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Chapter 282. – Joseph takes the Child with him on his country trip. Little Jesus is maliciously assaulted. The shepherd boy's terrible reward.

282,1. As the chief justice did not pursue the complaint against Joseph, the situation in Joseph's house was again in order,

282,2. when ten days later an occasion arose for Joseph to go to a nearby village to inspect a work site there.

282,3. The Child wanted to go with Joseph, who took Him along most gladly.

282,4. But the parents of the withered boy felt intense anger against Joseph and his Child.

282,5. In order to go to the village, Joseph had to pass the house of the boy's parents.

282,6. As Joseph and the Child came towards the house, they were noticed,

282,7. and the angry neighbour said to one of his most bratty servant boys, who usually tended his sheep:

282,8. "Look, the carpenter and his pestilential brat are coming up the footpath!

282,9. Go, and run down this path with all your might!

282,10. And when you reach the boy next to the carpenter, knock him over with all possible force, so that he drops down dead!

282,11. After that, the old scoundrel can prosecute me, – and I will then show him the law which states that children under twelve years cannot be held responsible in worldly matters!"

282,12. When the shepherd boy had heard this from his master, and as the latter had promised him a handsome reward if he killed the Child,

282,13. he suddenly went out of the room and ran towards Joseph in great haste.

282,14. At this moment, Anna's withered son, who was lying in bed, said to his father:

282,15. "O see, how quickly the shepherd boy is running to his death! – And what deep sorrow it will cause his parents!?

282,16. O father! – You should not have done that, for I tell you how I see it now: Joseph is righteous, and his Child is holy!"

282,17. Hereupon the brittle boy was silent, and his father pondered on his words.

282,18. At that moment, the shepherd boy reached the Child and knocked Him hard against the shoulder.

282,19. But the Child did not fall and spoke in great agitation to the shepherd boy:

282,20. "You did that for the sake of the reward! Now every worker is worthy of his wages, and – as the work, so the pay!

282,21. Your work was – to kill Me! – Well – so let death also be your reward!" –

282,22. Here the shepherd boy suddenly fell down and died.

282,23. Joseph was greatly horrified at this; but the Child spoke: "Joseph, do not be frightened for Me; for what happened to the boy here, will happen to the whole world, if they push us!" – Thereupon Joseph continued on his way and left the dead boy on the path, according to the Child's will.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-282 Chapter