Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

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March 19, 2007 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, the God of all creation… Behold and take heed to the Word of The Lord your God. Thus is the guise of the wicked, clothed as a minister of light, though inwardly full of wickedness… The wolf in sheep’s raiment. Beware and take heed, for the one who seeks his own glory and riches, by great perversion of the Truth and that which is detestable in My sight, is of the evil one… His acolyte. Perversion, filth and perversion!

Woe to any who mix poison with the Word, For it is holy as I am holy!…

These shall suffer in the heat of The Lord’s wrath!

Woe to the serpent, the dragon, who does continually entice those who are void of The Spirit, with cleverly crafted tales… Lies within lies, sold to the ignorant as truth. For even satan will not paint himself as an evil, detestable creature, so none will recognize him when he comes to lead many away from the Truth, which is absolute. Neither is there any shadow of turning, whatsoever, in My Word, nor can even one tittle be broken.

And so satan goes out to corrupt the hearts of many in preparation for the harvest, the gathering up of those who live in The Son of Salvation, so when the wide sweeping blow is carried out, he may stop many from believing the truth of who I am, lest the whole of creation turn back to The Lord their God. For there shall be many taken in that day, lowly of the lowly who stand upright before God, and every single child of innocence shall be gone from the earth. And the fathers and mothers shall mourn, and great shall be the wailing of them. For one shall be taken and the other left. Thus is the inheritance of the hard-hearted in that day. The earth shall be left in darkness, its light taken!

Woe to those who are left! Woe to those, who will not believe, you shall believe the lie that even aliens from other worlds and serpents have stolen away your beloved… Wickedness! Great Blasphemy! You shall receive judgment, in full, for your wickedness, following after satan and his servant into condemnation and destruction…

Yet call on the name of The Lord in that day, In all truth and supplications, And you shall be delivered!

The Lord has spoken! It shall be done… The sun is setting on this age of men.

Behold the Morning Star, for it rises quickly, And shall make an end and a beginning, which has no end.

For as I am, so is He I am sending…. The Alpha and Omega, The Lord and your God, your King!…

The Holy One of Israel, YahuShua The Anointed of God… By whom all things are and have life… Even the Fashioner and Carpenter of all these worlds… Amen.