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Chapter 132


132,1. (Says Martin): "It seems to me as if I do understand, but this matter is not yet perfectly clear to me. I know that the Lord and surely also you, brother Peter, and also Borem, possess this perfect knowledge, and still you do not move any faster than the rest of us. How am I to understand that?"

132,2. (Says John): "Friend, ours is only an apparent movement, out of love for you and all this crowd. In actual fact, we are already wherever we have or wish to be.

132,3. While I am speaking with you here, I am simultaneously in countless other suns and worlds, acting there as I am here, in the name of the Lord, fulfilling His holy will as best I can. And the same applies to an even greater extent to the Lord Himself, as well as to Peter and to all perfected citizens of heaven. Do you comprehend it now?"

132,4. (Says Martin): "My dearest brother, I must admit that this is somewhat beyond me. Your explanation almost gives me the impression of a kind of celestial bragging. Unless out of you, the one John during the earth-time of almost two thousand years, at least a decillion of identical Johns has emerged, this is an absolute impossibility.

132,5. I, too, am now a spirit, and surely not quite an imperfect one or I would not be with the Lord. But so far I am just the one Martin and am where I am, and could not possibly be simultaneously an identical spirit elsewhere. For while a unit is a unit, a division is unthinkable as it is no longer a unit when it is divided, but a state of division of one and the same being, although each part may be of identical nature. And the value of each individual, identical part out of the former unit, would then be only proportional depending on the total number of parts out of that particular unit.

132,6. Thus, if the position with you and even the Lord is as you suggest, you are not a complete John, nor is He a complete Lord, as He is with us at present. I can consider you a complete John only when you are once more integrated. Or give me a logical explanation how this could ever be understood in any other way."

132,7. (Says John): "Oh friend, this is only a very little nut of inner wisdom for you to crack, and it is already choking you. Whatever are you going to do when the children of the sun-dwellers offer you world-sized lumps of diamonds to crush?

132,8. Behold, you have never seen more than one sun. If its full image had been reflected to you through one or a thousand mirrors, would that have split the sun or lessened its effectiveness?

132,9. Does not every dewdrop and every eye reflect the image of the sun effectively? And there is still only the one sun with always the same effectiveness.

132,10. Ponder this for a while, friend, and then we shall continue our progress in this sun-sphere, or it may indeed take us a long time before we reach the valley."

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-132 Chapter