Without Spot or Blemish

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Jesus says… I am the Lamb without Spot or Blemish, sacrificed for Many

June 26, 2007 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy, for a Brother in Christ… „Was Jesus ever ill? It is written, that ‚I was sick and you visited Me.‘ And it is hard to imagine that He could be scourged and crucified but never suffered a migraine. Provided that Jesus was ill as we are, then this would undo all the teaching on health and wealth and prosperity that infects the minds of the materialistic audience of such teachers.“

This is what The Lord says to His servant… My Son, you seek Me, and this is very good. Continue in Me, with all zealousness, and in the times to come shall I bring you riches of the kind you have not known, of the kind that shall bring a multitude into My joy.

Seek on, and serve Me in all patience and steadfastness of faith, with all long-suffering for those who do not know Me and resist My Word. For I am not in them, for they do stifle My Spirit and have yet to receive of My fullness, though they have spoken in My name and confessed a good confession before men.

Yet in their heart, of which I know, they have not confessed; neither have they let go of offenses; neither have they forgiven even everyone their sins, which have been wrought against them; neither have they given up that which I require; neither, in their weakness, has My strength been made perfect in them. For they go their own way, and closely adhere to all doctrines of men and the churches, endeavoring to teach others on My behalf, wherein they go astray and do greatly err.

For that which they have wrought in the Word, according to the traditions of men, is a rewriting of the Word spoken in Truth, of which none shall change. And so, they have endeavored to teach Me and not others. For if they taught others, according to that doctrine which is true, then, by this, they would know that the teacher, who has received of Me and of those gifts given by My own Spirit, teaches not by speaking, but by listening and by example, walking beside Me, holding My hand.

And then, when those with sincere hearts come inquiring of Me, then those, who are given to teach, shall only speak that which I, Myself, have spoken to them. And those who are not given to hear, and wish to teach others of Me, even these, if they be wise in the Word by the reading, and have received understanding, say only that which is written in the Scriptures of Truth, and search the Scriptures according to how I lead them in the edification of those who came before them in the asking. I am the Master, having never ceased from being with My beloved… Yea, I am with them always, even to the end of this age.

Here is wisdom… Apart from Me, one can do nothing… Human power is of no use at all. A faithful, humble servant is what I require… One who listens to all I teach Him, and then teaches it to another. Only those, who have ears to hear, are given to teach.

To the rest, it is not given, for they do strive in vain, walking not next to Me, holding My hand, laying upon My breast. Rather, these men of vanities, of which you have spoken, walk among men and the earthly churches, built up by human power, seeking after human praise, elevated and uplifted in their own egos…

They shall be brought VERY low, abased in the sight of others, and by this, alone, shall they come into glory. By no other means shall these high-minded come to know Me as I truly am, according to the true grace and truth I offer them… Yet they will not come, for they have made Me in their own image, and have forgotten their Maker and His Law, and all that I have commanded them.

Beloved, the churches have all gone out of the way, and do wander wheresoever the world leads them. This has become enmity with God, for they no longer have ears to hear, and refuse The Father’s correction and will not obey His commandments, and have forgotten even all His decrees, of which He has said they should keep, making my sacrifice into a perversion of faces, using My name and glory as a proverb of which I despise, even unto the proliferation of sin, excused in My own name… Desecration!

My Son, I have called unto you, and you have harkened. For you have endeavored to become completely virgin, as I have called Timothy, who was virgin according to doctrine, an empty vessel, meet for the Master’s use. And in like manner, are you also becoming, even very quickly now. And you also will come to hear Me as Timothy hears, for you hear Me already from within, even deep within the recesses of your heart, where I have come to dwell.

I have made you and continue in your formation, until the Day comes when you are united to Me, and we become one, just as The Father and I are One. In that Day, no longer will you ask anything of Me at all, for you will be where I am, and I will be perfected in you and you in Me.

And when you call to Me, I will answer before you have finished speaking, and your knowledge of Me will fill you as your blood fills your veins, wherein is life, of which I am.

You ask of Me questions, of which others think not of, even questions from deep within your conscience. Beloved, you know the answers already. Yet of this question, you think too deeply. Look simply and in faith, My son, and what do you see? …

I have come to minister and not to be ministered unto. I came to heal the sick, even to all those who were in need of the Physician… Beloved, I bore their infirmities. By no means did I, Myself, become sick, for The Father allowed nothing to keep Me from My mission in the fulfillment of all that was written. I came as you, in flesh, to live as you, and to be fully tempted as you, yet I did not suffer illness of the body.

For men do not realize that The Father made the body and mind to be one; and in this, He made them to not suffer illness but to abide in health. So as I came from The Father, and The Father is in Me, and I am in The Father, so also was My body in like manner, the body of which even Adam owned and would have kept to this Day, if he had not transgressed.

All those, without sin, live forever and suffer not. And so I was without sin and abide forever, and came to carry the infirmities of those who came to Me in faith, asking that I should heal them. In the same way, I carried their sin, though I had no part in sin Myself. How can one, who is in need of a physician, heal others? Or one, who has sinned, bear and forgive the sins of another?

I was completely clean, so by this, you and all those who seek Me, might also be clean. Remember and understand My words, spoken and written down in the Scriptures of Truth… No man takes My life from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have the power to lay it down, and I have the power to take it up again. This commandment have I received of My Father…

I am and will always be the perfect Lamb without spot or blemish… Given up for many… Sacrificed… I am the restoration of all things.