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Chapter 153


153,1. (The sun-daughters, following their exposure, have noticed the embarrassment of the numerous women. Therefore, they approach them, saying): "Esteemed sisters, shed all that is unworthy of you, and our appearance will not disturb you at all.

153,2. That it has pleased the Almighty to create us so infinitely beautiful in your eyes is not our fault and, seeing that our beauty is not our work but solely the work of God, it does not make us vain or even proud, which is a bad trait on your earth. Therefore, it would be foolish and wicked of us if we looked down on you because your bodies are less beautiful than ours.

153,3. You, as well as we, have been made by the power of the Most High Spirit the way His infinite wisdom saw fit. And, considering that we are the works of one and the same Eternal Master, how could we despise each other because of certain characteristics which God bestowed upon us?

153,4. Therefore, cheer up, dear sisters, and do not look at us with jealous eyes, and then our looks will not worry you at all! Even your men, for whom our attraction must be much greater, can bear to look at us, and we think it must be considerably easier for you who are of the same sex."

153,5. (Says Martin to himself): "But only just, for at this moment you are terribly alluring! The faintest touch of an arm could throw one into ecstasy and extreme lust.

153,6. Ah, that bosom, those arms and feet, from A to Z! It is unbearable! If they embraced me now, it would be the end of me! They will have to cover themselves up a bit more, for this way their attraction is really quite unbearable!"

153,7. (Say the women): "Glorious daughters of this better, vast globe, on the one hand it is true that in the beginning we were a bit vain and jealous of your great beauty, but on the other hand, we must admit that it is your inconceivable beauty that also overwhelms us, for our eyes are not accustomed to such a sight. Therefore, angelic daughters, we beg you to cover yourselves up again or your appearance will cause us to pine away, notwithstanding the fact that we are, to a certain degree, already blessed spirits and you are still mortal beings of flesh and blood."

153,8. (Say the sun-daughters): "We are only too willing to grant your wish. However, it does not depend on us, but on your masters. Approach them about this, and we shall do whatever they say."

153,9. (Say I): "Stay as you are! This is how you have to serve Me! I know best why, for behold, My three sweet daughters, though born on this earth: No one knows better what his children need than their father, and I am a true Father of these, and countless other children. Therefore, I know best what is good for them, and I do not want you to be attired any different from what is customary on this earth."

153,10. (Say the three): "Lord, Master and Father of your children, your will be our most sacred commandment! But do come to our dwellings. You will be honored there - should you wish it - also you will be loved with all the ardor of our hearts."

153,11. (Say I): "Yes, My new daughters, now we shall enter your dwellings and see what they are like. Martin, you go ahead with Peter and John. Borem and Chorel shall follow the three with the women and the other brothers, whilst the Chinese, with their wives, shall walk behind Me. You three sun-maidens - now My daughters also - accompany Me with these two sisters whose names are Chan-chah and Gella. In this good order, we shall all enter your dwellings."

153,12. (Say the three): "Lord and Master, will the three at the head know where to take this large party?"

153,13. (Say I): "Do not concern yourselves about that! The two accompanying Martin know your dwellings in all detail; for nothing is strange or unknown to My children, and they have all that I have in abundance!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-153 Chapter