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Chapter 18 - The Boy Jesus’ story of the twenty seven magicians in Damascus. Barnabas’ embarrassment and surprise. Of the secret of the Omniscience of the Boy Jesus.

1. The Boy Jesus: “It is now exactly two years since you were busily going about the streets of Damascus. At the same time, some 27 magicians arrived from India. They made great announcements of how they would affect the greatest wonders in the large grove outside the town, on the third day after the new moon.

2. Among the numerous announcements were also these: ‘Five of the chief magicians will, with their little fingers and without any physical effort, pull out a stake heavier than a thousand pounds, and driven into the earth more than 7 feet deep – thus more than half its length – and then let it freely float about in the air for several moments. The same they will then also do with a rock more than ten thousand pounds in weight (a burden not to be moved by a hair ’s breadth by three hundred of the strongest men with all the strength of their hands). Finally a camel, perfectly dead, is going to be made alive for a few instants, and as a conclusion, even a statue shall be made alive for some moments.’

3. At this announcement nearly the whole of Damascus was on the day named present in the great grove, in order to gaze at the wonders announced. You were one of the first near the magicians, and you saw all very well, and were extremely astonished.

4. The many preceding numbers were already known to you: but when the last ones were carried out with the most surprising precision, you opened mouth and eyes wide, clasped your hands over your head and called out aloud: ‘This is unheard of! It has never been before! These cannot be men, they can only be gods, to whom veneration should be paid!’

5. You made the exclamation of course, more because of the respected heathens who were present in great numbers at the exhibition; however, secretly within yourself, you thought of Beelzebub, and therefore in your mind you felt very uneasy.

6. But now you also say that you feel quite uneasy at My miracles! What difference then do you find between Mine and those seen by you two years ago in Damascus?”

7. Here Barnabas became very embarrassed, and said, but only after a while: “Now tell me, you lovely incomprehensible Boy, how can you know all that? You yourself were not present at the time in that town, as far as I know, neither was any one from your country! Except to a few colleagues in the temple, I have never yet told anyone about this strange wonder working: how did you get to know of my deeply hidden secret experience?”

8. I said: “Set yourself at ease about that, I get to know absolutely everything, but I do not allow that to be a hindrance to anyone: everyone is, and remains, free to act according to the law, or against it. The consequences never depend on the power of My Will, but on the order and the sanctity of the law given in nature, as also in the moral atmosphere of men among each other.

9. But how, and whence, I am able to know all that, is also a secret about which only some twenty years later, the world will be enlightened, as well as about all My other miracles. If you had faith to believe that the Spirit of the Messiah lives in Me in all fullness, you would soon be able to comprehend how and whence I own such capabilities as have never been there previously: but, if you cannot and will not accept and believe that, you will have to wait until the time previously given! Then you will certainly understand it, but never imitate Me!”

Main Page Three days in the Temple of Jerusalem 3DAYS-18 Chapter