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Chapter 300. – Jesus' life and inner struggles from His twelfth to His thirtieth year. Hints and examples to achieve reincarnation as the condition for eternal and blessed life. Concluding remark and blessing of the Lord.

300,1. Just how did Jesus, the Lord, live from his twelfth to His thirtieth year?

300,2. He constantly felt the presence of the almighty God within Himself as a living Power; He knew in His soul, that everything contained in the infinity was and would always be subject to His slightest gesture.

300,3. In addition, however, He had the most powerful urge in His soul to rule over everything.

300,4. Pride, lust for power, complete freedom, inclination towards pleasure, desire for women and the like, as well as anger, were the principal weaknesses of His soul.

300,5. But He fought against all these powerful and deadly driving forces of His soul from his soul's will.

300,6. He humbled his pride through poverty; but how hard a method it was for Him, to Whom everything belonged, for He could not call anything 'His'!

300,7. He subdued the lust for power by subservience and by the most willing obedience to those, who were, just like all men, nothing before Him!

300,8. Although infinitely difficult, He assailed His eternal supreme freedom by surrendering Himself to men to do the lowliest tasks like a slave-like servant.

300,9. By frequent fasts, He fought against the most powerful urge to live a life of pleasure – out of poverty, and also out of the free will of His soul.

300,10. He fought the desire for women through repeated hard work, scant food, prayer and the company of wise men.

300,11. Indeed – He had to endure a tremendous amount on this point, because His personal appearance and the tone of His speech were highly captivating,

300,12. and this caused all the five exceedingly beautiful daughters of Cyrenius to fall madly in love with Him and vie among themselves to please Him.

300,13. Although he certainly enjoyed such love, He always had to say "Noli me tangere" (Do not touch me) to each of them!

300,14. Moreover, as He could see through the wickedness of men at a glance – and saw their deceit and hypocrisy, mischievousness and their selfishness,

300,15. it is also understandable that He was very excitable and could easily feel offended and enraged;

300,16. but He restrained His divine nature through His love, and compassion following thereupon.

300,17. He thus practised the most difficult self-denial throughout His life to restore the disrupted eternal order!

300,18. And therefore it can be easily deduced how it was that Jesus as a man spent eighteen years facing and fighting against constant temptations. –

300,19. And as it is now explained for the benefit of everyone, there is nothing more to say, except for the three-day debate with the wise men and scholars in the temple, which, however, like several other events, cannot be explained here.

300,20. Therefore be content with this for now, and the rest will follow when you say to the servant:

300,21. 'Come to us, brother, in the name of the Lord, and stay and live with us!' – –

300,22. Thus this work also comes to an end, and may My blessing and My mercy be with you forever! Amen, Amen, Amen.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-300 Chapter ×