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Chapter 113


1. Some of the others, too, have noticed Gella's behavior, also Chanchah's reaction. So they are asking each other who I might be, for although Martin was supposed to be the host here, I am acting as if I were the real host and Martin and Borem only My devoted servants.

2. (Noticing this querying among the guests, Martin walks up to them and says): "Listen, dear brothers and sisters, think of the Word of God. Has not the Lord Himself said: 'Whosoever will be chief among you, let him be the servant of all'? Do you think there would be a different order here in heaven than the one the Lord Himself taught and revealed on earth?

3. On the contrary, I assure you that here in this world the Lord's order is adhered to in every detail. Therefore, do not keep wondering who this one might be, or why that is so, but eat and drink, each one according to his needs. And then thank only Jesus, the Lord, for everything. In due course, you will find out all that you have to know."

4. (Say the guests): "Friend, although your words just now were wise enough, thank God we are quite aware of these facts, and you have not helped us with your advice at all. We are also aware that we are allowed to eat of this blessed food as much as we want, and you could have saved yourself the trouble of encouraging us to go on eating. We are convinced that also here in the Kingdom of God, every spirit has his stomach which ought to know how much it can take. Therefore, you could have saved yourself your superfluous zeal!

5. We do know now that in the Kingdom of God the servant of all is the greatest. To be the 'servant of all,' on the other hand, must represent also the highest attainment in love, wisdom, and might. For where there is not enough love, there cannot be enough thirst for action, which would be the main characteristic of a 'servant of all.' Secondly, such a person must be full of the highest wisdom or otherwise he might not be too successful in his service to all. And finally, we are convinced that such a person must be most powerful and mighty.

6. Do you, friend, really imagine yourself to be such a most-humble servant of all? If that were the case, we would be very sorry for you. Of one thing all of us are quite positive, and that is that the Lord alone is capable of such service to all. What do you think about it?"

7. Martin is thunderstruck at these words and quite at a loss what to reply to the wise speakers. One of them, seeing his embarrassment, says to him :

8. (One of the speakers): "Brother, do not worry, but return to your previous place and rely on the one who - to all of us - seems to be a true servant of all. Then you will never be embarrassed again. However, if sometimes you like to take matters into your own hands, thinking that you can manage them on your own, you might find to your embarrassment that your strength is no greater than that of a fly, compared with the colossal strength of a horse. Therefore, return to that strong one. With Him you can achieve great things; without Him, nothing!"

9. (Martin hurriedly returns to Me, saying). "But Lord, what a lesson they have taught me! Nobody has ever silenced me that promptly! There is nothing I could have replied to them. Unfortunately, they are right."

10. (Say I): "Just take an example of Borem. He never does anything without My approval and, consequently, does not hit any opposition, whilst you sometimes like to be prominent, and this gets you into trouble. Yes, My dear Martin, in this world, guests cannot be treated as on earth, for it can happen that those whom one wants to teach, are vastly superior in their wisdom. How many more times will you get yourself embarrassed before you become wise?"

11. (Says Martin): "Oh, Lord, the saying goes that an ass will walk onto ice but once and after that keep off it. I must combine the souls of many asses, each of which has to slip once, or I should be much wiser by now, for the sake of Your most holy name."

12. (Say I): "Well, everything is all right again, but do watch out for My will and you will never be embarrassed. But refresh yourself again with bread and wine to strengthen yourself for the task of dragging that guest over here, together with Borem."

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-113 Chapter