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Chapter 51


51,1. (The Lord): "We have reached the twelfth door; like the earlier ones, it is already open. Step to the threshold and then speak about what you see."

51,2. (Bishop Martin does as told. After an amazed silence, he says): "O God, o God, how endless this is! In vast distances I see innumerable brilliant suns and worlds swarming like on earth the mayflies do a couple of hours before sunset on a summer's day. I wonder how many decillions there might be? And how many eternities would be required to get to know them to some extent? 3 O God, o Lord, the longer I look, the more of them I discern. How can it be possible for You to supervise, guide, and maintain this boundless mass of suns and worlds? It is terrific!

51,4. The little moon alone would keep me busy enough in eternity! And You, o Lord, just toy with all these countless decillions of suns and worlds; You regulate and maintain them and look even after the very smallest on all these worlds as if it were the only thing in all infinity. O Lord, how can You do it?"

51,5. (Say I): "No created spirit can fully understand how I can easily do this. However, eternity will teach you many more things which you cannot understand at this stage. Therefore, do not query this any further! If I revealed to you the extent of My almighty love and wisdom, you could not live, for the depths of My Deity are unfathomable for any created spirit!

51,6. "What you are seeing here is only the smallest solar region, which on earth you have often seen on clear nights. Do not think that this is the only one filling endless infinte space. There is no end of similar, as well as endlessly vaster, richer, and more magnificent solar regions, for My creation is unlimited! Again and again, you will find different and more wonderful arrangements, and forever new forms of unimaginable majesty and splendor.

51,7. The only constant and uniform form is that of man. The countless inhabitants of the different worlds differ solely in size and the grade of their love, wisdom and beauty; but all these grades are still based on the unchangeable human form, which is in My own image. The wisest are the most beautiful and those who are filled with love are the most delicate and glorious.

51,8. However, at this stage, you would not as yet be capable of bearing even the least beauty in human shape of the most insignificant of the worlds you have just seen. Therefore, you have to be satisfied with viewing these suns and worlds from a considerable distance. When your spirit is more mature, you will get a much closer look at the wonders of My creation.

51,9. But before this is the case, you will have to exercise self-denial, particularly in the lust of the flesh, which is still very strong in you. As long as you do not rid yourself of this, you will not be allowed to contemplate all this beauty which is still inconceivable to you, or you might easily forget Me.

51,10. To forget Me, however, means to lose life and its celestial freedom, and to expose oneself to judgment, death and hell, from which no spirit is safe that has not been fully reborn in My Spirit.

51,11. Now you are familiar with your dwelling. I Myself have guided you everywhere to the threshold of eternal life, and now you have to walk by yourself if you want to attain true freedom. I shall now visibly leave you again, but I will send you another companion who will teach you to recognize My will on the white tablet. Ponder faithfully on all you have seen and heard; be calm and reasonable and you will soon make further progress. So be it!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-51 Chapter