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Chapter 140


140,1. (Following this good reply by Martin, the three bow deeply to him and say): "You glorious son of the Great Spirit, we have now recognized that you are a true son of Him for Whom we do not have a name. As you have defeated us, we are now yours and so is this prize. Allow us to be the lowest in your mansion and teach us how to love the eternal God."

140,2. (Says Martin, surprised at what he sees): "My house can accommodate many thousands more. So there will be enough room for you too. For my house, which the Lord, my infinitely holy Father, has erected for me forever, is larger than your world. Therefore, if you desire to come to my house, throw away your wisdom-prize, turn to my prize of love, and follow me. But if possible, cover yourselves up a bit more, for to me who am alive in love and not just in wisdom, your attractions are mightier than your words!"

140,3. (In answer to these words of Martin's, those standing behind the three maidens are coming forward with richly pleated blue garments, in which they dress the three sun-maidens. When they are ready, they say to Martin): "Sublime and glorious son of the Most High, do you now find our attire pleasing to your eyes? Are we now as you wish to see us?"

140,4. (Says Martin): "That is much better and fit for my house, which is a mansion of the great, holy Father, Who Himself is fully clothed and not half-naked as you were before. You are still infinitely beautiful, but I can bear to look at you, and thus you can stay with me.

140,5. But now tell me this: Do you know the Great Spirit? Can you picture Him? What would you do if you had to face Him?"

140,6. (Say the three): "We know, glorious one, that there is a most high, Primordial Spirit of spirits Who has created all things out of His infinite wisdom and omnipotence. However, this Spirit is so holy that we may not ever dare picture Him in any way. Only our highest philosophers are allowed to do that. Therefore, you can imagine how we would feel if, should He adopt any shape, we had to face Him, knowing Who He is. Oh, that would be terrible, the most terrible thing that could ever happen to us!"

140,7. (Says Martin): "If that is so, why aren't you afraid of us, His children? Look at the fruit pure wisdom bears. That which is the greatest need of our hearts is strictly withheld from yours. And what is our greatest bliss could become your greatest torment.

140,8. What a difference there is between us and you! Tell me, have you never experienced love in your hearts? Don't you feel something like that now for me, or for one of my two brothers here?"

140,9. (Say the three): "What do you mean by that? We know that love is a covetousness of the heart, a contracting force which seizes related objects, attracts them and tends to unite with them. However, we do not know what else love is. This force of the heart is only capable of seizing small things, being small itself! How could it seize an object as big as you are? We can hold you in our highest esteem, but you would be much too big to be seized by our love."

140,10. (Says Martin): "Ah, your wisdom is already giving out! Do not worry about the size of your heart, which will soon be big enough for a great amount of love. Which of you could embrace me and press me to her heart?"

140,11. (Say all three joyfully): "Oh, we can do that, and if you, glorious one, will allow it, we shall give you a fiery proof of our ability."

140,12. (Says Martin): "Go ahead! I give you this permission with the greatest pleasure!

140,13. (Now all three embrace Martin, and each of them presses her tender bosom firmly against his, saying): "Ah, how sweet this is! Oh, let us stay here at your heart for a while longer."

140,14. (Says Martin): "I knew that you had love, and plenty of it! Do stay at my heart for a while. It will teach you best how to love!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-140 Chapter