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Chapter 41


41,1. (I continue, saying): "We are already at the open door. What do you see, and how do you like it?"

41,2. (Bishop Martin, a little subdued): "Lord, I lack the courage and the words to describe this majestic splendor appropriately, but my feeling tells me that all this is getting too much for me. The continuous intensification of celestial beauty, especially that one expressing itself in sublime female shape, has the effect of dulling my senses.

41,3. How many millions of these beings would such a side cabinet hold, which actually appears to be a world in itself? There are vast crowds, reaching as far as the eye can see and, besides, all the many thousands of neatest little huts, temples, gardens and groves, also hills covered with what looks like beautiful green velvet carpets.

41,4. It is too much for me, Lord; I cannot comprehend it and probably never will! Therefore, o Lord, do refrain from showing me any more and greater splendors, for what I have already seen so far seems to be enough to last me through all eternity.

41,5. What would I want all this for? If I have You, and perhaps another friend who would live under the same roof with me and stay with me when sometimes You were absent - that would suffice me for the whole of eternity. May those enjoy such sublimities whose consciences tell them that they are pure and worthy of them. I, however, am only too conscious of my unworthiness and would be satisfied with a thatched cottage and the permission to visit You, o Lord, in Your house, and obtain from You, my dearest Father, now and then, a little piece of bread and a sip of wine.

41,6. Therefore, let somebody else have this house of splendor - someone who is worthier than I am and who is capable of owning it! Do whatever is Your will, Lord, but if I am allowed my free will, I would rather not continue with the other doors.

41,7. If I had to make use of the services of all these beings, where would it get me to in my stupidity? So I beg You, Lord, don't lead me any farther in this place. A pigsty like those on earth would make me happier than this house!"

41,8. (Say I): "Listen, My dear Martin, if you know better what one has to do to become a true citizen of heaven, you may please yourself. But I can assure you that there will be no progress for you in eternity. However, if you rely on Me rather than on your own blindness, then do what I want and not what you would like to do.

41,9. Do you think I created My children for squatting around in huts, eating bread and drinking wine? There you are absolutely wrong! Have you not read what is written? - 'Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.' Do you believe that the required perfection of My children can be attained in a pigsty?

41,10. Have you, on earth, never experienced how children of mortal parents would rather be idle and play around than start acquiring knowledge needed for their future trade? Or have you not met lots of people on earth who set idleness above all else?

41,11. Behold, you are one of those! On the one hand you shy away from all that awaits you here, and on the other hand it is a kind of polite defiance to Me for rebuking you for your silly question.

41,12. All this is not worthy of one on whom I bestowed already so much compassion, love and mercy, and am still doing it! For you are now experiencing what is not experienced by millions. They are happy in the anticipation of seeing Me at some time, for they are being led only by minor guardian spirits. You, however, are led by Me personally, the eternal God and Father of Infinity, the blessed goal of all angels and spirits! And yet you would prefer a pigsty to what I want to give you, to prepare you for the greatest bliss. Tell Me, how do you now feel about your foolish wish?"

41,13. (Says Bishop Martin, quite startled): "O Lord, You forever holiest and best Father, have patience with me! I am a stupid beast, unworthy of the tiniest ray of Your mercy! Do lead me wherever You wish, my good Father, and I shall now always follow You without any foolish doubts!"

41,14. (Say I): "All right, follow Me then from this door of Mars to the door of Jupiter, door number five. So be it!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-41 Chapter