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Chapter 20 - The second night in the inn. Joram and Barnabas look for suitable passages out of Isaiah.

1. I, the judge and old Simon went to the aforesaid inn, at which we had already spent a night, and at which the Nazarenes generally used to stay when at Jerusalem.

2. For it was an old custom in Jerusalem that each town of the whole kingdom of the Jews had an inn bearing the same name; and this was so that if anyone from Jerusalem or from any other town had to settle anything, or wanted any information about any town, he only had to go to the inn of that name, and he would be sure to meet there daily, one or even more newcomers to Jerusalem of the same town, who came for the sake of business.

3. As time went on, this custom has also been adopted in Europe. In former times the sign boards of the inns served a similar purpose; nowadays, there is of course scarcely any trace of it left.

4. I have only added this so that later on it will be easier to understand, how my foster parents, on the third day – the day of their return – and towards evening, could have found Me quite easily, seeing that they inquired as soon as possible about Me at the inn ‘Nazareth’, where I had been staying at night.

5. The temple officials had for the greater part gone to rest this time after their supper; only Joram and Barnabas took the Book of Isaiah in hand, and look up in it passages which would not specially apply to me or any other Messiah. But as time went on, they too were overcome by sleep and went to rest.

6. Night passes like a moment for the weary; and this was also the case here. The temple officials would have liked to turn round once more, but the day, already grown quite bright, summoned them to keep awake, and to apply themselves to their task, which did not please them at all on that day, not even Joram and Barnabas; because they could not make out of the whole of Isaiah, any really very striking passage which could have compelled Me to be silent.

7. While they were searching, Joram said to Barnabas: “It is just as if one were bewitched! At other times I have at once had a couple of dozen passages fitting the purpose, at my fingers ends, and now I have been already looking or an hour, like a tired raven for its nest, and find nothing, nothing at all!”

8. Said Barnabas: “Don’t let that trouble you at all! If the Boy absolutely wants to become the Messiah in accordance with His extraordinary abilities – if He retains them in his manhood – well, let Him remain so! It surely does not matter really so very much. If however His abilities should forsake Him later on, He will perhaps Himself give up His idea! However take the book with you, for we may perhaps use it still in the course of the day. We will now also go to the conference hall, for most of them will already be assembled there!”

9. Thereupon both of them got up, and quickly went to the conference hall.

Main Page Three days in the Temple of Jerusalem 3DAYS-20 Chapter