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Chapter 8 - The threat of the High priest, and the strong protest of the Roman judge against it.

1. The High priest said: “If that boy in all seriousness does such things without our knowledge and without the consent of the temple, it is as clear as daylight that he is possessed by Beelzebub, the chief of the devils; if that were of the divine power, it would never happen outside the temple! What moral purity is necessary in order to partake of divine power, and that can never be done elsewhere but only in the Holy of Holies in the temple, according to the teaching of Moses and all the prophets.

2. He who knows that from the Scriptures, knows also what such miracles are if they are done outside the temple! It would even be an indispensable duty of the temple to exterminate such children and men at all cost! And should after our further investigation, such things as you have declared about this boy prove true, he too will have to be destroyed from the earth as an ally of Beelzebub!”

3. The judge said: “This was of course a former custom established by yourselves, but since we Romans are here as your lords and masters, such a thing will hardly happen again; for the sword of justice is always and for all time completely in our hands, and whoever lifts it arbitrarily without our will and knowledge, will be treated without any distinction of rank as a rebel and murderous robber!

4. But I have just heard from this boy as well as from yourself that you murdered even a high priest in your temple madness, because he pretended to have had a higher vision. Assuredly he had roused your too powerful envy through that, and that sufficed for you to determine to rid the world of him. That happened twelve years ago, therefore under our rule!

5. This case will be examined more closely, and who knows if you will taste the sword of Roman justice rather than that marvelous boy your temple revenge? Here, in virtue of my official authority, I tell you temple servants that I shall punish with the sword, everyone who only from afar would dare to do harm to that boy! Nothing further need be said.”

6. The High priest said: “But we have a promise from the Emperor which assures us the temple justice, and that it may not be infringed by any worldly judge!”

7. The judge said: “I know precisely how far this goes, and that you may well exercise a discreet discipline, but between this and ‘Jus gladii’ (sword of justice) there is a very great and very wide difference! And woe betides the one amongst you who transgresses!”

8. The High priest said: “What of the power of Herod who is at the same time ruler of a fourth part – in Galilee? Does he not also possess the ‘jus gladii’?”

9. The judge: “Herod as well as all other princes in the land of the Jews is a purely subordinate prince, and the ‘jus gladii’ is limited in their case to their servants, laborers and slaves. If they treat these cruelly – for which they have certainly a purchased right from ten to ten years – they will soon be without servants, as no one is compelled by us to take service with them, and therefore they can, for their own sake, make no special use of the dearly bought right; and that the less as every one of the servants – except a few slaves – may leave their employment whenever he will, and finds himself at the moment he leaves, no longer under the jurisdiction of such a prince, but under ours!

10. Then they have the right to collect the taxes due to them, if need be even by force, but without the ‘jus gladii’. They have to have our permission for executions and also pay for them.

11. These are the rights of Herod as of every other subordinate prince; everything beyond this is a crime to be punished most vigorously, and even at the first offence is punishable with the loss of feudal right.

12. In case you think of searching with the power of Herod this wonderful boy, you are greatly mistaken, and Herod will know very well how to avoid the transgression of his rights.

13. But this boy is now also under my protection, and I give him full permission to torment you with all kinds of questions and I shall not leave his side, for in his brain and in his mind there is more thoroughly sound wisdom than in all of you and your whole sanctuary. And now, you my dearest, most gracious boy, you may talk again, for I have cleared the way for you!”

Main Page Three days in the Temple of Jerusalem 3DAYS-8 Chapter