Abide in the Doctrine of the Messiah

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June 28, 2006 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy… Lord, how can I convert the sinner from his ways and bring him the Good News and your warning, if I am to remain separate?

[Answer from God The Father] Timothy, you have asked, and I shall answer you for the sake of these gathered, and especially for those with children of hardened hearts.

Thus says The Lord your God, your Redeemer… I have spoken it, and these have not harkened. I have written it with parchment and ink through the prophets… Yea, I have also etched My words in stone by My own finger. Who has heard My message? Who has obeyed My words? Those, who are fully converted in their inward parts, have accepted My message, and have come into the joy of The Lord, and do take pleasure in following Me, knowing I AM WHO I AM.

So then what of these smoking fire-brands, who surround you and do rebel against their God by both word and deed?… Hypocrites! Shall My children profess to know Me, and proclaim the name of My Only Begotten, whose is called Christ and Jesus, and then go and sin before My face in that very same hour, removing their hearts far from Me by all their doings? They do continually transgress! Neither do they abide in the doctrine of The Messiah. In Him shall you live, and by Him are you saved! So then, it is your reasonable service to obey His words and obey His commands. For all that He is, and has spoken, and all that is spoken of Him, in truth, is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the very image of The Father, given to men, so they may know Me and return to Me.

To abide in the doctrine of The Messiah is not mere proclamation or belief. To abide is to live in His Word… Yea, a shining example of righteousness, a striving to be like The Messiah in all your ways, so that the passerby, and even those close to you, may come to know the true joy of The Lord, by His disciples who glorify His name by all they do. Do you not remember what your Lord has told you, “One does not live on bread and water alone, but by every word spoken by the mouth of The Lord your God”? So then, little ones, do not just give voice and teach, but abide in the doctrine of Messiah, My doctrine. By example shall you lead them.

Did you think you could change the hearts of the afflicted by human power?… This is of no use at all. I shall soften the hearts of the seekers, crack the hearts of the afflicted and harden the hearts of the wicked.

What of you, Timothy? Have you, yourself, saved even one of these thousands who have turned to Me, by your own doings? Did you cause yourself to write these words? Did you give the newly redeemed understanding? Did you pour out your own spirit upon them? Timothy, have peace… I know you know the truth of My words, and the answers of your heart have spoken truth and righteousness. Yet I have, and will continue to make you an example to the people.

My beloved, all of Timothy’s apparent success in the conversion of these many thousands is answered in one word …obedience. He has obeyed the voice of The Lord. I gave him the seeds, he planted, and I gave the increase.

So then, beloved, how then shall you change even one thought or action of those, whom you love, by your presence? Rather, that which is clean must stay clean. For that which is unclean is of a high concentration and does continually flow into that which is of a lower concentration, contaminating it. Only The Lord your God, Maker of all things, can turn back the tide and cleanse that which is contaminated. Why kick your foot against the bricks?… You will only limp away wounded by the effort. You shall go where I send you.

Thus says The Lord… I have come to make not peace, but war, a great division, families in derision… Parents against the children, and the children against the parents… Even sibling against sibling, friend against friend…

Your enemies will be they of your own house and kindred. The wheat and the tares must be separated for the harvest, And the wheat taken into My barn.

The Lord has spoken… His words stand. Neither is there any change, whatsoever, in My vesture. As I have always been, so I am, and tomorrow the same…

For I AM WHO I AM, and there is none like Me, Save Him I sent to you who is as I am, the very Mercy of My heart.

Keep not the company of the wicked. How shall you teach the blind? What words will the deaf hear? Can you heal the tongues of the dumb?… I shall teach them My words, so they may sing with a new voice. And if they will forbear, and not give heed to My teaching, nor listen to My words or speak rightly, shall I not punish them?

What of this wicked generation, who speaks against My prophets and hisses at them in secret? Behold, I have put My words in the mouths of My witnesses. Woe to any man or woman, who seeks them ill will. I have put MY words in their mouths. Shall you, then, blaspheme your God in your forsaking of them? Have understanding and look past your selfish desires… It is I who speaks to you! You would not hear, so I have sent to you the prophets, to give you understanding and guidance, so I may bless you… Yet you stab at Me, by assaulting them, stoning them and killing them. Shall I not give you recompense, in full, for your evil surmisings and wicked deeds, brought forth from your corrupted hearts? Are you, this modern generation, so skilled in knowledge that you have put yourself above your forefathers and ancestors?

Shall I reward you for your achievements that lead you quickly into destruction?… No! Says The Lord your God. As I have punished all who have disobeyed the Word of The Lord, given them from the beginning, even so shall I do to this wicked generation to the end… Yea, even twenty-one times more shall you receive at My hand. For in this modern age, the Truth has been preached to you even many, many times and is readily available for your salvation. Even the Gospel, at present, is being preached in all the world and will soon be known to all… Then The Holy One shall come. Yet you have denied the very name of the One, who has given you life and saved you from death. Oh disobedient children, shall I not punish you?

Sons of men, your kingdom is finished… Your knowledge is come to nothing. The Mashiach comes as the thief… You know His name.

He shall leave you in darkness, having gathered up the light. Behold… Your King comes to destroy, and regain His inheritance. Then shall all those, who love His coming, abide truly in His doctrine,

For He shall be in them and amongst them… And I shall be their God, and they shall be My people… Amen.