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Chapter 144


144,1. Then the three sun-maidens, escorted by their guides, have reached Me, Chanchah and Gella see their beauty and are quite startled. Chanchah says:

144,2. (Chanchah): "Oh You, my almighty Father, what are these beings? No human heart could ever imagine such inconceivable beauty! O Father, are these also created beings, or are they primordial spirits who from eternity have been purer than the light of the purest star?

144,3. How terribly ugly I must appear compared with them! When I look at them, I feel - forgive me for such a thought - as if it must be almost impossible for You, o Father, to make the female human shape so endlessly beautiful. Of course, such a thought is silly - just as I am silly at this moment. But that boundless beauty is really almost unbearable for me."

144,4. After these words, Chanchah is silent. Gella has not yet said anything at all, but only keeps sighing secretly to herself about her imagined great ugliness.

144,5. (I, however, leave them for a while to their broken-hearted-ness with good reason, and say to Martin): "Well, My beloved brother Martin, you have been quite successful as a fisherman. You caught for Me three nice little fishes from the deep water of the sun, which gives Me great joy. It is obvious that you are more successful with your fishing here than you were on earth! Therefore, I will have to make you a real fisherman in the waters of the sun. You are now becoming quite strong and really useful with My brothers Peter and John, who, at all times, are My chief fishermen in the whole of infinity.

144,6. This time you have really excelled, and it is the first true joy that you have given Me. For, until now, scarcely any of the fishermen sent to this world of light have succeeded in catching any beings of this world into the net of love. Their wisdom is great, and their beauty has already disabled many a fisherman. You, however, have excelled as a true master, and since you have managed small things so well, I will now set you over greater things."

144,7. (Says Martin): "O Lord, O Father, too much - too much grace! You know that an ox is good for nothing but some beef, and before You, I am but an ox, or even worse! You know what I mean.

144,8. Without Your particular grace, I would not have done as well in the presence of these three charming daughters of the sun. Even if their wisdom might not have been too much for me, their enticing beauty surely would have!

144,9. And, what a beauty, from head to foot! But then, You helped me through the two strong brothers and everything worked out well. But if You had withdrawn from me for only a little while, then it would have been the end of my strength. And how I would have then fared, only You, O Lord, know best!"

144,10. (Say I): "My dear brother, you are right, indeed, for without Me, no one can achieve anything. But, behold, it is like this:

144,11. The giving of My grace is My work, and it is not withheld from anybody. However, the taking hold of this grace and the acting in accordance with it, is the personal task of every free spirit and, thus, also yours. And that is why I praise you - because you took hold of My grace so well and acted accordingly.

144,12. I bestow My grace upon many; they know it, and praise Me for it. However, when it comes to acting accordingly, they disregard My grace and remain unchanged in their bad worldly habits. While they are in the flesh, they pamper it and remain sensual to the last moment. After arriving in the spirit-world, they are much worse than on earth, since here they can have everything they want. My grace still keeps flowing to them, but they ignore it, and that is most detrimental to them.

144,13. You, however, respected My grace as your actions showed, and that is why you deserve My praise - all the more so since here, this acting in accordance with My grace is a thousand times harder to do than on earth. Continue in this direction and your spirit will soon achieve a unique power of freedom."

144,14. (Peter and John themselves give witness, saying): "Truly, we would not have risked to confront the sun-women with love, knowing them and what they can do if they discover only the least trace of weakness in a spirit. But Martin succeeded, and for that be the highest praise to You, Lord, and a glorious crown of valor for Martin."

144,15. (Say I): "So be it! But now, My dear brother Martin, introduce your three little fishes to Me so that I can find out how you have prepared them for Me."

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