Wake up! The Time is now!

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The Lord is calling… Wake Up, it is Time… Depart quickly & Stop your wicked Ways

December 8, 2009 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of the Lord spoken to Timothy, for the Churches of Men, and for all Those who have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God, to all those who dwell in the churches of men… My children, stop your wicked ways! Turn back from all this blasphemy you have upheld in My name, and repent! Set your steps aright, and cease from all these heresies which you have proliferated before My face!… And return to Me! Wake up, My sleeping children, and sound the trumpet!

Behold, even these seven times I have called you to awake. For the time has indeed come, and the day is very near, when I shall gather My flock and steal away My lambs, when I shall go from house to house and temple to temple, to see whether or not I dwell there. For many are called, yet few are chosen. For only those counted worthy to escape shall be gone from this place, and only those fully awakened in Messiah shall stand before The Son of Man in that day… The rest left to walk through the valley, a valley of thick clouds and darkness, of tears and heavy sorrows.

Beloved, even now, I behold the tears which shall flow down your cheeks in bitter remorse; even now, I feel the heavy sorrows which shall rend your hearts in that day; even now, I behold you trembling in fear… Seeking yet never finding, seeing yet remaining blind, listening yet refusing to hear, eating and drinking yet never satisfied… Desolate.

Beloved, how is it I find many among you, who say they know Me and My will, yet refuse to walk in My ways?… Is not My Salvation made known? Are not My ways revealed, My Commandments plainly written? Are not the signs of My coming clearly seen, even before the eyes of this wicked generation?… Yet I hear no shouting from the rooftops, only wind…

So are the words of these people among the churches of men, wind, a passing breeze, unable to move even the smallest of branches.

O ignorant and wayward children, you who refuse knowledge and reject correction, hear The Word of The Lord… You dwell in kings’ houses! And I have seen the thrones upon which you sit in your pride, and how you judge others without cause!… Woe to you! WOE TO YOU! Says The Lord.

Woe to all your self-appointed kings, who sit so high and lofty upon their thrones! And woe to every arrogant prince and man in authority! For you shall by no means escape when the power of The Lord is revealed from Heaven, when the arm of The Almighty is stretched out against every tribe, tongue, people and nation, when the presence of The God of Israel strikes fear into the hearts of all men!… Swift calamity! Sudden destruction! Great tribulation for all nations!

Therefore, hear the word of The Lord, all you who dwell in the churches of men: Your houses are left to you desolate, and shall be torn down in the Day of Calamity! And because you have refused knowledge and have set yourselves above correction, forsaking the voice of The Lord your God, persecuting My prophets which I Myself have sent to you, you shall become outcasts in your own land!… Behold, you shall become as the vagabond who wanders the streets, a beggar in great want, drinking from the cup of your own tears, wailing, the sound of which shall carry throughout the streets of the hard-hearted… Barely noticed, with none stopping to lend a hand.

For the day is coming quickly, when you shall speak My name aloud in your complaint, and boast of all your works which you did presumptuously in My name. Yet in that day I shall turn My face from you, declaring to you… ‚I never knew you‘, for you are all workers of iniquity, a people who honor lawlessness in the name of Grace!… Yet I tell you, YOU HAVE DEFILED MY NAME!

In your arrogance you have caused many to turn from Me; and on account of all your perverse doctrines and polluted traditions have you led My children into rebellion against The Lord! Yes, even by this detestable doctrine which I loathe in My zeal, this place of eternal torment which was passed down to you through the mouth of the harlot, have you caused them to blaspheme My name on the highest order!

Yet you gladly accept it, behold you relish it! And according to your own wickedness, with hearts full of judgment, you uphold it in your wrath! And in your quiet indignation, you secretly take pleasure in it!…

DESECRATION UNEQUALLED AMONG YOUR GENERATIONS! For by all your detestable doctrines have you appointed yourselves in My stead, placing yourselves upon My throne! Yet you did not hesitate, nor did you stop to consider your ways, for you do not retain God in your thoughts, nor does The Holy One have any part in your sacred assemblies!

For you have not ceased from causing those among you to offer up polluted worship in My name, as you continue to heap the filth of the heathen upon them!…

Neither have you lifted a finger to wipe the pollution of the pagan from their faces, with which you splatter them!… Nor have you held your tongue from your blasphemies, by which all this uncleanness has entered their ears!

Therefore thus says The Lord God, of whom you have not known… YOU WERE TO BE MY EXAMPLES! For the image in which you have recreated Me, I AM NOT! Therefore you are no more My people, you are your own!… LEFT to your own devices, LEFT to the filthiness of your fornications, LEFT to all your worldly lusts of which you continually seek after, having loved this world more than Me… Therefore, I declare to you, your guilt remains and your sins are uncovered.

Beloved, what will come of this world?… Nothing, only dust and ashes will remain! For I shall destroy the kingdoms of men! I shall tear down everything they have built, until every last vestige of man’s invention is purged! With everlasting fire it shall be burned up, and in the heat of My vengeance shall I make a full end, for the fire of The Lord can not be quenched!

And thus shall I purge the whole breadth of the whole earth… I shall not spare! Says The Lord in His anger. Behold, even the waters shall be consumed in the flames of My hot displeasure, and the rocks shall melt with fervent heat! For I shall utterly destroy your cities, O sons of men, and bring down all your tall towers, and break apart every man-made sanctuary, breaking them in pieces!

Yes, every temple filled with abominations shall be torn down! Every temple, of every religion, shall be broken in pieces! Behold, not even one church or synagogue shall remain standing, though men have endeavored to place My name there!… My name is not there, for My presence is far removed! Neither have I dwelled there! Says The Lord God of Israel.

For I AM THE LORD, a great and mighty King, The Holy One of Israel! And I dwell in no house built by human hands… I dwell in the hearts of men. For I am God, and there is One Savior, and He shall go from temple to temple and search them thoroughly, to see if His spirit dwells there, to see whether or not His name is written there.

Behold, He shall look upon the tables of their hearts for My Commandments, which I had given to the children of Israel, whose adoption you were to become… One olive tree with many branches, growing beautifully, bearing much fruit in The Beloved; even as the children of Israel were to grow also, that they might produce a multitude of sweet grapes from The Vine, which was sent and given up for them.

Yet what do I see?!… Great bitterness, sour wine, an awful spewing from the mouths of My own children!

Therefore, because you have become as a wild and unruly grapevine, dwelling in a field amongst many briars and thorns, I shall bring upon you hail mixed with fire and blood, to purify and to break, and a scorching wind with intense heat, to purge… Behold, it shall come forth quickly and pass through, fanning the flames into a raging fire, until every last briar and thorn is utterly consumed.

And you, O abominable vine, shall be cleansed, pulled up by your roots and set in your place…

Replanted at My feet in My vineyard, where you shall sprout anew, growing quickly, producing a multitude of fruit in a single season… Soon cut off, perishing, and gathered up to Heaven…

For I am The Lord, and My crop shall yield its harvest in due season, according to the time which I have appointed, to the glory of My name.

Therefore thus says The Lord, to all those who yet dwell in the churches of men… Come out from among them and be separate! Depart quickly!

Stop committing adultery with strange men, who have alluring lips and smooth voices, and cease also from all your adulteries committed with the harlot! Drink no more from the cups of her fornications, lest you suffer her fate which is about to be fulfilled! For her ways are against Me, and the doctrines of estranged men have no part with Me! Even their every tradition dishonors Me!… Therefore whosoever remains on their part has no part with Me; and whosoever continues to revel in their sins, the same shall be cast into darkness, where there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Churches of men, where is the fear of The Lord among you?! Not one trembles! Your knowledge is useless, and your understanding is corrupt! What have you done with The Word of Truth?! Seek therefore after pure understanding, and embrace undefiled wisdom, the kind of which is in Me and of Me, which can only be received in The Holy One, your Only Salvation and Escape!… Beloved, crown Him King! No, not in platform nor by vain doctrine! Plead with your God in His name, that He may reign in your hearts! Wake up, My children! Wake up out of this heavy slumber! The time is now!

See, I have called you to awake these seven times; yea, even ten times shall it be spoken through My prophets. Yet still you fail to discern, nor have you awakened from your slumber, for your sleep is deep and your eyelids remain heavy. Therefore according to each call you fail to heed, plugging your ears, refusing Me, and according to how you have ignored My voice and spoken harshly against this trumpet, shall it be accounted to you for refinement…

Yes, you shall keep your life; though it will be required of you in the world, you shall surely keep it. And you shall escape, yet as one escaping through the flames. Then you will know, I AM THE LORD, even I am He who exalts the meek and uplifts the lowly, He who humbles the haughty and abases the proud, The One and Only True God.

And in the presence of your Shepherd shall you dwell forever, worshipping Me in spirit and in truth, even in the Kingdom of My joy which has no end… For in Him are you purified, and by His shed blood are you made white…

For in Him does the fullness of God dwell, and by Him alone is the promise brought to pass, even according to how I Myself had spoken it and as it was written… For I shall be your God, and you shall be My people, forever.