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Chapter 194


194,1. (Says Martin): "Poor friend, it may all be as you describe to me with kind patience. However, like all blind persons, I am rather sceptical - or maybe more ignorant than sceptical. Therefore, I simply cannot understand why all creation should be unable to exist without you. All the more so, since through your conversion to God, you would not cease to exist, but on the contrary, you would become endlessly more perfect in your being.

194,2. The Lord has given me the realization that you must be preserved at all costs because, according to the divine order, the preservation of the natural worlds and beings depends on you. However, what do the transient substances matter?

194,3. Once you have been won as perfected - which depends entirely on your will - all matter will have become quite superfluous anyway. Since matter is nothing else but your obstinacy under judgment, with your conversion and perfection it would immediately disintegrate in accordance with the Lord's wish, and be perfected in its purely spiritual substance which, at present, your judged obstinacy is holding imprisoned and gagged within matter.

194,4. However, our spiritual substance, as well as the new earth and new heaven, have really nothing to do with you, for the polarities for their eternal existence are to be found in the Lord alone in the form of love and wisdom or goodness and truth.

194,5. You are right in advising us to concentrate our attention on the earth, which is, indeed, in a bad state. But I maintain, my poor friend and brother, that the moment you turn back, not only the earth, but all creation, will regain its original divine purity and perfection. All evil will cease, and all that has still to walk the hard path of the flesh and matter under judgment, will be perfected in the moment of your conversion.

194,6. For, what else is the path of the flesh if not a laborious separation from you and a troublesome rise from your state of judgment. When the judgment has ended for you, there would not be any need for matter or the difficult way of the cross for the flesh.

194,7. I am convinced to have spoken the full truth with my best intention and will. Follow my advice and you will see that the result will be quite different from what you now imagine."

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-194 Chapter