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The Lord says… A faithful Witness shares the Gifts he has received with everyone

June 21, 2010 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Beloved, hear Me, says The Lord… Understand love and know mercy, then go and do justly as you walk humbly with your God, sharing all I have given you with everyone you meet.

For My gifts are not treasures to be hidden, but a wealth of knowledge, revelation of who I truly am… Love like no other, a gift to be shared!… Life without end for all who receive of Me.

And if they turn away, pray for them. For they know not the valley in which they tread, nor do they understand they are walking into death, for they have yet to grasp the full weight of their error. Thus those who rebel against Me, and speak evil of you because of Me, shall surely receive of My strong rebuke, judgment at the time appointed, if they do not repent.

Therefore, warn them from Me. And in doing so shall you understand love and know mercy, and do justly. For this is to love your enemies, to bless those who curse you, and to do good to those who hate you. My sons and daughters, it is time to love your neighbour as yourself!…

For only a wicked man would neglect his own people; only an evil man would fail to warn his neighbour; and only a sluggard would sleep while holding the trumpet…

Only a man, meet for death, would fail to warn the people, when the sword is about to overtake the land… Says The Lord.