather partake of the food I give you, and be satisfied.

For I tell you the truth… Until you decrease in the world’s eyes, and are humbled in your own, you shall by no means pass through… For the first harvest shall be lowly, of the lowly… Says The Lord.


The high man stands proud, and the man of low degree is tread down! The eyes of The Lord have seen it, the ears of The Lord have heard it! Therefore shall the error of the proud be exposed, and the look of the lofty be brought low! For the span of My holy mountain is great, filling the breadth of the whole earth!

The weight of the stone, infinite!… And woe to those who are crushed beneath it! Says The Lord of Hosts.

Yet the man of low degree shall arise, And the humble sleeper shall awake from his slumber… They together shall inherit the land, They together shall live in the top of The Mountain!… And the broken shall receive Healing atop The Stone… Says The Lord.


The power of The Lord is without end! His love covers His creation like a blanket, and the light of His glory reaches beyond the stars of heaven! His majesty is beyond comprehension, it transcends space and time!… The Everlasting is His name! The express image of The Holy is revealed, He is known of His own! His glory shines from the east even unto the west… The Presence of The Father’s only Son! WONDERFUL is His name! WONDERFUL are His ways!

He wears TRUTH as a garment, and GLORY is His vesture, and LOVE is His crowning glory!… All life proceeds from Him… He holds all things together by the word of His power! His way is from everlasting, And with His mouth He testifies to the Truth, always!… Therefore, let us testify also! The Father and The Son are One! ONE!… YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH!


A right heart brings forth glad service, And a joyful giver reaps what he sows… Life in abundance shall be his reward. Yet the heart of the wicked seeks his own way, and he too shall reap according to that which he has sown, welcoming death when it comes.


Vanity is a rope, and pride builds the gallows… Envy leads to hate, and jealousy brings forth evil thoughts… Therefore, beware of the thoughts of your heart… Lest you follow in Haman’s error, and walk in the way of Cain, to your own demise… Says The Lord.


Blessed is the man who gives out of the abundance of his heart. For one such as this gives, knowing in his heart that all he has is Mine and all I have is his, given and received according to the knowledge of My will for those who believe. For this man knows what it is to be My servant. He is bound by nothing, a man who walks free in all the earth, blessing the name of The Lord his God with enduring trust.

Therefore those who give out of obligation know not the joy of The Lord, nor of the freedom which comes by service, helping others in My name. Yet the servant whose heart leaps with joy at the thought of washing the feet of the poor, who also eagerly seeks out the afflicted, to give them comfort, knows that whatsoever they do for another they have also done for Me…

For these know Me, and I live in them… And together we shall walk, choosing the good and refusing the evil, until we walk together anew in My kingdom… Says The Lord.


An unyielding heart sows discord in marriage, and stubbornness shuts the door to reconciliation…

Yet the one who is first to say… ‘I’m sorry’ is wise, defusing any argument. And the one who is quick to forgive… Heals the breach.


The unbroken remain proud, and fools speak assertions without knowledge… they are bound. Yet the one who holds their tongue is wise, and the one who surrenders all shall gain The Victory.


A willing, humble heart is open to Me, and one who is deeply in love with Me will hear My voice. Yet this is not equal, nor shall every servant hear My voice in the same way. Hear and understand…

I have spoken to My prophets throughout the generations, for I change not, and each was given that which was required to accomplish My will among the people… Therefore rejoice, My sons and daughters! For The Most High has come down to you!

And behold, I have caused My servants to hear, to receive wisdom by the power of My own spirit! Lo, by the Word of My mouth shall My beloved be blessed… The prideful humbled, and the haughty abased… For The Word of The Lord never returns void… Says The Lord.


To the unbeliever, My Word, no matter its color or brilliance, shall be as gray clouds on a dark and dreary day. And to those pricked in their hearts, it shall be to them as an after image which ceases not from before their eyes, as a flash of lightning remains in the eyes of the one who beheld it even after they have shut their eyes to it.

Yet to the believer My words are cause for celebration, a time to stop and pay attention, for the mouth of The Living God has spoken!… Both the color and brilliance they recognize, for their eyes are wide open…

For them, The Source and The Author is clear, for they see with the heart and not with the mind… Says The Lord.


Look not outwardly for that which can only be discerned from within, and search not in the world for that which is not of this world, for I have already come… I dwell within the hearts of men! And My spirit testifies on My behalf!

Therefore, let the hungry come to Me and eat! Let the thirsty rush to My side and drink!… And let those who seek Me turn not their heads; Let them be still and listen for My voice… Says The Lord, Your Life.


Demand nothing of Me, and I shall give you everything… Demand everything of yourself, and I will take it from you, and you shall be set free… Says The Lord YahuShua.


The servant who doubts is like a man who is tossed about on the waves of the sea. He is useless, spending all of his time trying to stay afloat, consumed with keeping his head above water.

Yet the man whose trust does not waver, fears not the boisterous winds, nor do the billowing waves trouble him…

For he takes My hand, and together we shall walk upon the water… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Though men speak evil of you and others depart before the time, while still others question your sanity, I tell you, My words shall bear much fruit in due season.

Yet the wicked will not understand, and the lukewarm will forsake them, and the worldly will seek to bind them and place them in a corner. Yet those who are wise will understand, and in them shall a flame arise, In them shall My words be written… behold, they shall bear fruit In accordance with My likeness!…

For they were bound to Me from the beginning, and did not waver… Says The Lord your Redeemer.


What is the least thing done in service toward Me, compared with that which My servant wishes to do most for himself?

Yet the servant who is truly devoted to Me, puts no difference between them. In his eyes they are one and the same, in his heart the former fulfills the latter… For have I not said, ‘A right heart brings forth glad service?’


I saw a star fall from Heaven, while the sons of men laughed. For they have no vision, neither are they able to see beyond that which is in front of them, and even this they deny, for they love deception and the truth is not at all convenient.

Yet the sons of God hold their tongues, and open not their mouths… As tears run down their faces, they look upon creation with new eyes and restored vision… Embracing The Promise, abiding in The Hope of Salvation… Says The Lord.


Hear and seek to understand… The Word of God is fire, each word a burning flame in the midst of an immense fire… The countenance of The Lord is a fire, and a flame within a fire… The glory of The Lord is perfect, a pure light, a flame within a flame… A fire engulfing all creation!

YAHUWAH is One; and His name, One! His name is in Him and is Him. YAHUWAH is His name, and His name is One with Him. They are not separate, but one, even as The Father and The Son are One… A flame within a flame, within an immense fire.

YAHUWAH has no beginning and no end, even as His name. Therefore nothing is outside YAHUWAH, for His being is infinite. And those who pass outside creation enter into His eternal glory, or are burned up in His devouring fire, in His everlasting flame. Therefore, no one may come to The Father except through The Son, YahuShua, The Purifying Flame.

For only The Holy Flame may dwell within The Fire, for Yah is HOLY. And all those void of The Flame will consume away; they shall cease to exist. For ALL must pass through the fire, ALL are subject to the power of The Flame… The wicked purged, and the penitent purified.

58. MORE

I have seen the sun rise upon the mountains of Israel, I have seen the light of the moon illuminate the valleys of Judah, I have even seen the stars fall from the heavens!

Yet never have I seen a wonder such as this, never have I beheld such a wondrous thing!…

I have seen a brilliant light, a perfect likeness! Behold, I have stepped into the fire! Yet instead of burning, I received understanding; and in place of my wounds, I received healing in this flame!

What a wondrous and beautiful place! Such overwhelming, pure love in the light of His glory, consuming me where I stand, strengthening me as I fall down, my tears flowing as my life departs from me! Yet I do not die. Rather the presence of The Lord of Hosts rises up in me! Is this Heaven? Yes! It is The Kingdom!

For before me is the likeness of a Man, bright and shining! He is beckoning me! I see the holes in His hands and in His feet, as I am pulled toward His open arms!

I am losing myself, yet I feel as though I am being born; I was dead, and now I am alive again!…

The man I was passing away, as His life rushes in!… And what more can I say? What more shall I ask of Him?… Only this… MORE!


The selfless servant shall be filled and put to use in all the earth, dwelling always in the inner courts of My love, where grace and truth flow as a river which never runs dry, partaking of My glory, bearing fruit in kind.

For he who dwells in the secret place of The Most High abides in the shadow of The Almighty, and from this servant nothing is withheld. Lo, within him are written The Commandments of God, and engraven upon his heart is the name of love and pure righteousness. In his mind’s eye he sees the holy sacrifice, the salvation of many.

With his lips he sings the song of The Lamb, and with his mouth he testifies to the glory of The Lord, without ceasing… For great is YAHUWAH, his God, and holy is The One who is poured out!… For the mouths of the pure in heart are open, and He shall surely fill them up, Even as a welcomed rain in the height of summer… Says The Lord.


This is wisdom… I AM HE!… And this is understanding… I abide forever! All healing is in Me!… Therefore everyone who comes to Me is made whole, And everyone who lives in Me shall abide forever… Says The Lord.


The Lord our God has kindled a fire; His heart is set ablaze over His beloved!… Thus all who willingly pass through The Flame shall be purified, refined and restored in the image in which He created them…

Yet the wicked shall never be established, their places shall be removed, Burned up, utterly consumed!…

For The Lord our God is a consuming fire, The Purifying Flame!


Such troubled children, always divided… None have learned to walk, not one truly knows Me. Yea, darkness is overhead, and many have fallen back to sleep. In the height of summer they withered, under the heat of the noonday sun they became faint and fell down… And now the time of the harvest is here, relief is very near, yet who opens their eyes to look upon Me?

Who stands up and bears their burden gladly?… That all might eat and rejoice in their labors, that all might rejoice and give thanks together for the bounty which I have provided… Looking to the day when the plowman overtakes the reaper, And the treader of grapes Him who sows seed… Says The Lord.


The Salvation Day of Men is four-fold… It was ordained before the foundation of the world, fulfilled at My birth, finished at My death on the cross, and solidified eternally upon My resurrection… Says The Lord YahuShua.


The power of a lie is only as strong as those who believe it, yet The Truth will set you free.

All lies are born of the Evil one and shall perish, yet The Truth endures forever.


Thus says The Lord… As it is written, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge! And because they have rejected knowledge, I must also reject them!… In all their forsaking of Me are they taken away!

On account of their pride they reject Me, and in their arrogance do they hold fast to their own way, treading the wide path!…

Therefore are the walls of Jerusalem broken down! Thus is the vineyard of The Lord tread down! Behold, the vats overflow, every vessel is tipped, all new wine evaporates in the fire!… And still, My people are not saved.


Behold, I had come, The Son who was completely blameless, to bear the guilt of all The Father’s children… The Just for the unjust… The Innocent for the guilty… The Son of Man for the sons of men… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Here is wisdom… For one to depart this world They must first depart in spirit…

Willingly forsaking their life in this world, fully embracing Mine… Coming to Me free, without any form of malice in their heart toward another… Then shall they be taken… Says The Lord.


True fellowship comes not by words spoken amongst a group of united people… Rather it starts with the heart, and is found in the stillness of My spirit, Where My peace mends the broken and My gentle caress gladdens the heart… For all those found at the feet of The Lord are covered with grace, and those who abide in My love are indeed of one accord… Says The Lord.


Hear and understand… The moment pride enters a man, and the moment he stands in front of Me to look elsewhere, is the same moment My hand is removed.

For I have shown you, My servants, what is good and that which I require… That you should do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. Yet how can one behold My face while looking elsewhere, Seeking glory for themselves?… And how can one who has stepped in front of Me walk in My footsteps?…

Beloved, how shall one who runs away from Me, to tread another path, take My hand?… Says The Lord.


When My servant no longer seeks to see with his eyes, nor hear with his ears, the fulfillment of those things written, then he will know his faith is near to completion… says The Lord. For one who must see with his eyes lacks trust, and one who has itching ears lacks understanding.

Yet the servant who truly believes is no longer bound by the need for confirmation… He seeks not after signs, nor does he sit idle waiting for the news… For his trust is complete, his understanding full, and he is at peace… Walking in the ways of The Lord.


One who bears their own burdens must also bear the heat of the day… Yet one who lets go, cutting every cord that binds them to this world, walks free, and shall be given eagle’s wings… Says The Lord.


Idle hands lack bread, and an idle heart lacks trust, their backs are bent down always, their countenances fallen, their eyelids have grown very heavy…

Yet love strengthens the spirit, and washing another’s feet is good for the soul, renewing the whole of the body… Says The Lord.


I remain always The Good Teacher, who continually reminds His students of that which He has taught them before they lose sight of The Goal… I remain also The Faithful Shepherd, who calls to His sheep before they have wandered too far…

The Wise and Loving Father, who makes the sins of His beloved known early, while they are still able to step easily off the crooked path… Says The Lord YahuShua.


You are more than the filth that covers you, more than the sin that fills you, much more than the choices you make. For I see your beauty, I know your heart and the love which you have for Me… Behold, I know you as you are and will be, with Me where I am.

You are not that which you choose in a moment of weakness, you are that which I have created, and you will become that which I restore… And will remain always a beautiful, finished work, Elect and precious… My everlasting treasure, even as I shall be yours also… For I know My own, says The Lord.


Beloved, I love your tears, let Me wipe them away. Beloved, I love your heart, let Me renew it. Beloved, I love your mouth, let Me fill it with My speech… Beloved, I love you, let Me hold you close, until all these hurts pass away.

Beloved, it is time to let go, to release your grasp by which you hold onto these in the world… It is time to love them and to let them go, to have compassion on them and to trust, to release your grasp, to fly away.

For I tell you, the little children will not hesitate when I call out their names, lo, they are with Me already. Come to Me therefore, and do not hesitate… It is time to be lifted up! Let go of all these things which weigh you down, which weigh so heavily upon you… GIVE THEM ALL TO ME!…

Beloved, be free and fly with Me! For this is My will, yet you must be willing. Behold, the day is upon you! It is here… Says The God of Heaven, your Redeemer, your Holy One, The Christ.


Hear and understand… Salvation can in no wise depart from you, once received. Therefore, seek to please The Father and keep the Law. For how can one who walks in Me by grace also walk in that which had condemned them?

Shall My people reach toward Heaven with their hands, while their feet continue to tread the wide path which leads to destruction?

And how shall one who loves Me take My hand and walk beside Me, with one foot on the good ground and the other in the grave? Therefore knowledge must increase, and sin decrease, to enter The Kingdom of Heaven.

For one who is under grace bears fruit of the same, and The One who kept The Law of The Father revealed that grace by works. So then, Grace is first and everlasting… Then come works, the first works done in faith, even the first fruits bore in your lives… Which is to love The Father and one another, by keeping The Law… Says The Lord.


Thus says The Lord to those who seek Him… Do you abide in Me? Have you received of that which I offer? For until one has stilled their heart and quieted the thoughts of their mind, they shall by no means hear that which The Spirit speaks. How then shall they walk in My will, if they are unable to discern?…

Yet everyone who looks for Me, with all their heart and with all their soul, shall surely find Me! And everyone who seeks My will, in all trust, shall know it! And in the secret place of My presence shall we break bread together, set apart from the many plots of the evil one, away from the noise of this world.

For this is where quiet understanding abounds and the will of The Lord is made plain… Where the broken receive peace and every Sin is absolved in My healing embrace, where the heart of every son rests securely in the hands of his Father, and where the hearts of My daughters are restored and shine anew in My likeness… A desirable union, fulfilling every desire of the heart in My love!… Says The Lord.


Behold My hands and My feet, and consider My love… For the scars of My passion remain, a holy, everlasting covenant, written in the blood of The Lamb…

Taste and see, beloved, drink! Until that which is veiled is veiled no longer, Until the void within your heart is filled…

For My love was written in every stripe I endured for you, Poured out in every drop of blood I shed for you, Revealed when you pierced My hands and My feet… Beloved, I am married unto you!…

A union sealed forever in the blood we share… Says The Lord YahuShua.


A man of God is humble and quiet until called upon to speak, A man of low degree who treads softly until called upon to act…

A lowly man who is completely in love with Me, who does not his own will nor seek his own way…

A man who waits upon The Lord, and hesitates not when the command comes down from the mouth of The Lord his God… A man after My own heart… My servant, My friend… Says The Lord.


He who trusts in The Lord shall receive healing wings and soar high above this storm! At the call of The Most High, he shall ascend the heights of the heavens with The Lord beside him!…

Yea Beauty shall be his dwelling place, and in the sanctuary of God’s mercy shall he worship He who sits on the throne!

In one accord and with one spirit shall all praise The God of Jacob, sharing in the depths of Mashiach, as love flows from one heart to another!

For YAHUWAH is God alone, He who laid the foundations of the earth, The One who is and was and is to come, The Almighty!… YahuShua-YAHUWAH! Blessed, therefore, are all those who escape!…

For they have called upon the name of The Lord, in sincerity and in truth, and have given up everything to follow Him… Indeed, they have received their reward.


Those who were full shall be left empty, so they may be truly filled up, and those who were thought of as first shall be last…

Yet those who were forsaken as last shall be first partakers of The Glory. And those without knowledge shall be given great knowledge, for Love has saved them… Yet those who had attained great knowledge shall be brought down to shame, so they too may be glorified in My presence, for Love has saved them… Says The Lord.


When offering a gift, One does not demand its acceptance… Lest the gift be polluted and a division occur, causing both to depart offended… Says The Lord.


What is life without love? And what is love without the free will to choose love?…

I tell you the truth, a gift commanded is no gift at all!…

Yet a gift accepted is where you shall find life, love and salvation… Says The Lord.


No servant is greater than his master… How he serves others shows the master he serves, How he serves his master reveals the master within him, and what the master suffers will his servant suffer also, for he serves in his name.

No one can serve two masters… Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other… Says The Lord.


There is no greater love than to lay down your life for another, and blessed is the one who embraces the calling of The Lord wholeheartedly. For a servant such as this lays down his life each day, bearing his cross after Me, upon waking he kneels down at the feet of The Lord, with an open heart and open hands… And in this servant My soul delights. For the servants of The Most High uphold My cause…

And as My love is poured out, it fills the hearts of the penitent, even as My stern correction and harsh Discipline comes swiftly upon the defiant… For My ways are not human ways… For I do what is right by My children, doing that which is most needful for each one, that they may come to Me in their due season… I AM THE LORD.


My servants, to warn your brothers and sisters, even to your neighbors and countrymen, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, is LOVE… For only an evil man would fail to warn his fellows, when he had knowledge of coming calamity…

And only a wicked man meet for death would save himself, while forsaking those nearby to the sword… Says The Lord.


My forgiveness runs far and wide, entering deep into the hearts of those who come to Me in sincere repentance. Yet many of My sheep believe themselves to be above reproach, and in this do they greatly err.

Therefore let all My beloved grow wise in Me, and learn also to walk in My ways… For I am a pillar of strength to those of low degree! I uphold the powerless and steady the weary, as I renew the hearts of My elect!

Behold, I fill all those who come to Me empty with spirit and grace, As they walk with Me into everlasting life!…

Indeed, they shall experience Life in abundance, forevermore!… Life of such a kind, which is only found in Me and I am! Says The Lord.


Learn the lesson of obedience in The Lord… For obedience is far greater than witnessing a prophecy come to pass, and much greater than receiving healing by a miracle, for obedience is born of love…

For those who have no trust seek after signs; and those who remain in unbelief wait for miracles… Yet only those who love Me, without condition, will remain faithful, and only those who truly know Me will endure in times of trouble… Says The Lord.


My glory is revealed in the lives of all My children, no matter what path they had chosen, no matter how they have tread. I know My own, and I know when each will come to Me and how each shall come to walk in Me…

And by this I am glorified, even as each shall also share in My glory. For to one, it is as the son who remained faithful to his father, and never lost his inheritance, but kept it close his whole life.

Yet to the other, it is as the prodigal son who went out and wasted his inheritance in the world, yet was met with much rejoicing when he returned home… For the one who was faithful remained in his father’s love, and was rejoiced over his whole life; and the other returned to his father’s love, and was met with much rejoicing.

Yet both shall dwell in the house of their Father together, from that day onward, sharing equally in all he had laid up in store for them, forever…

Thus by one I am glorified in their walk, and by another in their return… I AM THE LORD.


The love of man is born from the desires of the flesh and comes forth from a place of longing, to fill a void which remains empty, affections built upon conditions and unrealistic expectations, learned in a world without natural affection… Corrupt.

Yet My love is a light which shines in a dark place, warmth which brings peace and healing to those whose hearts have grown cold, a cup overflowing, never-ending; affection in its purest form… Unconditional.

Therefore come to Me, beloved, that our hearts may be satisfied! For all those who sincerely long for Me shall surely receive of Me, and all those who obey My voice shall surely walk beside Me, and all those who love Me, above all else, shall know the depths of My Mercy. For I shall take them… And they shall dwell with Me where I am, in The Kingdom of My joy, forever… Says The Lord.


The presence of The Almighty is a consuming fire, a purifying flame. The cloud of The Almighty is a covering for all who put their trust in Him. The Sanctuary of His peace is in His Holy One, and none shall fear who abide in Him.

And though the terror of The Lord comes upon all nations, it shall not approach the penitent, nor shall the trembling of the humble continue without comfort. For The Lord God has a Holy One, and in Him is the loving mercy of God revealed. In His bosom are healing tears and laughter, joy beyond compare, the fullness of love, life without end.

Behold, The Lord has come down to look upon the rage of the nations, to search the hearts of men, The Mighty One has come down to gather His own, to take from among them the penitent, everyone of a contrite heart and humble spirit…

Those who do justly and love mercy, whose eyes long to look upon their King… Those whose hands reach out for His healing touch, Whose fingers know His wounds, Whose lips have tasted of the divine gift… Drinking from His cup, always.


Behold, The Gift is given already!… Therefore, all those who come to Me, who love Me with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul and with all their strength, shall be blessed indeed! For is it not written… ‘Wisdom is justified by her children?’ Therefore, here is wisdom… CHOOSE ME! Says The Lord.


I am The First! Behold, I am also The Last!… Blessed therefore are all those who bow down before Me… For in them shall the vision be made complete and The Word established, Even as it was at the first, and shall also be at the last… Trust in Me therefore, for I AM HE!… Says The Lord.


Thus says The Lord… When tears well up, let them burst forth as a flood overflowing the dam, let them break through the barriers!

Yet understand this… Let not your tears turn to anger when shed over hurt, nor let resentment come forth, lest you strengthen the dam and build up the barriers, leading to rebellion against The Lord as you hold unforgiveness in your heart.

Beloved, let your tears flow when The Spirit convicts you… Let them cleanse your eyes so you may see, as your heart is set free… And no more resist the cleansing of The Lord.


Pay attention to the robes you wear, and those which you seek to put on… Rather be willing to come to The Lord naked, that He may clothe you with that which He has prepared for you.


Why do you depart from the Sabbath at sundown and return to the ways of the world, Welcoming in again that which you shut the door to on the Sabbath?… Rather treat everyday as the Sabbath, and you will do well… Says The Lord YahuShua.


I have laid My heart open before your eyes, and into your ears I have spoken… As a harpist playing soft music, beautiful music, plucking each string with delicate fingers, I revealed the song of My heart to you…

With precise strokes, in gentle tones of healing, with many notes of unending love and by soothing vibrations of peace, did the sound of My love speak… And I, even I, The Lord of Hosts, did not withhold from you… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Who are these I have made? And what man have I brought forth from the dust of the earth, that I might share My glory with him?… There are none worthy, not one formed from the dust of the earth who knows Me, not one who is righteous, no, not one.

All lie down in death, all return to the dust of the earth. Yet I came down to you in the image in which I created you, so you might receive of Me and have life, that you might share in My wisdom and find healing, great peace in My love… Exchanging your life for Mine…

That you might roam free in My creation, close to Me, at My side always, until your first days are called ancient and your latter days laughter… Years beyond number… Thousands of years passing by as the setting of the sun, millions of days passing by as a breeze caressing the face of the forever young… Each one remembered as yesterday… Says The Lord.


My children, seek My glory and look to My Righteousness, for The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Look into My eyes, open your ears to My voice, for the mouth of The Lord has spoken!

Return to the first works, it is time to be consumed in your First Love! Beloved, see the Word of The Lord, drink deeply from this vine!… Consider My Mercy and the name of Love, that you may know Me as I truly am, That we may be one!… Consider, for it is time… Says The Lord.

100. ENVY

Envy is a double-ended sword… One end is covetousness, piercing the heart of those who envy. The other is pride, piercing the heart of those being envied. Behold, envy is also a snare.

For those who envy are held captive by covetousness, and those who are envied are easily ensnared by pride.

Therefore repent, and place all your trust in The Messiah… Make Him your focus, your only desire, and He will keep your foot from being taken… Indeed, HE will preserve your life.


In these Seven is wisdom and understanding, the very mind of God. For the Holy Days are revelation, revealing hidden things kept secret since the world began… Signposts of things to come, a foretaste of The Kingdom, a glimpse into the Glory of God even as the Scriptures, unfolding and coming to light as the will of God is manifest, says The Lord.

Behold, four are fulfilled… Salvation assured, Sin and death overcome, The Spirit given… Three are coming quickly… Sin destroyed, evil bound, My seat taken, Judgment… A new day, even one thousand years… Then a short season… Consummation… An everlasting day in The Lord!


The Lord is eternal, HE IS! He never ends! His love, His mercy, His justice, His majesty, His glory, His sorrow, all that He is endures forever! Likewise His creation has no end, no boundaries! There are no limits to contain it, for it is as He is!… He is The Creator!… Everlasting, eternal, The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, The First and The Last by whom all things exist and have their being, through whom all living things have life!

Kiss The Son, therefore! Bow down heavily and give Him glory! Let the knowledge of who He is fill your heart with wonder and awe, with great reverence and worship! Give Him thanks and praise! For Holy is The Lord God Almighty, His ways past finding out!

For who can understand the knowledge of The Lord contained within creation, or know the depths of His wisdom?! Yet His Glory surrounds us on every side, testifying to His majesty beyond question! Indeed, we are without excuse! Behold, even the whole of creation shouts…“YahuShua is YAHUWAH!” For it is He by whom all things consist, it is He who causes to be… For The Lord our God is One!


Eat of Me, partake of My words, and be filled! Breathe Me in, that the song of The Lamb may dwell within you! For it is the knowledge of My love, the revelation of who I truly am… A song, a chorus, soon to be a symphony, a great outpouring of revelation to the praise of My glory!

Beloved, it is also the music we share… Sweet melodies of grace and peace Playing softly within your heart, each string plucked gently and surely… The sound of My love revealed in you and through you… My spirit, My breath, My life given and received, bearing much fruit in The Beloved… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Old houses stand upon old foundations, and new houses upon new foundations… A new house cannot be built atop another, nor does one build a new house upon an old foundation…

No, the old house must be torn down and the old foundation removed, making room for the new foundation to be poured, that the new house may rest securely upon it… Behold the house!…

A house with a sure foundation, a house able to withstand even the strongest of storms… Says The Lord.


Obedience is more than trust, and trust much more than obedience… For obedience by itself bears bitter fruit in the end, and trust left alone becomes a lie… Says The Lord.


That which was bitter shall be made sweet, and that which brought tears of sadness shall be turned to great rejoicing. For indeed The Bridegroom was taken from them, and has been a long time in coming.

Yet those who have waited with all eagerness shall have their hope realized, and those who watched with steadfast trust shall not be put to shame, neither shall those who have fallen asleep be disappointed. For the Bride shall have her heart’s desire, and My prophets their due reward…

For all those who belong to Me have tasted, and behold, My prophets have surely seen… Says The Lord.


The justice of God rests atop the mountain, and comes forth with a great noise! The retribution of The Lord rains down upon the mountains and gathers strength! It rushes down the steep places, catching many unawares!

It gathers together and rages through the valleys, leaping over the banks, breaking down the walls, destroying every barrier!… A terrible deluge! Behold, the trees are fallen and torn from their places, their branches broken and mangled, their roots laid bare!… Unrecognizable!

Thus is the wrath of God, thus is the Day of The Lord’s Anger: Destruction in a moment, a tearing down, a wiping away, a great threshing, A carrying away of all that offends!… Until all that is hidden is exposed, and that which is high and lofty is brought low…

Until every fruitful hill is made barren, and every lush valley is stripped And bares neither leaf nor fruit… Darkness, thick clouds and darkness… The shadow of death.


My people are a strange and peculiar people, indeed they are accounted by the multitude as those who are of unsound mind. Yet My servants are men of action, men with strong trust, men of clout in The Lord, men who are unwavering in My purpose who also care for those given them, willing to go wheresoever I send them, unafraid to do whatever is needful. Yet the plight of the slothful shall be filled with troubles, as the sun sets upon their need.

For in their listlessness they were unaware and did not seek after My will, to know it, nor have they risen up to walk in that which I have spoken already. Thus providence is drawn back, until the sluggard has no place.

Have I not spoken to these things already, in many Letters? Have I not revealed My will and that in which I am most pleased, by My many words?… And still My people draw back from My voice and My servants sit idle and fold the hands, closing their eyes to their need while forsaking those placed under their care, both those near to them and those afar off… Says The Lord.


I am The Church, its walls, its pews, its pulpit, its altar, its very foundation… When sitting in My church, you can behold Heaven, there is no ceiling to keep you from enlightenment…

And if I am your sanctuary, your four walls of faith, your resting place of worship, The Word and The Spirit, The Stone upon which all must be broken, The Very Cornerstone of Life…

Then Heaven is open before the eyes of all who dwell in Me and become My body… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Comfort the sick, lift up the downtrodden, and visit those in prison, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and above all feed the hungry, do so in My name. For in Me shall all find comfort, exaltation, companionship, warm coverings and sanctuary from the storm, even food and drink for their soul shall they receive in Me.

For all these things are the very definition and purpose of love. Thus as I am, so also were you created… Understand Love… For in My love were you created, to receive and to give, and in the giving does one also receive…

Therefore love one another, as I have loved you… Says The Lord your Redeemer.


Blessed are My servants who seek to obey My commands without hesitation, for their trust is apparent, blessed are those who seek to please Me, for in them am I well pleased…

For no man can step forward without trust, and one who is void of belief is consumed by doubt and fear, and I have already told you that pride blinds the eyes and arrogance stops the ears…

Therefore, let My servants step forward without hesitation, and ask, That their blessing may be compounded and their belief increased!… Says The Lord.


Blessed is the wise and faithful servant, who gives no thought to how they are perceived in the eyes of others… For they obey My voice, and are not dismayed by the looks of those who judge without knowledge…

Indeed, they seek only to please their Master, having no need of the approval of others… Says The Lord.


There can be no birth apart from travail, for birth is always accompanied by much travail… Yet oh how blessed are those who persevere with their hearts fixed upon the goal, enduring the pain, for they shall surely receive their reward… Says The Lord.


This is the way of The Lord… That one in need in My body be supported by their brothers and sisters, with all members becoming one… One body, in Me… That he who is able to walk in Me dwell alongside those who are weak, for they are in need of strengthening… Lo, you shall all wash each other’s feet!…

Even as I do likewise through you and amongst you, To the praise of My glory… Says The Lord YahuShua.


Of My servants I require Obedience, with all trust, pure service in The Lord… An eager servant willing to obey without hesitation, even when they lack understanding…

A humble servant who remains in My love, a disciple who has breathed Me in… A devoted son or daughter who loves Me more than these… Says The Lord.


Consider this, says The Lord, ponder it and also receive it… By good works you will not find Me, yet good works are found in Me. And by My works shall you begin to know Me, for My works shall be done in you. Yet understand this also…

Where human power is, pride follows close behind. Yet one who surrenders to The Lord will be given eagle’s wings… Yea, nothing shall be impossible for them!

For I shall be with them and in them, says The Lord. In that day, wheresoever I am will My servants be also.

And wheresoever I go, My servants will follow. And whatsoever I decree will be done in an instant, and those who are chosen will go for Me, without hesitation, and that which I speak in this place will be heard in another. And no more shall My servants be restrained, by any means! Declares The Lord… For it is I, The King of Glory, who has spoken it.


One who answers a matter in the name of The Lord, while being ignorant or unsure, is foolish. And one who judges a matter without knowledge leans upon pride, wearing pretense as a garment.

Thus the one who steps in front of Me shall surely stumble, and the one who seats himself upon My throne shall be cast down… For pride does indeed come before the fall, and those who judge without knowledge shall be made to sit upon the ground… I AM THE LORD.


One who does not take responsibility for their wrong-doings can by no means place them at My feet…

And until one faces their hurts, by no means can I heal them… For the placing of blame turns the shoulder, and reluctancy hinders the heart…

Yet perfect love casts out fear, and the one who truly knows Me trusts in My ways and embraces My correction… Says The Lord.


The broken sinner who repents, I know. Yet the prideful man who considers himself righteous, I do not know. Indeed, he shall be found a liar in the Day of Reckoning.

For there are none righteous, no not one, save The Son of Man only. Therefore I ask you, shall the broken sinner be justified in his need, in his fervent desire?… He shall indeed be justified in My sight!…

For I shall clothe him with righteousness and cover him with grace, in his times of weakness My strength shall sustain him, and in My love shall he be made whole!… Behold, by My life is he healed!

Yet the proud resist Me, and the arrogant want no part with Me as I truly am. For they have clothed themselves with the glory of men, a quickly fading flower. Their comfort is in their riches, and their solace is in their accomplishments, which shall leave them soiled and bruised in the day of their calamity, says The Lord.


Truth is self-evident in the eyes of all those who love The Truth… Indeed, it resounds within the ears of all those who have received of The Truth, in whom My spirit dwells… Says The Lord.


Truth is evident in My eyes, and a lie is never hidden… Therefore, let no one place their unrighteous cause upon the backs of the children, when a wrong is accounted only to the one who performed it.

Neither let the disobedience of the one be covered over by the needs of the many. For I have seen it, lo, all is known to Me.

Therefore, let My people be tested, let them be refined in the fire!… That the quality of their trust and the endurance of their belief may be revealed… Says The Holy One of Israel.


Thus says The Lord… Behold, The Morning Star is risen, the universe is filled with His glory! And that glory shall abide with men, even in them and among them. I shall be a Father unto them, and they shall be My beloved children, forever… Lo, a return to innocence, paradise lost is paradise found, a return to the garden, the universe your playground.

Thus as I have spoken, so shall it be done… The mystery of God revealed, the counting of days no more… Forever young in the presence of your Shepherd, your Redeemer, Your Father, your Brother, Your Most Beloved Friend, the Fulfillment of all things for which your hearts have groaned…

I AM THE MEANING OF LIFE!… And all who live in Me, and I in them, WILL LIVE FOREVER!


Why does the heathen rage and shake his fist toward Heaven? Behold, he shall fall with none to catch him, and great shall be his fall!… Yet the one who reaches for Me shall be lifted up, and the one who extends the hand shall know My dwelling place.

For as it is written… Whoever has, to him more will be given, and he shall have an abundance… But whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away, until the Time of Reformation is complete… Says The Lord.


The Kingdom of God is a garden… Set apart from the many Schemes of the adversary, a place of rest free of briers and thorns… A Sabbath…

A holy place which shall never pass away, where no one lies down in death, nor shall any be made to slumber…

My people shall never be covered over again! For the old order of things has passed away! Behold, all things have become new!… Says The Lord.


My Word is truth! And that which requires understanding shall be given to those of a contrite heart and a humble spirit. For those who love Me obey My Commandments, and those who remember My Sabbaths honor Me and shall know Wisdom. Therefore consider these things carefully.

For I have indeed prepared a place for those who seek Me, for those who long to know Me as I truly am… A place for all those accepted in The Beloved, in whom My spirit dwells… The Kingdom without end… Says The Lord.


Let all those, who truly know Me, proclaim My name first by their ways, then with their mouths…

For honor only spoken of is but wind, the veil of the hypocrite who knows not where he is going, having no remorse over where he has been… Says The Lord.


What is faith without works? Nothing, a lie spoken in vain. And what of works without faith?

Vanity, a false good covering a heart which has turned from The Truth… Says The Lord.

128. JUST

The justice of God is beyond question, standing forever in its permanency, unwavering for all time… Righteous.


God is sovereign, His judgment stands… Therefore, let the penitent be rewarded equally to their forgiveness, which is equal…

And let all evil unrepented be punished in accordance with evil’s deeds, the final penalty of which has remained equal even to this day… The Lord does not change.


Where there are righteous works, there are also those who seek to spoil them for the sake of pride and envy, and where there is pure knowledge, there are also those who defile it among women…

Yet the ignorance of the meek is no cause for offense, nor shall the error of the humble bring forth rebuke… For I know the heart and look upon the innermost intentions… Says The Lord.


Blessed are those who do not return evil for evil, or reviling for reviling, but rather pray for their enemies… Blessed are those who hold no ill-will in their heart toward another…

Indeed, blessed are all those who forgive everyone who has sinned against them… For great shall be their reward in Heaven Says The Lord.


Those who refuse My correction are foolish, and must walk through dry places… And those who refuse to repent have secured their place in the valley of death… For the pride of man is a heavy stone, which increases by weight each day it remains unbroken… Says The Lord.


Insolent cords bind the proud, and rebellion is a rope by which the foolish hang themselves…Says The Lord.


The Lord your God is a consuming fire, My every word a purifying flame! The presence of The Lord is an oppressive storm, which abases the proud and causes the high-minded to flee!

And that which I have spoken to this generation, is it not a sword with which I shall strike to the heart of this people?! For I shall surely set all these crooked paths straight, and burn away the dross!

Yet for those who trust in Me and in whom My spirit dwells, My words are like a strong tower set in the midst of battle, which can in no wise be broken down!… A great trumpet blowing upon the hill outside the city, which echoes throughout the waste places!… A waving banner for this generation, a bright light, a beacon, shining in the midst of this present darkness!…

A rod of justice for the oppressed and the persecuted, a loosening of the chains placed upon My people, The breaking apart of every shackle!…

Freedom for those who love Me, deliverance for those who understand, Strength for the weak, Grace to the humble, Manna to nourish the penitent… Says The Lord.

135. PRIDE

Only those who know they are sick seek out The Physician… Yet those who perceive themselves as well will in no wise come to Me, keeping Me at bay.

They remain seated firmly in the darkness of their own understanding, Resting upon their laurels by which they have highly esteemed themselves… Says The Lord.


One who peers through stained glass cannot behold his own image, nor is he able to see those inside clearly.

For he sees only an outline, a blur of color obscuring his vision… And those on the inside who peer outward remain blinded, able to perceive only a shadow of what truly is…

Holding up the hand against the brightness for fear of the noonday sun, which is about to come in… Thus they prefer the light filtered and the brilliance masked, by means of all this painted glass…

What then shall a people such as this do when night has fallen?… Says The Lord.


It is the humble, penitent man who gives Me glory in all his ways, For he seeks to honor Me, to please Me above all else…

He wants no part in the ways of this world, neither does he seek glory for himself, by his actions he shines forth, seeking glory for The One alone who is God…

Thus the man who places Me foremost in all things, shall also be first when The Glory comes… Says The Lord.


Behold, the footsteps of The Lord shake the earth! The footsteps of The Lord shall tread the winepress of the wrath of His fury!

The presence of The Lord shall break apart the tall mountains, His power shall bring down every mountain, every high place shall be brought low!

For the presence of The Lord is strong and mighty, and the anger of The Lord is hot and burns in the heat of His jealousy!… Who can turn back The Lord’s anger, once it is kindled? Who can prevent The Most High from performing His will?! Whose glory is like The Lord’s?! Who comes as The King above all kings wearing the raiment of God, whose majesty is beyond compare?!…

Who is able to stand in the day of His wrath, or survive the power of His sword which proceeds from His mouth, the day He strikes through the heart of all people and lays His enemies waste, the day every adversary is consumed in the brightness of His coming?! For He is mighty in battle and His justice is swift, His victory absolute!

Who is The King of Glory?!… YahuShua HaMashiach, HE is The King of Glory! His power is infinite, His love never-ending!… He is The King Everlasting, The King of Righteousness!… His grace is shed abroad to every contrite and humble spirit, His forgiveness is pure, ever-flowing into the hearts of the penitent, Restoring them to righteousness and life!… Yes, He is The One and Only King Eternal! There is no other, there is none like Him!


Beloved, there is a day coming, when you shall enter My presence and never leave it, a day when you shall behold My face…Says The Lord And wheresoever your heart leads you, there will I be also, with you always where you are…

Whether you journey to the heights of the mountains, or to the farthest reaches of creation, there I am, with you where you are… Beloved, all creation is Mine, and all I have is yours, for you are Mine, even as I am yours also…Together, forever. For the glory you have seen, and that which you have imagined, has until now been measured in a human way… Yet the glory of The Lord is of such a kind!…

Glory which has always been, Glory with no beginning and no end, having neither height, nor depth, nor length, nor width… For My glory is life and that love we share, a gift of understanding which comes by knowledge of The Holy… Glory which cannot yet be fully realized, nor are there words sufficient to open your understanding… Fulfillment, which only comes by union.


Long after the glory of men has passed away, with the height of their kingdoms turned to dust, My love endures!… Long after the stars you behold in the heavens have ceased from shining, My love endures!…

Deeper and wider than space and time, My love endures!… Even before creation, My love endures, and after, My love remains… For I shall be your God, and you shall be My people, as long as My love endures… Says The Lord.

141. I AM GOD

I am He who formed the earth and all you see in the heavens, He who set the foundations and called creation forth by the Word of His power and the vastness of His knowledge, causing all things to be!

I made the matrix, and placed all things in their proper places, setting all things in order, I am He who formed it! I know all the hidden parts, even the most minute detail by which all things are made, is known to Me!

Behold, I see the inward parts, from the innermost depths to that which cannot be seen by man, all is known to Me! Before Me is the whole of creation, at all times!…

No distance is far from Me, no measure is too great for Me, and no weight is too heavy…

That which is beyond your comprehension is known to Me each morning, and every evening I behold the whole of creation and consider… For I am The Lord… YAHUWAH is My name.


Thus says The Lord… Beloved, this Word, even every Volume to every Letter, is the Word of My glory, which I have put forth once again… A testament of My love and sacrifice, the announcement of My coming, a proclamation of truth, revelation of who I really am!…

The Trumpet Call of God, so all those called and chosen may hear and come to Me in their proper time and season.

Behold, it is also a strong correction for all those who have taken to themselves MY name and MY Word, to pollute it, a plumb line for this wicked generation!

For this Word is a waving banner, an ensign to all nations!… A trumpet of alarm and war, the sound of recompense and judgment, which shall soon fall upon every nation! For I AM WHO I AM!…

The Only Begotten of The Father! The One True God and Savior! The Mashiach!… YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH!


Thus declares The Lord… All your setting of dates shall come to nothing, and all your precise predictions shall fail. For I may take them before or after. For I am God…

Behold, the first election is made, the time of bundling passed. Thick clouds have risen in the west, the hard rains have come, and who in all the earth is able to prevent it as it draws near, or hinder it when it arrives?

Lo, a mighty wind blows in the east, yet who is aware of it, until it has overtaken them?

Therefore, keep watch, for you know not the time of The Lord’s coming… Whether it be in the first, or in the second, or in the third watch of the night, you know not the time of His return… You know not the day or the hour…Says The Lord.


For all those who have dedicated themselves to Me by means of The Truth, those who have recognized My words and also do them… those who came to Me empty that I might fill them up, that they might be truly dedicated to Me…

Even as I had dedicated Myself to them also, that we may become one… Set apart in My glory, for My glory, to the joy of their Father in Heaven, Says The Lord YahuShua