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Chapter 157


157,1. (Say the three sun-daughters). "Dear sisters, if you are already so delighted with this simple exterior, what are you going to say when you see the interior of our dwelling? For all our care and attention is concentrated on the interior of our houses. We believe to do honor to the Great Primordial Spirit by making use of all the talents we have been given in a way we consider worthy of our spirit.

157,2. We think that every great splendor is fully justified if it is accomplished by us intelligent beings in honor of the Supreme Spirit. For, if the Great Spirit endowed us with such an inclination, which is a law unto our spirit, how could we create the inferior instead of the sublime? Would not that mean that we want to have our spirit different from the way it was made by Him? Therefore, do not take offense at the magnificence of our houses, for they are not the result of vanity, but merely of the wise need of our spirit."

157,3. (Says Chanchah): "So it is the same here as on earth with the so-called Jesuits, whose pupil I used to be - Omnia ad majorem dei gloriam? Is it possible that these wicked monks have found their way even here?

157,4. Of course, such a house is by far more magnificent than an empire of my country on earth. Oh, you magnificent poor, look at the Lord. His garment will reveal to you the kind of splendor that appeals to Him! It will show you beyond doubt whether He appreciates external magnificence. The magnificence of a heart glowing with love pleases Him above all; every thing else is an abomination to Him.

157,5. If this were not the case, He would have been with you often, just as on my planet He often comes to the poorest and most insignificant, teaching them personally as a loving Father to become His children, and He gives them His grace in all fullness. But He does not come to the great and important who, too, dwell in magnificent palaces, and He does not teach them to make them His children."

157,6. (Say the three): "You may be right, dear sister, but how did you become so pleasing to the Lord - if the Spirit of the Most High should really dwell in Him - since you, as is revealed to us by our inner wisdom, do not come from a poor house on your planet?"

157,7. (Says Chanchah): "That is why on my planet such grace was not bestowed on me. But that I am so close to Him now is only due to my love for Him. For I loved Him with all the ardor of my heart before I knew Him, and before I found out that creatures, too, may love the most holy Creator. And it was this love and not the magnificence of my earthly dwelling that brought me to Him."

157,8. (Say the three): "But we are now with Him, too, even though our house is of great magnificence. How, then, is that possible if He really is what you claim?"

157,9. (Says Chanchah): "Dear sisters, outwardly it appears as if you were with Him, but this is no real, actual nearness. This will soon become clear to you as He speaks to your sages. But we have now reached your dwelling. Martin is already stopping and turning back to obtain advice. Let us now be silent and pay attention to all that will happen."

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-157 Chapter