WOE to the Megachurches of Men

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The Lord says… Woe to the Megachurches of Men… I shall be a Terror unto you

June 26, 2008 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This question was asked of The Lord… Lord, what do you think of Todd Bentley and all these megachurches?

Thus says The Lord… I have already come; and behold, I am here having never departed, for I dwell in the hearts of men. Yea, I am poured out on all flesh, yet who of this world has truly received of Me?… And now I am returning to gather My own; and behold, I am also coming quickly, in great power and glory!

Behold, I shall steal from the nations and draw back My hand, and they shall be left utterly desolate, until all is wiped away, until all is washed away, until all is cleansed and no trace of wickedness is found… Until the earth is once again made still, says The Lord. Yes even I, The King of Israel, have spoken it and will also do it; behold, even I hasten to perform it.

Therefore, thus says The Lord… No more shall My people call out My name, and then run after men in authority, seeking after vain glory wrought within the churches of men! No more shall they run greedily after vain glory, or heap up vanities to themselves in MY name! For they have done a detestable thing in My sight! Lo, I have beheld their hearts, and within them I have seen their vanity, vanities on top of vanities and many vain deceits!…

Woe to the churches of men who seek after vain glories, and build themselves up by vanity and greed! Woe to them, for they shall be the first to be thrown down! They shall be brought down to the ground! THEY SHALL NO MORE STAND!

Look, My sons and daughters, look at all these detestable things wrought within the churches of men, and tell Me, what do you see?… What do you see, beloved? What have they done to My name?!


For they build great churches of brick and wood, magnificent buildings of concrete and steel, yet the poor cry at the doors!… Yes, they build great and extravagant houses, they amplify their voices like the wind, yet the cause of the widow and the fatherless goes unheard!…

Only the neighing and writhing of all these lost sheep is before their faces! Shall I not recompense them for all these things?! Shall I not abase all these self-appointed leaders, in front of many witnesses?! Shall I not come upon them quickly and strip them of all their clothes, leaving them naked and desolate?!

Therefore, thus says The Lord your Maker, yes even I, your Carpenter and Savior… I shall be terrible unto them, yes I shall be a terror unto them, when I sweep across the land and destroy all these awful houses which bear My name! For My anger is kindled, and My face is set hard against them!… No more shall they seduce My bride and rape My daughters! No more shall they cause My children to sin! FOR I, MYSELF, HAVE SEEN IT!

Sons and daughters of men, listen to My voice and give heed to My Spirit. For if these great and extravagant churches of men, led by wolves clothed in sheepskins, were to call on The Holy Spirit in truth, and I did send it in the fullness of My strength, none would be able to stand, all would fall down. Thus I did not send it, nor has My presence been among them, for I do not know them… All is vanity and vain glory, corruption by flattery, filthy pretense for evil gain.

For in My presence none shall stand, all shall fall down and give Me glory! From the righteous to the wicked, all shall testify to My glory, calling Me, LORD! For who, and what man, can stand before The Lord Most High?! Who?!… Surely not this man. For he has lifted up his head, and taken it upon himself to speak in My name, though I have not sent him.

Therefore I shall surely humble him, and he shall be abased in the sight of many witnesses. For I alone uplift, and I alone abase… I am The Lord.

Thus says The Lord… The light has gone out of the churches of men, and My hand is removed. Therefore, what light remains, and what spirit dwells there?… Deceptions clothed in falsehoods, whitewashed and covered over in purple and scarlet, even the doctrines of demons.

Therefore prepare, all My beloved, for the time is at hand. The trumpet is blowing and the warning is sent down, yet those in your land (America) cover their ears and refuse to give heed to its sound…

Thus I shall be terrible unto them, and nature shall rise up in its fury and fight against them! And think not to yourselves that I have forgotten the other nations, for they too shall receive their due reward!… Even recompense in full shall they receive at My hand, for all their wickedness, in where they have forsaken Me!…

For they have despised The Living God, and have heaped to themselves idols of every kind!… Sins beyond measure!… Thus they too shall hear the Word of The Lord, through the mouths of My witnesses, the prophets… And My judgments shall fall hard upon them, says The Lord God of Hosts.

Yet of this one here, you call friend and brother, he has first been sent to his own land. And he shall blow the trumpet, and I shall make this Word famous. For all I have written in these Volumes shall be even as the Scriptures of Truth, for both are Scripture and Truth; therefore, put no difference between them. Therefore listen well and aid him, and blow this trumpet with him, even according to how I Myself have called you.

For The Lord’s voice is raised and will be heard, and the earth shall rise up and fight against your nation. And when all these things come to pass, behold they have come already and will continue…

Even as a woman in travail suffering to bring forth, the pangs of which have come and will not tarry, for they are upon you and grow in their fury… Yea, when desolations come and are fulfilled in every corner, then they will know I had spoken it, and indeed a prophet had been among them.

Yet The Lord is not without mercy, for these things are but a call to awake. For your land and its people sleep, behold they lie down in beds of wickedness, embracing sin of every kind. And those among the churches slumber also, with all these self-appointed prophets, pastors and preachers lulling them to sleep, though the storm rages all around them…

Behold, sin inundates the streets and alleyways, even to the broadways, a great deluge of wickedness, the surge of which has come and shall not be turned back, until its pinnacle is reached and that written is accomplished.

And behold, many eyes will be opened in that day, and they shall see. Yes, they shall call out and choose Righteousness, and I Myself will save them out of all their troubles… Behold, I shall surely deliver them from the mouth of the dragon. Then they will know, I AM THE LORD.

Therefore, O most beloved of My heart, turn away from this world and prepare!… Call out to your beloved, and speak to them My name! Give a shout to your kindred and countrymen! Blow the trumpet and sound the alarm of war!… For the days of sorrow are here, and the Day of The Lord is upon you!… Behold, it waits at the door and is about to come in!… Says The Lord.