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The Lord says… Unify and become one Flock, one Family, one Body with one Head

August 7, 2006 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, For our Brothers and Sisters in Africa, and For all Those who have Ears to Hear

[Timothy] Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, may The Lord Jesus grant you understanding, and give you peace and comfort, resting in the knowledge that He is The Lord, and there is none like Him. Amen.

By Him are all things, and through Him do all come into life, twice created… First, by water and blood in the earthly places, and now in spirit, through Christ, by whom you have received redemption, a true cleansing… Being born again the second time by water and blood in the heavenly places, shedding the skin of this world, soon forsaking all that is earthly, putting on that which is heavenly for God’s glory by His grace and mercy, shown by your belief and trust in God’s only begotten Son, Jesus, who is as The Father, full of grace and truth, by which you have passed from judgement into life… Life without end.

So beloved brethren and sisters of faith, hear what The Lord speaks to you, and be not just hearers, but doers of the Word for God’s glory, which He has also given to you in His Son, Jesus, the Gift.

Thus says The Lord, your God, the God of Jacob, the God of Isaac, the God of Abraham, the One and Only True God… Beloved little ones, born into the family of Abraham, by faith and trust in My Mercy I sent to you, whose name you know, Christ, who has come to dwell within you.

Beloved, you are My children, and I am your Father. You are My sons and daughters of whom I do know, seeing Myself in you, My own Spirit, even Christ. Heed My words, and bring glory to My name. I have heard the cries of My people in your land, for their crying is great beyond measure… A great pestilence overcomes the land, affliction is swelling and shall soon burst forth in great desolations.

Your princes and kings have forsaken My commandments and do follow after satan. Therefore, I have declared their end. Behold the height of the oppressor, who would make themselves rich by the suffering of their own people, walking upon the backs of the meek, forsaking the fatherless, upholding the sinful, and passing judgment against the righteous and the poor.

Thus says The Lord to the kings and princes and chief elders of Africa… You have been judged!… You are condemned! The Mighty and Strong One has come to gather and reap… And He shall surely gather up the wheat, purge the chaff and burn up the tares. The Lord’s wrath is kindled, and it does burn as a furnace, and it shall burn and lay waste all lands for seven years… Even all places, where they have lifted up their fists against Me and My own flock, My own people who have and will come to Me.

Therefore, thus says The Lord to the flock, beloved of The Shepherd… Come to Me, so I may gather you. Come to Me in peace and truth. Come to Me as one body… Unite, and glorify My name. Go out into the streets, and gather as many who will, and bring them to Me.

Men of promise, pastors and teachers, cup your ears and listen to those I have sent to you, for they speak with My voice… I have put My words in their mouths.

Men of promise, all pastors and teachers, go out into the fields and gather for the great harvest, and I, even I, shall bundle you together.

Become one flock, one fold, one family, one body, the body of Christ… Closer than kindred, closer than family, all of one family. One body of one blood, the blood of Christ shed for you, of which you were sprinkled and now must drink of deeply… All from the same cup…

[Jesus The Christ] Do this in remembrance of Me, and I shall come upon you and fill you up. So go now, and gather. Come together in My name… A great holy convocation in The Lord, and I will surely bless you, and walk among you, and be your Lord, your strength, the love of your hearts overflowing.

So beloved, I say to you, truly you are My sheep… You have heard My voice. And I do know My sheep… I know all their comings and goings. So give heed to our words… Listen closely to My prophets. I send them to you, so I may bless you and keep you, bringing you into a greater glory of the Truth, by guidance and correction in love, so you may become a new bride fashioned after the Spirit, in bright and shining white linens, a beautiful and loving bride fit for her Husband…

Even being an example to all those who gaze at you from afar off, so by your grace and truth, of which I have given you, these might also come and partake of the wedding supper, of which the door remains open, but shall be shut in a very short season… Yea, in less than one week’s time.

In that Day, lo, even in the days immediately following, you, and even all those who come to know My voice, shall behold the angels of Heaven ascending and descending upon The Son of Man.

[Timothy] Brothers and sisters, take comfort in these words… They are not my own. Even these words I write of my own accord are not completely My own, but inspired and written in love, because of He who fills my heart with love for you. By God’s grace and His Truth, who is also the Way and the Life, am I both able and blessed to write these things to you.

Brothers and sisters, come together with your Brother Osaro for a holy convocation, and glorify the name of Christ, and bring salvation to the lost and afflicted in His name, and teach the newly beloved in Christ. In this, and in all things, honor God, and He will surely honor you.

A servant of God and His Christ, as I am now also your servant in Christ, for God’s glory… Timothy