Trust in Me… For the Time is at Hand

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September 13, 2007 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This nation shall be shaken to its core, says The Lord God of Hosts! For the time has come for these insolent children to be shaken, a great awakening… Even these among the churches, who do walk blindly in the dark, saying they are in the light. And when all these things begin to happen, even as they are written in the Volumes and the Scriptures of Truth… Then they will KNOW a prophet had been among them!

My son, listen and hear Me… Do not stifle My voice in you, but listen, for you also must hear, My son. The time is at hand when you must also work. The time is at hand… The time is at hand.

My son, when you have returned home, go and pray and kneel, and lie at My feet, and know I am with you. Go and let go of your will, and of all these things you count to yourself as unworthy, for whom I have cleansed is worthy of all I shall bestow upon them. Therefore, have peace, and know I am your Lord. I have cast all these sins far away from you, never to be remembered again. Take all that is of burden to you, and lay it at My feet. Leave it there, and go away in freedom… Without hindrance, with joy in your heart… Knowing, and in belief that, if all these things you possess were taken, you would be richer in the lack…

TRUST in Me… Trust of such a kind you will not find in your fellows… Complete.

Abide in My love, then you shall behold My glory and arise as one in whom I am well pleased, one filled with the Spirit… A soldier of God, a fearless lion… Gentle as a lamb… The boldness of which only God can give and is in Me.

Be still now, My son…

You already know Me and have received of Me. Yet the gift, of which you have not yet known, is also yours and will be manifest to the glory of The Father. And by this shall many grasp your hands, and you shall place their hands in Mine, and I shall take them… And they shall be no more in the earth. This is My command, as I have received of My Father, that I call upon My elect, and they go out in My name, and gather up all those who have been trampled of the world, and uplift and uphold. The harvest is ripe, and I shall harvest My own, even all these who I see of Myself in them.

The Time is at hand… Believe My Word through My servant. Count not according to men, but according to the Truth. Trust not in man’s devices… Trust in Me, and those times and seasons that are set within My own power of The Father…

I am come and will gather and return in My glory!

Today, let it be counted. For today begins that which The Lord God of Heaven and Earth Had declared from the beginning, that it should come.

Today is the day… Stand up and be counted!

For today is the season foreordained that it should come… Today is the beginning of the end, Until the New Day come, which is without end… One thousand years and forever.