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Chapter 207. – The Infant's soothing words before the night of the storm. Eudokia's great fear. And if you were at the end of all the worlds, I would still be able to protect you!

207,1. After supper, Joseph blessed all the guests, and the Infant also blessed them and said:

207,2. "Now retire for the night; do not fear, when a little storm breaks over our house during the night;

207,3. for not a hair on anyone's head will be touched!

207,4. Remember that the Lord who is living among you is also a Lord of the storms!"

207,5. After these words, which caused concern among Cyrenius' crew, one of the sailors said:

207,6. "This Child is a real prophet, for he foretells a bad event!

207,7. Therefore – we should immediately go to where the ship is loosely tied, pull it in and moor it ashore as far as possible!?"

207,8. Then Jonathan got up and spoke: "Do not worry about this!

207,9. For firstly, the Lord will surely be able to protect the ship;

207,10. and secondly, I have people at home who have more know-how about securing a ship than you, and they will know how to secure the governor's ship. Therefore you can remain calm, along with me!"

207,11. Thus reassured everyone retired for the night.

207,12. Mary prepared a really soft bed for the Infant with clean sheets on it, put the Infant in it and placed the cot next to her bed.

207,13. Mary and Eudokia usually slept in one bed, and they also did this now.

207,14. But Eudokia, having a great fear of the predicted storm, said to Mary:

207,15. "Mary, look, I have a great fear of the certainly impending storm!

207,16. How would it be if we kept the Infant between us tonight?

207,17. This would certainly keep us safe from all danger!"

207,18. As the Infant heard Eudokia's concern, He smiled and hereupon said:

207,19. "O Eudokia! Sometimes you are pretty clever, but then sometimes you are as dumb as a brick!

207,20. Do you really think that I can only protect you when I am in your lap?!

207,21. O you are greatly in error! – See, My arm is longer than you think!

207,22. And even if you were at the end of all the worlds, I would still be able to protect you as well as I can protect you here!

207,23. Therefore remain calm, and go to sleep as usual, and you will get up healthy tomorrow!" – This soothed Eudokia, and she, together with Mary, immediately lay down to sleep.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-207 Chapter