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Chapter 203


203,1. (Martin thanks Me for this commission from the depths of his being, then turns to Uron and Shonel, and says): "Dearest friends and brothers, you have now seen with your own eyes and heard with your own ears what the Lord Himself has done and said. When you realized that a petition is more essential than a thanksgiving, you requested that the Lord and all of us remain in your midst permanently. The Lord has granted your request and is willing to give you whatever your great love for Him and us should desire. But all this can, of course, happen only in accordance with His eternal order.

203,2. Although we shall not stay here in person, a sure way will be open to you by which you will always be able to reach us, and we you - visibly.

203,3. Abide from now on with the teaching the Lord Himself has given you, and then the road from you to Him will be surprisingly short. But if in time you will observe His words and teaching less than now that you are filled with His Word, then that road would gradually become longer and more laborious. But the Lord Himself and your great love for Him will prevent this.

203,4. My house and the Lord's house are not two houses, but only one - a house of love. You know where to find it, and you are at all times welcome to visit us there. There you will always find the Lord in our midst as the forever holiest and best Father among His children who love Him above all else. So be it, in the name of the Lord!"

203,5. (Says Uron): "All our love to God the Lord, and to you through Him! Hallowed be His name everlastingly!

203,6. Our dear daughters, given to you by the Lord and us, shall be our heart within you and the tongue of our deepest gratitude in your mouth. May the hymn of praise, which we shall keep offering to the Lord and you in Him, sound in purest harmony as far as the rays of our world reach into the infinite spaces!"

203,7. (Turning to Me, the Lord): "And You, inconceivably holy Father, think of us, Your new children; keep us and all our descendants and our large community forever in Your grace and love! But do remember, also, all those other communities and peoples of this immense earth, inhabiting lands and areas still completely unknown to us. May Your will do for them what it has done for us, according to Your love and infinite wisdom!"

203,8. (Say I): "Amen, I say to you! They shall be assembled around Me from all the regions of My endless creations, and I shall give each one his due in abundance. My love, My grace, and My mercy be with you!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-203 Chapter