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Chapter 124


124,1. Bishop Martin, with Borem and Chorel, returns to Me. He wants to tell Me that the thousand bathers (the dragon's adherents) - since they are feeling better - are assuming various shapes and are becoming rather unruly, so much so that even Borem does not know what to do with them!

124,2. (Say I to the three): "The thousand in the bath are quite safe, for they cannot see this house, but only the world of evil within them. This is now becoming more and more active and, therefore, is expessing itself visibly. That is a good sign and you need not worry about them. They will be guided onto the right path.

124,3. Over there, however, are more than three hundred women suffering from acute jealousy in their hearts, and I am sorry for them. Go and teach them what is right, but do not threaten them again with the bath, brother Martin, if you want to bring those poor souls to Me.

124,4. Jealousy is a parasite of love, which it undermines. If the parasite on love's tree of life becomes too mighty, it will eventually destroy the whole tree. If the tree is to be saved and strengthened, means must be found to completely rid the tree of these pests.

124,5. By stirring up jealous minds through threats, you only graft the parasite yourself upon the tree of life, where it will grow rapidly and destroy the tree.

124,6. In future, when you have to deal with jealous spirits, you must observe this: Look upon jealousy as a product of love and think that where there is jealousy, there also must be love. Appease such jealousy with love, and the result will soon be burning love.

124,7. I tell you, where no jealousy is evident, there is no love! Or have you ever seen on earth parasitic plants grow on barren trees? You don't see them on willows, pines, spruces, or thousands of other trees like those, but on good fruit trees you'll find them frequently.

124,8. Thus it is here with these women. They have much love, just as a good fruit tree has a lot of highquality juice. Endeavor to remove the parasite from their hearts through love and you will achieve with them wonders of the most prolific love. Go now and do as I have advised you, and you will do a good work as an offering to My heart."

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-124 Chapter