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Chapter 44


44,1. (The Lord): "We have already reached the seventh open door. Here, too, you find a new celestial world, though not as vast and as beautiful as the previous one. But instead, here you find buildings of a rare and spectacular style and a vast number of works produced by the inhabitants of this planet, which you call Uranus. You can also see a great number of the most original gardens with an abundance of extraordinary ornaments.

44,2. A vast crowd of spirits, in perfect human shape and well-clothed, can be seen on the wide smooth paths of those gardens. All eyes are turned towards us, for they suspect that 1 am near, and so is their future owner and master. Through him, they hope to attain at last complete beatitude, and thus also their full strength and power, as promised.

44,3. In the background, apparently at a considerable distance, you see five smaller globes. These are satellites of this planet, and quite different, but still in complete harmony with it.

44,4. The spirits of this planet further the growth of man: in the world physically and here spiritually. However, only as far as concerns the development of the external form in man's physical, as well as in his psychic growth, may this planet influence him.

44,5. As, naturally, the capacity to grow must exist in man, or he could not grow at all, thus also these spirits, in a corresponding sense, must be present in man in his potential development center. Therefore, all that you are seeing here is within and not outside of you. Of course, this planet, with all it holds, also exists in reality somewhere outside of you; but this you will not be able to see for quite a while yet.

44,6. When you have attained full maturity in eternal life, then you will also be able to see the great creation outside of you, just as I Myself see it. This is essential, for if I entrust My perfected children with the keeping and guardianship of a whole world, they must be able to see that world in all its detail; for a blind man cannot be a shepherd. However, you will not be ready for that for a long time yet and, therefore, you must be satisfied with what you see now, which is a corresponding living image of reality within you, giving the impression as if it were outside of you.

44,7. In this inner contemplation, you have to grow and your spirit has to mature and increase its capacity for love of Me and, consequently, also of all your brothers and sisters. Only then will your love become the blessing which I promised you - when you were almost overwhelmed by love for the beautiful Mercurian.

44,8. This blessing will then last forever and be a true bridge into the endlessly great reality, and on its pillars you will comprehend in all fullness where you are, who you are, and whence you came.

44,9. Now you know all that is necessary for you to know about what is behind this door. This knowledge you have gained from Me and out of My Self. Do meditate on all this! Now, follow Me to the eighth door. There we shall get acquainted with yet another, for you, completely new world and its interesting inhabitants. So be it!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-44 Chapter