Turn to the Lord when you stumble

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August 4, 2006 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God of Israel… As I have commanded it, it shall surely be done. As I have spoken it, it shall surely come to pass. As I have purposed it, it shall be accomplished… For My glory shall it surely come to pass.

I, even I, shall both make the way open and provide the means. Though you stumble, it shall be done… What is done can not be undone.

Whom I have chosen, I shall not unchoose. What I have spoken to My prophets, even they shall become… Yea, even greater things will they do. Though they stumble, by no means have they fallen. For they do continually come before Me in repentance, With their faces to the ground.

Blessed is the man, who comes before Me ashamed and grieved of his trespasses, for I shall surely lift him up and set him upon hallowed ground… My servants, remove your sandals from your feet, for wheresoever you come to Me, I am there. Wheresoever you hear the sound of My voice is hallowed ground, for My presence does dwell with you.

[Jesus The Christ] Yea, I have come to abide in My temples and sanctify them… A renewed cleansing. All men do stumble; none have obeyed My voice unto pure righteousness… No, not one. All men do stumble, but these, these before Me, I have anointed in My own blood and sealed in their foreheads. These do stumble, being men… But THEY DO NOT FALL. All men stumble, and many have fallen and will yet fall from grace, yet My witnesses do stand up again, shaking the dust from their clothes, continuing on in My name. Behold, they shall endure for My name’s sake, even to the end of this age… Where at journey’s end, having sacrificed all in the name of The Lord, they shall embrace their Master, their True Father, their Maker.

[God The Father] My mercies endure forever… And those, who receive of My mercy, shall likewise endure…. Life without end, forever embraced by the Right Hand of God, Living in His mercy and My joy in the Kingdom to come, forever and ever… Amen.