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Chapter 117


117,1. (After a while, Martin once more turns to the dragon and says): "Listen, you incorrigible depraver of all life, you mischief-maker, you ancient hero of spiritual darkness, and merciless bringer of death to all poor souls, even if you speak like a great philosopher, it is not your will that bids you speak like that but your helplessness, since you were seized by the boundless might of the Lord. I could bet a thousand lives to one that your language would be quite different if you were free!

117,2. I am fully aware that you came forth out of God as a first and greatest spirit of light and purity. Your power pervaded the expanses of space, and your light shone like an eye of God. And I also know that God created you out of Himself for the supreme resurrection of the freest and most blissful life, but not for the fall, in which you have remained unchanged for eternities in your stubbornness.

117,3. Tell me, why aren't you on the spiritual level intended for you by the will of God? Why do you keep opposing God's will? Why do you prefer to remain forever in a state of horrible torment instead of turning to the Lord, your God and Father, and enjoying a boundless measure of infinite fatherly love in freedom and supreme power? Speak, if you possess sufficient wisdom to answer my questions."

117,4. (Says the dragon): "Well, Martin, this way of asking questions is much more sensible than your previous way, and it is a credit to your spirit. You really have touched on matters that deserve a good answer. But prior to answering questions on such profound subjects, I make it a rule to test the interrogator to make sure he is capable of comprehending what I shall tell him.

117,5. Therefore, I ask of the Lord - if He wishes me to answer you - to grant me full freedom for a short while, in which case I guarantee that neither you nor anyone else will be harmed in any way. If you pass my test, I will answer all your questions. If not, it will mean that you are not ready yet by far for profound wisdom. I may also add that I will test you only if you insist on having your questions answered. Now decide what you want to do."

117,6. Martin again turns to Me and asks Me what he should do.

117,7. (Say I): "If somebody starts a job, he must also complete it; this is a foremost rule of all true life. Therefore, you will have to submit to the condition of your opponent. But I tell you, be firm. For this is an extremely cunning spirit, and his tests are clever traps!"

117,8. (Then, turning to the dragon, I speak): "You are free for a short while. Do not misuse this favor!"

117,9. The same moment, the dragon's horrible body dissolves and from its dust arises a female being of such supreme beauty that the most beautiful maidens of the sun would be left far behind. A softness beyond comparison, a nobility of limbs and joints, a tenderness and whiteness of skin - there would be nothing to match this in all of infinity. And the indescribably beautiful body is crowned by a head of such majestic beauty that it beats all the power of imagination.

117,10. This being of inconceivable beauty looks at Martin in the most friendly manner and says in a very sweet and melodious voice:

117,11. (Satana): "Well, dear Martin, if you wish it, I shall answer your questions. But first tell me whether you could love me if I loved you more than my life. Could you love me and through your love save me from my great torment of which you are fully aware? Speak, oh speak, Martin!"

117,12. Martin is overwhelmed and scarcely able to breathe from astonishment. The extreme attraction of this being has made him violently excited. He cannot speak coherently, just stammer and stare. His whole being, in every fiber, is pervaded by glowing love for this - to him - unbearable feminine beauty.

117,13. (After a long while, during which he has become more and more glowing, Martin cries with all his might): "Oh, heaven, heaven, heaven, who could see and not love you? I love you, love you boundlessly! You most beautiful of all beings, who could be happy having seen you and knowing that you are unhappy and suffer?

117,14. If I cannot save you, I would rather suffer together with you than be the most blessed spirit in heaven without you! I would give away a thousand lives for just an atom of your being. Oh, you most glorious being, speak, oh speak! What can I do to save you, to win you for myself forever?"

117,15. (Says the changed dragon): "Oh, glorious Martin, if you love me as you say, give me a passionate kiss. The kiss will save me forever and I shall become the sweetest companion for your everlasting life."

117,16. (Says Martin, delightedly): "Oh, heaven of heavens, not only one kiss, but you shall have a trillion kisses!"

117,17. He rushes forward to perform his task, but is stunned when this being pushes him back and cries full of contempt:

117,18. (Satana): "Stand back, lascivious rake, you did not pass your test and, therefore, are not worthy of any answers from me in future. You wretch, how could you forget God and throw yourself into my arms - mine, who am the enemy of all life not in accordance with my own? Oh, you weak creature, you scum of all loathsomeness!"

117,19. Martin collapses in a swoon and the dragon reverts to his previous shape.

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-117 Chapter