YaHuWaH (Jehovah) is One and His Word is One

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Regarding the Wisdom, which the Lord had given to Timothy and his wife… The Old Testament is The Father revealing Himself, while pointing to The Son. The New Testament is The Son revealing Himself while pointing to The Father, also fulfilling the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament in Himself. The Letters are The Father and The Son revealing themselves as One, even as the Word of God is one, with The Letters being the culmination of the whole… Not separate, but one. Therefore, to reject any part of The Lord’s Word is to reject the whole… The three books are one… One on-going testament to God’s glory.

Thus says The Lord… Those who receive of Me begin to see with eyes wide open, with the deafness of their ears healing quickly. Yet those who have not received rely upon the spirit of men to discern, and stumble greatly; rejecting My Word spoken to this generation, while at the same time polluting My Word from aforetime; firmly securing the veil which remains atop their heads, covering their faces in an attempt to hide their shame. Therefore, I have spoken it and shall Say it again before this perverse and most wicked generation, Though they can in no wise bear to hear it…

I AM COME! THE TIME IS HERE!… And behold I, The Lord your God, will do nothing until I have revealed My plans to My servants, the prophets… And this I have done.